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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ke Bani Crorepati – Ke Bani Crorepati on Mahuaa TV – Bhojpuri KBC Premiered as Ke Bani Crorepati TV Show on June 6

Ke Bani Crorepati on Mahuaa TV
Ke Bani Crorepati is the Bhojpuri version of KBC starting from 6th June, 2011. Ke Bani Crorepati on Mahuaa TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 9 PM in India. Bhojpuri KBC premiered as Ke Bani Crorepati TV Show on June 6, 2011.

Ke Bani Crorepati Host:

Ke Bani Crorepati host is Shatrughan Sinha. He is a well known Indian film actor and politician. He belongs to Patna, Bihar. He was started his career from 1969. He became the superstar of Indian film industry. First time, he is seen on small screen as a leader of Bhojpuri language. He presents the most popular reality game Show – KBC in Bhojpuri.

Ke Bani Crorepati Registration:

Ke Bani Crorepati registration line was open from 16th April, 2011. Shatrughan Sinha asked first question on this date. Registration line closed on 21st April, 2011. The registration was open for every Indian who completed 18-years age. Second round of Ke Bani Crorepati registration opens from 4th June, 2011 to 8th June, 2011 at 9PM.

Interested people can send their right answer through SMS or call. SMS number is 5424244. You can call at: 12555 also to give your answer. Ke Bani Crorepati registration process FAQs is available at: http://www.mahuaatv.com/KbcFaq%27s.pdf in Bhojpuri language.

Ke Bani Crorepati Auditions:

Ke Bani Crorepati auditions are organized by Mahuaa TV. Selected candidates through the registration process are asked to attend auditions of Ke Bani Crorepati. Final selection will be made on the basis of effectiveness of personality and knowledge of GK and current affairs in the interview round.

Ke Bani Crorepati Format:

Ke Bani Crorepati runs on the same format of KBC. It begins with registration process. Selected contestants are called for audition rounds. There are two rounds in the auditions – questionnaire sessions and interview round (video round).

The Show begins with fastest finger first. There are 15 questions in this season for Rs. 1 Crore. The question starts from Rs. 1000.

Ke Bani Crorepati Money Tree:

1. 1000
2. 2000
3. 3000
4. 5000
5. 10000
6. 20000
7. 40000
8. 80000
9. 160000
10. 320000
11. 640000
12. 1250000
13. 2500000
14. 5000000
15. 10000000

Money Tree of Ke Bani Crorepati

First Episode of Ke Bani Crorepati:

First episode of Ke Bani Crorepati on Mahuaa TV begins with 10 contestants – Priti Yadav, Rima Pandey, Lokesh Ranjan, Santosh Kumar Dubey, Shweta Shrivastav, Malti Rai, Sunil Kumar Singh, Naveen Kumar Pandey, Kaali Dayal Pandey and Priyanka Mishra.

Priyanka Mishra wins Fastest Finger Fist in the first round and sits on the ‘hot seat’. She plays seven questions very well. She chooses wrong answer for the 8th question. But she gets minimum guarantee of Rs. 10,000 amount.

Santosh Kumar Dubey wins the second round of ‘FFF’. He also scores only Rs. 10,000 in this game. He chooses wrong answer without using remaining life lines.

First episode of Ke Bani Crorepati was the most interesting Show. Shatrughan Sinha shows his style in this TV Show. He stops the clock by saying “Khamosh”. He uses ‘Mari Mohar, Lagai Thappa’ rather than ‘Computer Ji Lock Kiya Jaye’. Questions of this game are asked in Bhojpuri.

About Ke Bani Crorepati:

Ke Bani Crorepati is a part of Kaun Banega Crorepati. It starts on a regional TV Channel – Mahuaa TV and touches more than 10 crore people. Bihar is the 3rd largest state in India by population.

Will Ke Bani Crorepati become the more popular than Kaun Banega Crorepati 4? Ke Bani Crorepati on Mahuaa TV takes prime time slot of 9 PM. Will it compete with X Factor India and Swayamvar Season 3?

Ke Bani Crorepati has also two secure zones – question 5 and question 10. Contestants get only 30 second to choose right answer for question 1 to 5. They get 45 seconds for question 6 to 10. There is no limitation of time for question 11 to 15. Contestants get 3 life lines during the Show – 50:50, phone a friend and audience poll.

Shatrughan Sinha introduces Ke Bani Crorepati as ‘Dil Ke Mel, Dimag Ke Khel’. It is a package of knowledge and entertainment for the audiences by Shatrughan Sinha. He makes the Show more interesting than KBC and Big Money.


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