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Friday, June 10, 2011

Emotional Atyachar 3 – Emotional Atyachaar 3 on Bindass TV – Emotional Atyachar 3 Show Warns the Cheaters

Emotional Atyachaar 3 on UTV Bindass
Emotional Atyachar 3 is the third season of Emotional Atyachar starting from 10th June, 2011. Emotional Atyachaar 3 on Bindass TV is scheduled to air every Friday at 7PM in India. Emotional Atyachar 3 Show warns the cheaters and bewares us.

Emotional Atyachar 3 Hosts:

Emotional Atyachar 3 host is Parvesh Rana. He was the host of Emotional Atyachaar 2 also. Parvesh Rana was earlier seen in Big Boss 3, Love Lockup, Chak Dhoom Dhoom and Chak Dhoom Dhoom 2. He was an episode winner of National Bingo Night also. Parvesh Rana is again back on UTV Bindass to host Emotional Atyachar 3 TV Show.

Emotional Atyachar 3 Show is co-hosted by Ajay Devgan. He is the superstar of Bollywood. He is back on the Show with Parvesh Rana.

First Episode of Emotional Atyachaar 3:

First episode of Emotional Atyachaar 3 on UTV Bindass begins with Ajay Devgan. He is the co-host of Parvesh Rana in this season. The episode was based on a very different case.

It was the case of Aayush and Neha. He has been in relationship with Neha for last 2 years. Their love story was started from Facebook. Neha is 6 years older than Aayush.

Aayush’s best friend – Himanshu warns him that Neha is a serial flirt. But he was not ready to believe on him. Finally, Aayush comes to Emotional Atyachaar.

Lead of the case is Ayush Sharma from Delhi. He is a 20-year old student. He is committed to his relationship. Himanshu convinces Ayush to make a loyalty test.

Suspect of the case is Neha Arora from Delhi. She is a 26-year old girl. She works in a call center. The loyalty test is done to test her commitment about relationship with Ayush.

Undercover agent of the case is Nawab Faizi from Delhi in this episode of Emotional Atyachar Season 3 on UTV Bindass. He is a 24-year old model.

Emotional Atyachaar Team uses highly technical crew to investigate the case. There is camera, GPS and other necessary advanced technologies to investigate the case.

Ajay Devgan is seen in the control room of Emotional Atyachar 3. Parvesh Rana meets Ayush and Himanshu. He asks about the purpose of coming in the Show.

The case begins with the investigation. Neha is trapped by the crew of Emotional Atyachaar 3. The team found a new guy also named Suraj. He had also been in relationship with Neha for last 3 years.

Neha wanted to enjoy her life. But she doesn’t tell the truth to anyone. Neha’s brother is also called on the Show to expose the truth of Neha.

Finally, First episode of Emotional Atyachar 3 ends with great fighting and abusing. The Show traces exposed truth of Neha. Ajay Devgan also talked Neha and all other four guys along with Ansh. He suggested Neha that she shouldn’t cheat anyone. If she wants to enjoy her life then she should tell about it to the belonging guys. She shouldn’t cheat anyone emotionally.

About Emotional Atyachar Season 3:

Emotional Atyachar Season 3 is back with the rawest of emotions. It is the reflection of the today’s society. The Show captures various dimensions of relationship.

Emotional Atyachar 3 on UTV Bindass is an ultimate loyalty test Show. It makes us aware about the emotional cheats. It exposes the real truth behind a relationship.

Emotional Atyachar 3 on Bindass TV is the most popular youth reality Show like D3 Commando Force, Bindas Date Trap, Dadagiri Season 4 and Big Switch 2.

Emotional Atyachaar 3 is not just a show, it gives judgment also. We already have watched cheating in relationship through Axe Ur Ex and Lovenet. Now, you will watch some new dimensions of emotional cheating in the relationship through the Show. Third season is bigger, better and everywhere.


bhoi said...

i like the show....!
i hate girl's..

N........... said...

love u emotional atyachaar

Nu Nu said...

I find Neha Arora to be quite pretty indeed. A lot of guys around think so too, for sure. Maybe, its her beauty that did her in.
Am a kinda upset she had had to go through all this mess in her life. Yes she is certainly going through a tough phase in her life and I wish her all the very best to come out of this awkward situation and may god give her enough courage to combat all odd.
Good luck, Neha. You may write to me at my_wordz_law@yahoo.com and I wish I could help you every possible way to fight it out.

Just take care.

shanu said...

i wanna talk wid aayush e,a doing great job

urvashi said...

i want talk wid ayush my id is urvashi.gandhi19@gmail.com