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Sunday, June 26, 2011

MTV Stuntmania Underground – Stuntmania Underground on MTV – Heroic Biking Reality Show Stunt Mania Underground Premiered on June 26

Stuntmania Underground on MTV
MTV Stuntmania Underground is the third season of Stuntmania, bike stunt reality TV Show. Stuntmania Underground on MTV is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7 PM in India. Heroic biking reality Show - Stunt Mania Underground premiered on June 26, 2011 at 7 PM in India.

MTV Stuntmania Underground Host:

MTV Stuntmania Underground host is Ranvijay. He was seen in MTV Roadies 7 and Roadies 8 also. Now, he is back in Stuntmania Underground as a host.

Stuntmania Underground Registration:

Interested people had to register for Stuntmania Underground through an online form. Stuntmania Underground auditions were held in Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh and Bhopal. Stuntmania Underground registration is over now.

MTV Stunt Mania Underground Squad Wars:

Blazing Aces

Flying Assassins

Rolling Rebels


There are four squad wars in MTV Stunt Mania Underground. Each squad wars have 3 contestants. There are 3 main participants. One squad is called from the previous seasons - Warlocks.

Stunt Mania Underground Contestants:













There are 12 contestants in Stunt Mania Underground TV Show. Stunt Mania Underground contestants have to play a biking stunt game.

First Episode of MTV Stuntmania Underground:

First episode of MTV Stuntmania Underground is introduced by Ranvijay. He welcomed all squads. He tells the rules of the Show. He asks contestants to see the academy.

In the next scene of MTV Stuntmania Underground TV Show, contestants are instructed for the Level 1 stunt through an animated video. Stunt of Level 1 was divided into two parts – Skill and Survival.

Warlocks Squad is called to perform the task at first. The task was divided into three parts – 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. Each biker had to cross a fairy wall turning back on their bike. In the second stage, 2 bikers had to come on the one. In the third stage, 3 bikers had to come on single bike.

Each squad had maximum time of 10 minutes to do the task. Warlocks complete the task in just 6 minutes and 22 seconds. Rolling Rebels didn’t complete the task. Flying Assassins took 9 minutes and 56 seconds. Blazing Aces was winner of the task completing in just 6 minutes and 13 seconds.

Blazing Aces had not to perform Survival task in the first episode of MTV Stuntmania Underground Show.

Ranvijay calls all contestants to the Ground Zero. There was a globe. Babbar, winner of Stuntmania Reloaded instructs contestants how to play the game. There were 8 lights in the globe. Contestants had 8 minutes to switch on the lights running their bike in the globe. There were some twists also in each 2 minutes – blow of fire, flashing light and blow.

Jasel is sent first to perform the stunt. Javed performed the stunt very well. However, Maaz used only trick rather than stunt.

In the end of the first episode, Javed, Jasel and Maaz are called in the elimination ground. Jasel got eliminated for the worst performance in the first episode of Stuntmania Underground on MTV.

About MTV Stuntmania Underground:

MTV Stuntmania Underground is the new season of Stuntmania on MTV. It is the most daring Show ever. Stunts of the Show have been designed like a game Show. There are 8 levels and 4 squads (12 contestants) in the Show. Each level has 2 stunts – Skill and Survival.

Stuntmania Underground delivers the highest level of danger and thrill. Format of the Show is quite different from its previous seasons.

Stuntmania Underground TV Show chooses 9 contestants from the auditions. 3 contestants are called from the previous seasons. Academy of Stuntmania Underground Show has been designed in underground. The Show has been shot in night mode.

Winner of MTV Stuntmania Underground will be awarded by a Pulsar bike. He will be awarded by a coveted title of the best bikers also. MTV Stuntmania Underground winner will get a chance to train with Jorian Ponomareff and do a show with him in France.

Pulsar MTV Stuntmania Underground begins with the tag line of “Live Free, Ride Hard!” It is the most favorite youth Show on MTV like MTV True life, MTV Crunch, Girls Night Out, Splitsvilla 3, and Splitsvilla 4. The Show is launched just after Coke Studio and MTV Grind. You can watch Stuntmania Underground on MTV every Sunday at 7 PM in India.