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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ammaji Ki Galli – Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV – Enjoy Comical Drama in a Street in Ammaji Ki Gali TV Show

Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV
Ammaji Ki Galli is a new humor series on SAB TV starting from 20th June, 2011. Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India. The Show replaces the timing of Gili Gili Gappa and Ring Wrong Ring. Enjoy comical drama in a street in Ammaji Ki Galli TV Show.

Ammaji Ki Galli Casts:


Farida Jalal has played the character of Ammaji in Ammaji Ki Galli. She is a very intelligent woman and the oldest member of the street. Everyone is liked by her like her children in her street. Farida Jalal was earlier seen in Balika Vadhu also.


Krish Parekh has played the character of Bacchittar in Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV. He is an eight year old son of Parminder. He is a very curious kid. He amazes his mother with his innocent questions. Krish Parekh was earlier seen in Choti Bahu.

Parminder Kaur:

Rakshanda Khan has played the character of Parminder Kaur in Ammaji Ki Galli TV serial. She is a beautiful, young and lovable Punjabi housewife. She is obsessed with cleanliness. Rakshanda Khan was earlier seen in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Meethi Choori No.1.


Priyal Gor has played the character of Priyanka in Ammaji Ki Galli serial. She is a 20-year old girl. She is Parminder’s immediate neighborhood. She is a careless girl. Her father is workaholic and mostly absent from her life in Ammaji Ki Galli TV series. Priyal Gor was earlier seen in Ram Milaayi Jodi.

Sardar Surjeet Singh:

Abir Goswami has played the character of Sardar Surjeet Singh in Ammaji Ki Galli TV series. He is Parminder’s husband. He is about 35 years old. He is a clerk at a government office. Abir Goswami was earlier seen in Adaalat.

Surinder Sharma:

Imran Khan has played the character of Surinder Sharma in Ammaji Ki Galli series. He falls in love with Roshini and get married her against her family’s wishes.

The Twins:

Ziyah Vastani and Zaynah Vastani have played the character of The Twins in Ammaji Ki Galli TV Show. Zaynah Vastani was earlier seen in Aapki Antara.

Sheetal, Roshni, Kalavati and Bitto are also leading characters of Ammaji Ki Galli Show. Ammaji Ki Galli casts very perfect in their role and situation.

Ammaji Ki Galli Story:

Story of Ammaji Ki Galli is set in Amritsar. It revolves around some families living in a crowded street – Ammaji Ki Galli. Each family has a different story. Ammaji is the central figure who helps them to overcome their daily problems.

Ammaji is the protagonist of the serial. She is extremely intelligent. She is the oldest member of the Galli. She likes everyone like her own children. You will gradually discover how Ammaji plays the invisible hand of god for the residents of this Galli.

The Galli is full of interesting characters like – Parminder (the cleanliness freak) and her ever curious son Bacchittar in Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV.

First Episode of Ammaji Ki Galli:

First episode of Ammaji Ki Galli begins with Ammaji. She narrates the story. She was seated on the roof. She introduces Parminder Kaur. She is very sincere. She is found of cleaning. She cleans her house as well as neighbors’ house also.

Parminder’s son Bacchittar is very innocent. He asks innocent questions to his mother and makes her anger. Parminder’s husband - Sardar Surjeet Singh is very caring and lovable.

Praminder always think about Priyanka’s marriage. Priyanka is a beautiful, careless and unmarried girl. Parminder always train her for her marriage. But Priyanka is found of eating. She always thinks about Samosa.

We knew about Roshni also in the first episode of Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV. She loves plants like her baby. She has no children. Her husband - Surinder Sharma loves her so much. He does everything for her what she says.

Sheetal’s husband – Bitto works in Canada. She resides in Ammaji Ki Galli with her mother-in-law – Kalavati and her twin daughters. Kalavati speaks much.

We knew about Ammaji also. She lives with Parminder in her house. Some years before, she got suffered from paralysis. Her son left her. That time, Parminder brings her own home. Now, Ammaji is OK but she hides the truth. She helps everyone like her children.

Women come on the roof to worship in the first episode of Ammaji Ki Galli. They demand their wishes to the God. It was an introductory episode. We meet characters of the serial. You will watch wives of the street in a very new avatar in next episode. You will watch welcome ceremony of Bitto also in the next episode of Ammaji Ki Galli on SAB TV.

About Ammaji Ki Galli:

Ammaji Ki Galli is a new show based in Amritsar. It captures the tale of various families residing in a Galli named – Ammaji Ki Galli. It is a fresh and light hearted family show like Lapataganj, Mrs. Tendulkar, Papad Pol, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo and Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

You can watch Ammaji Ki Galli every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India. Characters of the serial are very funny and humorous. Set, camera effects, and background scenes are also superb. You will really enjoy the new series of SAB TV for its fresh theme.


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I'm going to love this serial and specially the great the beautiful and wonderful ammaji and her galli. i know the characters in this serial are so comedian so ammaji dhyan rakhna koi dekh na le