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Monday, July 18, 2011

Footloose – Footloose on Channel V – [V] Foot Loose Bringing New Era in Dancing Segment in India for Youth

Footloose on Channel V
Footloose is a new dance reality TV Show on Channel V starting from 16th July, 2011. Footloose on Channel V is scheduled to air every at 7 PM in India. You can learn dance and some cool moves through [V] Foot Loose, a dancing reality TV Show. It is bringing a new era in dancing segment for youth and youngsters.

[V] Foot Loose Host:

[V] Foot Loose host is VJ Manish. He was seen in Lovenet, Adam Vs Madam, Love Net Season 2 and [V] Kidnap. Now, he is seen as the hose of Foot Loose.

Footloose Jury:

Footloose is judged by Uma, Gaiti and Kundu. Uma and Gaiti were earlier seen in Dance Premier League also. Now, all three are seen as the jury member of Footloose on Channel V.

[V] Footloose Contestants:

Apeksha Bhattacharya

Simone Louis

Amardeep Natt

Danish Khan

Giselle John


Blaize Joy

Yash Pandya

Jueili Vaidya

Payal Balse


Bhargav Rajput


Chung Chung Bhutiya

Sagar Bora

Sambo Mukhopadhyay

There are total 16 contestants in [V] Footloose. Contestants are grouped into squads. Each contestant has to show his/her uniqueness to win the [V] Footloose TV Show.

Foot Loose Squads:

Cruisin’ Crew

Hip Hustlers


Dancin’ Dawgs

There are total 4 squads in Foot Loose. Each squad has 4 contestants. Contestants of each squad have to compete with each other to win Foot Loose TV Show.

First Episode of Footloose:

First episode of Footloose on Channel V is introduced by VJ Manish. He welcomed Uma, Gaiti and Kundu. We watched a short performance of all three judges also.

VJ Manish introduces all super 16 contestants also. They are selected from Mumbai, Delhi, Banguluru and Kolkata.

Contestants are divided into squads by VJ Manish. Cruisin’ Crew is joined by Apeksha, Simone, Amardeep and Danish. Giselle Shaili, Blaize and Yash join Hip Hustlers. Jueili, Payal, Prashant and Bhargav became the member of Hotsteppers. Rimpy, Chung Chung, Sagar and Sambo join Dancin’ Dawgs.

They are asked to see Dance Adda of Footloose Show. There was a living room, practice room and music room in the Dance Adda. It was the residence house of all 16 contestants like Bigg Boss 3, Bigg Boss 4 and Big Toss.

VJ Manish asks all squads to choose a member who had to perform in the first challenge. Four contestants from all squads had to compete with each other in a “Beep Off” challenge. The challenge will be aired in the next episode.

About Footloose on Channel V:

Footloose on Channel V is a new dancing reality TV Show. The dance Show is based on new dancing forms – house, free style, hip-hop, jazz, locking, contemporary, B Girl, popping and salsa. It introduces a new era in the dancing segment. It attracts youngsters and new generation of India. There are young contestants in Footloose of 16-24 age groups.

Winner of Footloose will be awarded by Rs. 10 lakh and a chance to perform in video album. Foot Loose on Channel V is one of the best Shows on this Channel like Dil Dosti Dance, Love Kiya Toh Darna Kya, Perfect Couple, Date My Folks, U R Fired and Axe Ur Ex.

It is time to learn some cool moves through Footloose on Channel V. The Show was scheduled to air every Sunday at 7 from 17th July, 2011. But now, it is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7 PM from 16th July, 2011.


anusha said...

amazing dancers....wanna tak u as inspiration....

sombenks suppa_fuzz said...

sambo amardeep wana learn ur cul steps.blaize ur locking ah killer due..bol