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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lights Out – Lights Out on Star World – Watch an American Boxing Drama Series through Lights Out TV Series

Lights Out on Star World
Lights Out is a new series on Star World from SW Torrentz starting from 19th June, 2011. Lights Out on Star World is scheduled to air every Sunday at 10 PM in India. Watch an American boxing drama series through Lights Out TV series on Star World in India.

Lights Out Casts:

Patrick "Lights" Leary:

Holt McCallany has played the character of Patrick Leary in Lights Out. He is former champion in this series. People like him. He is known as “Champ” and “Lights” also.

Johnny Leary:

Pablo Schreiber has played the character of Johnny Leary in Lights Out TV series. He is Patrick’s brother and manager in this series.

Theresa Leary:

Catherine McCormack has played the character of Theresa Leary in Lights Out series. She is Patrick’s wife.

Stacy Keach as Robert "Pops" Leary, Meredith Hagner as Ava Leary, Ryann Shane as Daniella Leary, Lily Pilblad as Katherine Leary, Billy Brown as Richard "Death Row" Reynolds, Elizabeth Marvel as Margaret Leary, Bill Irwin as Hal Brennan, Reg E. Cathey as Barry K. Word and Eamonn Walker as Ed Romeo are also leading casts of Lights Out TV Show.

Second Episode of Lights Out:

Second episode of Lights Out is named as “Cakewalk”. The series is directed by Norberto Barba. It is written by Warren Light. The episode revolves around troubles in Leary’s life.

He is threatened and arrested by cop in a criminal charge. Some goons attack also on him in this episode. Mike Fumosa, a pesky reporter talks about Lights Leary return in the ring again. His wife Theresa also suspect on him.

His daughter Daniella is very upset to see her father in the custody. Finally, Leary meets Hal Brennan to talk about his will.

Everybody wants to see Lights Leary in the ring again against Reynolds. Story theme of second episode of Lights Out was very systematic. It shows the struggle of Lights Leary for his family.

About Lights Out:

Lights Out Show revolves around a former world heavyweight champion - Patrick "Lights" Leary. He is a proud, good-hearted, Irish American. He tries to find his identity after retiring from boxing ring. Lights Leary struggles to support his family in his present life. He wants to give a comfortable and secure life to his family. He faces many troubles in his way because some people want to see him in the boxing ring again.

“Lights Out: Everybody Loves a Comeback” was originally broadcasted at FX network. It was air in 2011. FX announced its cancelation after the end of Lights Out Season 1.

Lights Out is brought on Star World after Made Love, How I Met Your Mother Season 6, Modern Family Season 2, Family Guy Season 4, Castle and Dexter.

Lights Out is the most popular American boxing drama TV series. You can watch Lights Out on Star World every Sunday at 10 PM in India.