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Monday, May 30, 2011

Ratan Ka Rishta – Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV – Swayamvar Season 3 Launched as Ratan Ka Rishta with Ratan Rajput

Ratan Ka Rishta: Swayamvar Season 3 on Imagine TV
Ratan Ka Rishta is the third season of Swayamvar on Imagine TV starting from 30th May, 2011. Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 8 PM in India. Swayamvar Season 3 launched as Ratan Ka Rishta with Ratan Rajput.

Ratan Ka Rishta Host:

Ratan Ka Rishta host is Hiten Tejwani. He is a well known Indian television actor. He was seen in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Choti Bahu and Rang Badalti Odhani. Now, he is seen as a host of Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV.

Ratan Ka Rishta Contestants:

Syed Shoaib Hussain Sabri - 25 years from New Delhi

Anupam Singh Kushwah – 28 years from Poland

Abhimanyu Singh – 25 years from Punjab

Abhinav Sharma – 26 years from New Delhi

Rohit Mittal – 26 years from Aligarh (UP)

Deepak Pandit – 24 years from Jammu

Gaurav Jaggi – 28 years from New Delhi

Harvinder Pal Singh Khaira – 30 years from Pune

Kunal Sudhir Madhiwalla – 26 years from Mumbai

Sudhanshu Tiwari – 25 years from New Delhi

Pankaj Soni – 26 years from Ireland

Rohit Jain – 28 years from Dubai

Suresh Tumula – 29 years from Kalahandi, Orissa

Ritesh Jaiswal – 29 years from Kanpur (U.P)

Rahul Wahal – 26 years from Mumbai

Pardeep Babbar – 26 years from Chandigarh

Ratan Ka Rishta contestants belong to varied backgrounds. There are total 16 contestants in this Show. They have to perform some tasks to impress Ratan.

First Episode of Swayamvar Season 3:

First episode of Swayamvar Season 3 on Imagine TV begins with an introduction of grooms. The Show is introduced by Hiten Tejwani. He is seen as the host of the Show.

16 contestants are introduced in as the grooms of Ratan Rajpoot. They give some gifts to Ratan. They try to impress her in the first meeting. Ratan welcomes them with a great smile.

In the next scene of Swayamvar Season 3, contestants are seen in a party. They dance and enjoy there. In the meanwhile, Hiten comes with Ratan. He asked them to share their thought with Ratan.

Everyone try to impress her in the first episode of Swayamvar Season 3. Ratan had to offer “Pyar Ka Pehla Nazrana” to 3 grooms. She was impressed with Rohit Mittal. She offers the Nazrana to Rohit.

In the next scene of Swayamvar Season 3, other contestants also try to impress her. But she doesn’t offer two remaining “Pyar Ka Pehla Nazrana” anyone. She keeps it for the next time. She had to eliminate one contestant.

You will watch elimination of a contestant in the next episode of Swayamvar Season 3 on Imagine TV. Dolly Bindra will be seen in the next episode. She was recently seen in Big Boss 4 and Zor Ka Jhatka. You will Sudesh Beri also in Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV. He was recently seen in Maa Exchange.

About Swayamvar Season 3 - Ratan Ka Rishta:

Ratan Rajput is ready to choose her life partner in Swayamvar Season 3. The Swayamvar was begun from Rakhi Sawant. Second Season of Swayamvar was featured with Rahul Mahajan as Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega.

About 54, 863 contestants applied for Swayamvar Season 3 Ratan Ka Rishta. 16 contestants are chosen for the Show.

Swayamvar Season 3 Ratan Ka Rishta is a reality TV Show based on ancient Swayamwar. Ratan Rajpoot will choose her life partner through a series of tests. There are 16 contestants as the expected groom of Ratan Rajput.

Ratan Rajput would interact with prospective grooms. She will set tasks and interact with contestants while they try to impress her.

Swayamvar Season 3 contestants are chosen via registration process. The registration process was open for NRI and Indian participants. Interested contestants had to fill an online form to participate in Swayamvar Season 3 Ratan Ka Rishta auditions. Registration process of Swayamvar Season 3 is closed now.

Ratan Ka Rishta is a new wedding reality Show on Imagine TV after Shadi 3 Crore Ki. We already have watched Perfect Bride and The Bachelor Season 11. Now, get ready to watch Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV every Monday to Friday at 8 PM in India.

Swayamvar Season 3 on Imagine TV brings some new drama for the audiences. The Show is not compatible with Indian culture and society. But due to huge popularity among the audiences, it is again introduced with a new bride who will choose her life Partner.

Will Ratan marry on the television? It seems the Show is designed for the engagement of Ratan because name of the Show is Ratan Ka Rishta. What do you think?

Swayamvar Season 3 is set in the beautiful location of Jaipur in The Shiv Vilas Resort. The Show replaces the timing of Gunahon Ka Devta and Kitni Mohabbat Hai 2. Swayamvar Season 3 is produced by SOL. It is a very different Show on Imagine TV after Desi Girl, Meethi Chhoorii No.1, Rakhi Ka Insaaf, Pati Patni Aur Woh and Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka.

About Ratan Rajput:

Ratan Rajput is an Indian television actress. She got huge popularity from Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo as Laali. She belongs to Patna. She had played the character of Ruchi Sharma in Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi also.

Finally, she returns on Imagine TV in Swayamvar Season 3. She is the bride of the Show. She is looking for a perfect life partner through the Show. The Show name is inspired by her name - Ratan Ka Rishta.


Shreya said...

out of the 16 contestants i find almost every guy to be dumb. well, he aint good looking or smart or great to get a perfect guy. I guess this swayamwar will also end like rakhi sawant's....i think these tv channels have no show other than such swayamwar and all......they r wasting an hour on this swayamvar drama where they could have shown a good serial or a better reality show. I dont like ratan rajput yet i watched the first episode of the show and from the first episode itself its seen she has fake concern for others n high attitude.......

animesh said...

In this Ratan ka Rishta Kuanl Madhiwala said that he is a software engineer but he also worked on Tv in SASURAL GENDA PHOOL as ishaan's cousine's friend at the hostel and also in TEES MAR KHAN in the scene when they gone for the shooting in dhulia village

RITIKA said...

i agree with shreya...all guyz are outdated and struggler's,so does the bride looking too young in front of them with no elegancy and beauty....its actually a show of ugly with one pagli.

RUHI said...

I agree with shreya...all the contestants are outdated and struggler's...so,does the bride is too young and without elegancy and beauty...itz actually a show of ugly with one pagli....

prasenjeet said...

totally boring show. just doing it for money and publicity.

sanghamitra said...

m watching the show only for hiten tejwani

Natasha said...

all fake ppl present on this show.....n no one is interested...just telly casting for money....

raina said...

this show is so boring because i don't like ratan at all.all the guys are not perfect for ratan i think all the guys are came for publicity and money.

chetan said...

Ms. Ratan kya soch kar apne in 16 contestants ko chosse kiya tha kya apko lagta kai ki inmein se koi bhi acha life parter ban sakta hai sab ke sab bakwas hai, apne sab ke samne kya image bana li hai is swayamvar ki wajah se so please in mein se kisi se shadi mat karna , Kya soch kar T. Suresh ko liya,

sonali said...

I truely agree to shreya all the contestants r fake &i think no 1 is a perfect match for ratan i don't like ratan as she seen fake c
concern for others &highly
attitude dis is wasting of time

kiran said...





Smita Luthra said...

Abhinav is Masters in Comp Applications and employed with Adobe..

Aniket said...

all fake....
it will conclude to nothing...
and also ratan's xtra attitude will lead to nothing....
GAURAV JAGGI said correct "my foot"

GUDDU said...

this show is totally fake and boring actually no one wants to marry her

mr.jaggi had well said "my FOOT"

ashutosh singh said...

ratan ji ,
according to me jo bhi aapke suwambar me aaye hai only for publicity, or jo bhi koi ladka aata hai woh sochta hai shadi hoti hai toh bahut acha hai aap jaisi actor milegi toh or bhi famous hoga banda yadi nahi bhi hogi toh tv par toh aayi hi rahe hai tenson koi hai nai kuch lose toh hai nahi unka
main chahta hu ki ab abhimanu ko nikal jaana chahiye kyu ki woh drinker hai jab pata hai aapko tab usse shadi karna sillyness hogi aapki woh bol chuka hai main peena chhod nai sakta .
ab baat rahi anupam , deepak or thd one
unme se deepak smart bhi hai or carring bhi lag raha hai main toh sirf shw dekh kar bol raha hu aap toh nejdeek de jaan rahi hogi un sab ko
or aapne bola bhi deepak apako sabse smart or handsome lgta hai
toh mere hissab se DEEPAK aapke liye acha life partner saabit ho sakta hai

Mommy Way said...

I agree with all you guys.........That Ratan looks so fake & also has a big time attitude problem....she thinks no ends of herself......neither has she got any brains nor beauty to flaunt.......:-((((((((((

The guys are as u all have said.....they are mainly here for publicity.......if at all they get a chance to marry Ratan, then its like a lottery for them, otherwise atleast they get a chance to appear on the national television n also to enjoy with Ratan, meet other celebs, have fun at Shiv-Vilas!!!!!!!!!

Its indeed a mockery show.....a real waste of time:(

Pankaj B said...

i think Abhinav Sharma will be better choice to get marry with her.. bcoz wat ever d qualities ratan req everything he is having..