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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pick A Trick – Pick A Trick on Nick – Watch Pick A Trick TV Show and Learn Magic with Great Fun

Pick A Trick on Nickelodeon
Pick A Trick is a magical Show for kids. Pick A Trick on Nick is scheduled to air every Monday to Sunday at 5:30 PM in India. Watch Pick A Trick TV Show and learn magic with great fun.

Pick A Trick Host:

Pick A Trick host is Mandy. He teaches magic in this Show. He introduces magic and trick in the show in a fun and entertaining way. Mandy is the best host and anchor for Pick A Trick Show.

Recent Episode of Pick A Trick:

Mandy made us learnt how to predict the serial numbers of a note of Rs. 100 in the recent episode of Pick A Trick. You need to collect 2 white envelopes, a notepad, a rubber band, a box of gum and a scissors.

You need cut the cap of one envelops. Second envelop should be keep together. Both should looks like one. Keep your personal note of Rs. 100 and a paper of with serial number. Now, you can ask anyone to keep his/her note of Rs. 100 in envelop with cap. You should fold that very properly. Now, you should open it very properly and give them your note of Rs. 100 and a paper which has already been written by you.

Mandy entertained us showing a magic of Black Hole in the episode of Pick A Trick. We met with his magic squad also.

He thrilled us changing the colour of cards. He plays a trick with a note of Rs. 20. We learned second trick in this episode of Pick A Trick with Mandy how to make disappear a handkerchief.

You need a rubber band, an alpine and a soft handkerchief. You should wear a long arm t-shirt or jacket. Bind the rubber band on your arm tightly. Attach the rubber band with handkerchief. Now, if you leave it then it will go near your arm.

We much enjoyed watching Pick A Trick on Nick. We learned a range of magic. Mandy was very funny during the Show. He made us laugh in a very new and entertaining way.

About Pick A Trick:

Now, kids can learn some simple and easy magic with Mandy. They have to watch Pick A Trick on Nick every Monday to Sunday at 5:30 PM to learn the magic and trick.

Nickelodeon tries to introduce the uninhabited spirit of magic and enjoyment through Pick A Trick TV Show. Kids are enthralled by the tricks and puzzle of Mandy. It is a unique magic series. It is completely involved with the kids in the experience of creating magic.

Pick A Trick is very different Show from India Magic Star. Nickelodeon has tried to popularize the magical show among kids’ viewers. You will enjoy the Show for its great trick, to learn magic, fun and enjoyment. Nickelodeon is now the most popular channel among kinds with Keymon Ache and Perman.