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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cheaters – Cheaters on BIG CBS Spark – Watch an Investigation on the Relationship through Cheaters TV Show

Cheaters on BIG CBS Spark
Cheaters is a reality TV Show about the investigation on the relationship. Cheaters on BIG CBS Spark is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. Watch an investigation on the relationship through Cheaters TV in a very new sense.

Cheaters Host:

Cheaters Show is hosted by Joey Greco and Tommy Grand. They present the Show to the viewers. They co-relate with the participants of the Show. Tommy Grand was the host of Cheaters from 2000–2002. After 2002 the Show is hosted by Joey Greco.

New Episode of Cheaters:

New Episode of Cheaters reveals two cases. First case was based on Mairie Lepak. She was a 19-year old girl friend of Brandon Musick. She comes to Cheaters TV Show and asks for a loyalty test on Musick.

Team of Cheaters finds that Musick had a relationship with Sarah O’Denel also during the investigation. Finally, Lepak gets a chance to meet Brandan and asks about his new relationship.

Second case of Cheaters in this episode talks about Ford Canon and Latasha Johnson. Ford comes to Cheaters Show and asks to investigate about Latasha.

Latasha had a relationship with a new guy. She confronts Ford when investigation completes. She confesses her mistakes and joins again Ford. She realizes her mistakes and thinks to continue her relationship with Ford.

About Cheaters:

Cheaters is a documentary television show based on suspected people who cheat their partners. The Show was originally aired on The CW Plus and on G4TV. It was the most popular TV Show in the USA to create potentially violent situation.

Pay-per-view episodes of Cheaters are rated TV-MA and TV-14 according to the TV guidance. Cheaters Show is taped mostly in North Texas.

The Show is divided into three parts – introduction (interview), confrontation and confession. The Show makes a video footage on the suspect’s life.

Cheaters is nothing but a reality Show. It is a controversial Show. The Show is created by several individual who wants to come on the Show with a real act.

Cheaters became inspiration for many reality Shows on Indian television like Emotional Atyachar, Emotional Atyachar 2, Emotional Atyachar 3 and Axe Ur Ex.

People hire a hidden camera crew to investigate their suspicions when they think that they are being cheated by their partners. Cheaters Crew helps making a video footage of suspect’s life.

BIG CBS Spark brings Cheaters to the Indian audiences. It is a new Channel for Indian people for the English Television Shows.