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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bhauji No. 1 – Mahuaa TV Premieres Bhauji No. 1 Season 3 on August 29

Bhauji No. 1 Season 3 on Mahuaa TV
Bhauji No. 1 is one of the most popular Bhojpuri reality TV Shows dedicated to the women of north-east India. Mahuaa TV premieres Bhauji No. 1 Season 3 on August 29, 2011. It is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 9 PM in India. The Show replaces the timing of Ke Bani Crorepati, Bhojpuri version of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5.

Bhauji No. 1 Host:

Bhauji No. 1 host is Priyesh Sinha. He is a well known actor, anchor and standup comedian. He has proved himself the best anchor hosting Season 1 and Season 2 of Bhauji No. 1 on Mahuaa TV. Once again, he is back on Mahuaa TV to host Bhauji No. 1 Season 3.

Bhauji No. 1 Judges:

Bhauji No. 1 Season 3 is judged by Vijaya Bharti and Ajeet Anand. They are seen in the first episode of Bhauji No. 1 Season 3 on Mahuaa TV as the judge.

Bhauji No. 1 Auditions:

Bhauji No. 1 auditions for Season 3 were organized in Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Patna, Noida, Bokaro, Ranchi and Jamshedpur. Bhauji No. 1 audition was held from 20th July to 1st August, 2011. Thousands of aspiring contestants participated in the auditions. Bhauji No. 1 registration and auditions are closed now for Season 3.

First Episode of Bhauji No. 1 Season 3:

First episode of Bhauji No. 1 on Mahuaa TV begins with 4 contestants – Priti Yadav from Lucknow, Soni Pandey from Gorakhpur, Anamika Singh from Banaras and Usha Pandey from Delhi. The episode is introduced by Priyesh Sinha. He welcomed judges of the Show – Vijaya Bharti and Ajeet Anand. Priyesh welcomed Amar Jyoti also as a guest judge of the first episode.

The contestants are divided into 4 groups – Usha Pandey (Jhumari), Anamika Singh (Chhabili), Priti Yadav (Rangili) and Soni Pandey (Rashili).

They had to complete 3 tasks in the first episode. First task is named as “Marlo Baaji”. Contestants had to separate orange ball and white ball by two spoons taking in their both hands from a single box.

Second task is named as “Kitna Sur Kitna Taal”. Contestants had to sing a song to show their singing talent in the first episode of Bhauji No. 1 Season 3 on Mahuaa TV.

Last task is named as “Kaun Ketna Pani Mein”. It was the question and answer session. Contestants had to face 4 questions in this round. Each question had 5 marks for the right answer. The episode is won by Soni Pandey.

About Bhauji No. 1:

Bhauji No. 1 is a very new kind of reality Show on Bhojpuri Channel for housewives like Happy Housewives Club. It gives housewives a platform to showcase their talent. The Show is featured with dancing, singing, quiz, game, GK and many more other activities.

Contestants quest to become No. 1 Bhauji (Sister-In-Law) through the Show. Bhauji No. 1 is the most popular Show on Mahuaa TV like Sur Sangram 2.

Bhauji No. 1 Show establishes the power of women and showcases their talent to the world. It tries to educate the people of north-east India like Diya Aur Baati Hum. Women have known the real meaning of freedom being a housewife watching the Show.

Bhauji No. 1 TV Show fulfills the dream and desire of those housewives who are confined by their tradition and culture. It showcases the essence of culture of north-east India also. Life style, status of women, tradition and culture of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh come in light through the Show.

Season 3 of Bhauji No. 1 is featured with 64 episodes. Total 40 contestants have been chosen for the Show. You can watch Bhauji No. 1 on Mahuaa TV every Monday to Friday at 9 PM in India.


priyesh sinha Anchor/Standup/Actor said...

the concept of bhauji no.1 is fantastic,i used to watch it regularly..n the cheery of the show is priyesh sinha..absolutely sharp minded ,fully spontanious n full of energy...its all make gud n full entertainment..my family like it and my best wishes to this mahuaa team..love bhaujies,love priyesh..

rajni said...

hi..maine bhauji no. season 3 dekha..ye season 2 se jada badhiya ho gaya hai...mujhe priyesh ki comedy punches bade anchhe lagte hai,wo smart v hai..es bar bhabhiya v anchhi thi..mujhe entertaing lag raha hai mamla..

shankar said...

very entertaing show...probebly this is the best program amongst all show...hosting by priyesh is the tadka of the show..i like the way he intracts with bhaujies...

sushil said...

priyesh is the future of bhojpuri industry...all the very best bhai ko..

arpitaa said...

priyesh is my chilhood friend...i watched first time mahuaa..and i got impressed by ur maigiacal anchoring...i wish him aal the luck

kirti said...

bahut hi anchha hai ye show..maine dekha aap savi v jarur dekhe...puri family ek sath baith k ye program dekh sakte hai..ladies logo k liye ye bahut hi special program banaya gaya hai..aur Priyesh to bhabhiyo ki jaan hai...lagi raho bhabhiyo