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Friday, June 17, 2011

Coke Studio – MTV Coke Studio – Enjoy the Best Combination of Musical Fusion through Coke Studio on MTV India

MTV Coke Studio
Coke Studio is a musical reality Show on MTV starting from 17th June, 2011. MTV Coke Studio is scheduled to air every Friday at 7 PM in India. Enjoy the best combination of musical fusion through Coke Studio on MTV India.

First Episode of Coke Studio:

First episode of Coke Studio on MTV begins with Majhi Re song. It was the combination of Bengali and Hindi music. It is sung by Shaan and Saurav Moni.

Second song – Yaar Basinda is sung by Tochi Raina and Mathangi Rajshekhar. Third song – Tip Top and Me Dolkar is sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Khagen Gogoi.

Fourth song in the first episode of MTV Coke Studio is sung by Kailash Kher and Chinna Ponnu on Vethalai track.

KK, Altab Sabri and Hasim Sabri perform on Chadta Suraj musical track in the first episode of MTV Coke Studio India.

Last performance in this episode is played by Harshdeep Kaur on “Hoo” musical track. It was the 6th song in this episode.

All performances are created by in a very new manner. We watched a great musical fusion in different language.

About Coke Studio:

Coke Studio is a place of musical fusion where you can see performance of established voices and unheard sounds. It is a musical experimental Show where artists participate from all over the country.

MTV Coke Studio has something fresh that fills up emptiness in the music industry. The music of Coke Studio on MTV has been designed for the masses with different kinds of artists.

MTV brings Coke Studio in India after the huge popularity of Coke Studio Pakistan. Coke Studio India is the Indian version of the popular Pakistani Show. The Show is produced by MTV India in partnership with Red Chillies Entertainment’s Idiot Box.

Coke Studio TV Show bridges contemporary and traditional barriers. It explores the musical depth in a new fusion. It becomes the symbol of vast cultural panorama of India.

You will enjoy 6 songs each week in Coke Studio Show that would be featured with a diverse mix of music. There will be some compositions of new musicians also. You will listen to recreated Bollywood tracks.

Coke Studio India is directed by Supavitra Babul. Lesle Lewis is music director of the Show. You can watch Coke Studio India on MTV every Friday at 7 PM.

MTV India brings a very new Show for youth after Roadies 8, MTV True Life, MF101, Girls Night Out and Making the Cut 2.

Coke Studio is the best combination of traditional tunes, modern western and folk. Live recordings and performances provides a musical platform of musical fusion. It is a creative singing Show like X Factor India.