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Friday, July 1, 2011

White Collar – Star World Premieres White Collar Season 1 and Season 2 from July 1

White Collar on Star World
White Collar is a new drama TV series on Star World starting from 1st July, 2011 every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India. Star World Premieres White Collar Season 1 and Season 2 from July 1, 2011.

White Collar Casts:

Neal Caffrey:

Character of Neal Caffrey has been portrayed by Matt Bomer in White Collar. He is a skilled forger and thief. He was captured by FBI Special Agent Peter Burke. He becomes consultant of FBI to search her girl friend – Kate. Neal’s father was a corrupt police officer. He was raised by her mother in White Collar TV series.

Peter Burke:

Tim DeKay has played the character of Peter Burke in White Collar series. He is a hard-working special agent. He is an honest FBI agent and the head of the investigative team. He loves his home life and committed to his marriage. He handles Neal and his actions in White Collar TV Show.

Elizabeth Burke:

Tiffani Thiessen has played the character of Elizabeth Burke in White Collar Show. She is peter’s wife. She is an event planner too. Elizabeth discusses Peter’s cases too in White Collar.


Willie Garson has played the character of Mozzie in White Collar. He is very close to Neal. He is known as Moz also.

Sara Ellis:

Hilarie Burton has acted as Sara Ellis in White Collar TV series. She is an investigator of Insurance Company.

Diana Barrigan:

Marsha Thomason has played the character of Diana Barrigan in White Collar series. She is Peter’s former probationary agent.

Sharif Atkins as Special Agent Clinton Jones, Diahann Carroll as June and Alexandra Daddario as Kate Moreau are also leading casts of White Collar Season 1 and Season 2.

First Episode of White Collar Season 1:

First episode of White Collar Season 1 is directed by Bronwen Hughes. It is written by Jeff Eastin. The episode is named as “Pilot”.

First episode of White Collar Season 1 TV series begins with escaping of Neal Caffrey from the jail in the dress of security guard.

In the next scene of this episode, we watched some officers outside of a bank vault. A man successfully unlocks door of a safe with the combination of 3-2-4. The safe explodes. Peter Burke yelled to wait but it was too late. He is an FBI agent. He has been working in the NYC White Collar Crime Unit. In the mid, Diana enters into the room and tells him that Neal Caffrey has escaped from prison.

The US Marshals come for his assistance to catch Caffrey again. Peter went to Caffrey cell’s with the US Marshalls and researches there. They viewed the tape of Kate’s visit in the cell.

Burke and his squad march for Kate’s residence. Neal Caffrey was sited there holding a bottle of Bordeaux. He will probably receive another four years sentence for his escape. But he doesn’t care. He sees a red filament on Burke shoulder. He removes that very carefully. He tells about that. It was a security fiber for the new Canadian $100 bill. He asked him to meet him in the custody.

Next day, Burke asked about the matter to Diana. After a research, he found that Neal was right. Finally, Burke meets Neal in the prison. Caffrey offers to help Burke catch the Dutchman. But Burke refuses his offer.

After some days, Burke is seen at home reviewing Caffrey’s file. Today, his wife discussed about the matter.

In the next scene of White Collar Season 1, Neal Caffrey steps out from the prison. Burke asks him to wear an Anklet.

Neal Caffrey helps Burke to catch some goons in this episode. He becomes FBI consultant officially in the end of the episode. He sees an image of Kate. The episode ends here.

About White Collar Season 1 and Season 2:

White Collar Season 1 was originally broadcasted in 2009 on USA Network. It was recognized as crime and mystery television series.

White Collar Season 2 aired in 2010 on the same Channel. Presently, White Collar Season 3 is being aired on USA Network in the United States.

Star World brings White Collar Season 1 and Season 2 for Indian audiences from 1st July, 2011 after huge popularity of Lights Out, Made Love, How I Met Your Mother Season 6, Modern Family Season 2, Family Guy Season 4, Castle and Dexter.

White Collar is created by Jeff Eastin. It is produced by Fox Television Studios. The series is based on a white collar criminal who agrees to help the FBI to catch other white collar criminals. FBI uses his expertise as an art in the investigation to catch white collar criminals. You can watch White Collar Season 1 on Star World every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India.