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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shobha Somnath Ki – Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV – A New Historical Saga Shobha Somnath Ki Matri Bhumi Ki Prem Diwani Premiered on June 20

Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV
Shobha Somnath Ki is a new historical series on ZEE TV starting from 20th June, 2011. Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 8 PM in India. It replaces the timing of Jhansi Ki Rani. ZEE TV premiered a new historical saga - Shobha Somnath Ki Matri Bhumi Ki Prem Diwani on 20th June, 2011.

Shobha Somnath Ki Casts:


Sadashiv Amrapurkar has played the character of Rudrabhad in Shobha Somnath Ki. His appearance is not seen in the first episode.


Ahsaas Channa has played the character of Loma in Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV. She is also not seen in the first episode of the series.


Ashnoor Kaur has played the character of kid Shobhana in Shobha Somnath Ki TV serial. She is very intelligent and wise. Ashnoor Kaur was earlier seen in Saath Nibhana Saathiya.


Yash Tonk has played the character of Daddachalukya in Shobha Somnath Ki serial. He is the king of Bharuch. Yash Tonk was earlier seen in Maa Exchange.

Maharani Gayatri:

Amrita Raichand has played the character of Maharani Gayatri in Shobha Somnath Ki TV Show. She is the wife of Daddachalukya. Amrita Raichand was earlier seen in Mahi Way.

Avinash Wadhavan (Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg and Bidaai), Pankaj Dheer (Raja Ki Ayegi Baraat, Rang Badalti Odhani and Sasural Simar Ka), Siddharth Vasudev, Gajendra Chauhan, Sonika Handa (Do Hanson Ka Jodaa), Sadhika Randhwa and Sashi Sharma are also leading casts of Shobha Somnath Ki Show. Vikramjeet Virk will be seen as Ali Mohammad Ghaznavi in this series.

Shobha Somnath Ki Story:

Shobha Somnath Ki is a historical drama based in Bharuch, Gujarat. It narrates an inspiring story of India's unsung heroine Shobha. She was stood in the face of a fiery invasion by Mughal emperor Mahmud of Ghazni.

Shobha didn't wield the sword, didn’t involved in guerrilla warfare but she held an army of over 2 Lakh plunderers at ransom with the dexterity of a shrewd.

Story of Shobha Somnath Ki follows the journey of Shobha as she learns all about love, life and sacrifice from her closest relatives. King Daddachalukya and his beautiful wife Maharani Gayatri Devi of Bharuch handled her.

First Episode of Shobha Somnath Ki:

First episode of Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV begins with Gujarat. A team of actor narrates about the origin of Somnath temple with their act. It was the story of 11th century (year of 1011). The episode talks about the glorious temple of Gujarat. The temple was built by Chandrama (Moon). Chandrama had 27 wives. He loved much Rohini. It was unbearable for king Daksh, father of Chandram’s wives. He cursed Chandrama for skin disease.

Now, Chandrama prayed for the lord Shiva. But he didn’t impress. Finally, Rohini thinks to burn herself. This time, lord Shiva comes to save her. Gang Sarvagya gets impressed by the act. He was known as the God. He was very intelligent. He sees future and past also. He got impressed with the act. He promised to tour them temple of Somnath.

Chandrama got built the Somnath temple on the place he got the boon. He called architecture from the heaven and got built the template on his name (Som). It is world’s most popular template.

Shobha runs towards the temple. She enters into the temple. She went very closer to the Shiva’s sculpture. Gang Sarvagya sees a scene of attack on the temple. He gets feared. He turns around Shobhana. He sees her as a protector of the temple. He told the story to everyone.

In the next scene of Shobha Somnath Ki, we watched the king of Baldev and his wife Vijaylaxmi. We watched the skills of Bhimdev also, the son of Baldev and Vijaylaxmi. He was the strongest king of that time.

King of Bharuch goes to meet him. He invites them on an occasion. Gayatri is an idol mother of Sobhana. She learns from her. We watched the frustrated brother’s of Baruch’s king also. He was the father of Sobhana.

Sobhana goes to meet him. But he abuses and shouts her. She gets feared. She saves a woman also in the next episode of Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV.

About Shobha Somnath Ki:

Shobha Somnath Ki is a new historical saga on ZEE TV just after Jhansi Ki Rani. The series premiered on 20th June, 2011 at 8 PM in India. It expresses the rarest history of Indian civilization. Canvas of the story is very big. It covers the attack of Ghazni also. Story of the series is surrounded by Shobha’s journey of life, her extraordinary talent, her fight against the attack of Ghazni and her wisdom. It talks about the glorious history of Gujarat also.

Set of Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV is built on a plot of over 9 acres. More than 500 skilled artisans worked for it to give an original and ancient look of Somnath temple.

Shobha Somnath Ki is a very different series on ZEE TV from Sanskaar Laxmi and Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. You can watch Shobha Somnath Ki on ZEE TV every Monday to Friday at 8 PM in India.

Vikash Kapoor has done a great job on the concept, story and screenplay of Shobha Somnath Ki TV series. Saroj Chandola has done research work for the project. We should appreciate set designer – Jayant Deshmukh also who has done amazing job for the series. Deepak Pandey is cinematographer of Shobha Somnath Ki series.

Shobha Somnath Ki is produced by Vikash Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Tarun Wali and Rajiv Agrawal (Candlestick Media and Indra Media Pvt. Ltd.). It is directed by Arvind Babbal.

Background song - Matrubhumi Ki Prem Diwani is very appreciating. We appreciate set, costumes, make-up and dialogues also.

ZEE TV launches Shobha Somnath Ki series with a new logo and new tag line – “Ummid Se Saje Zindagi”. It is a big budgeted series on Indian television like Just Dance, X Factor India and Khatron Ke Khiladi 4.