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Monday, June 6, 2011

Chase TV Series – Chase on ZEE Café – Chase Series Premiered on June 6

Chase on ZEE Café
Chase is the most popular American police procedural drama series aired by NBC network. Chase on ZEE Café is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 10 PM in India. Chase series premiered on June 6, 2011 on ZEE Café in India.

Chase Casts:

Annie Nolan Frost:

Kelli Giddish has played the character of Annie Nolan Frost in Chase. She is leading part of the U.S. Deputy Marshal.

Jimmy Godfrey:

Cole Hauser has played the character of Jimmy Godfrey in Chase TV series. He is the team-mate of Annie Nolan Frost.

Marco Martinez:

Amaury Nolasco has played the character of Marco Martinez in Chase TV Show. He is an intelligent guy. He loves to talk.

Daisy Ogbaa:

Rose Rollins has played the character of Daisy Ogbaa in Chase series. Daisy is seen as a weapons and tactical specialist.

Luke Watson:

Jesse Metcalfe has played the character of Luke Watson in Chase Show. He is the fresh-faced newcomer in this series.

First Episode of Chase:

First episode of Chase is named as “Pilot”. The episode begins with Annie Nolan Frost and her team. Annie chases a man who tries to mingle in the crowd. They are seen on the hunt for dangerous fugitive Mason Boyle.

Anne fights with that man in a tunnel. In the meanwhile, Jimmy also comes there. He congratulates her. In the end of the episode, Anne and her team arrest Mason.

First episode of Chase series was directed by David Nutter. It was written by Jennifer Johnson. The Show is created by Jennifer Johnson.

About Chase:

Chase is just like a game Show. It is a crime investigative Show which involves in the police procedural like Castle and Monk Season 8. America's most dangerous fugitive in South Texas is hunted by the U.S. Marshals.

Chase Show revolves around Annie Nolan Frost. She is a U.S. Marshal. Her team tracks down dangerous criminals in South Texas in this series.

Chase series was originally broadcasted on NBC network in 2010. As per the announcement of NBC, Chase Season 2 will not be started. Chase Season 1 ends in 2011.

ZEE Café brings Chase TV Show for Indian audiences. Now, you can watch Chase on ZEE Café every Monday to Thursday at 10 PM in India.

ZEE Café brings the new Show after the huge popularity of Huge, No Ordinary Family and Brothers and Sisters Season 5. Chase on ZEE Café is being introduced in India just after its completion on NBC network.