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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect Couple – Perfect Couple on Channel V – Watch an Adventurous Voyage of 8 Couples in [V] Perfect Couple TV Show

Perfect Couple on Channel V
Perfect Couple is a new reality Show on Channel V starting from 22nd May, 2011. Perfect Couple on Channel V is scheduled to air every Sunday at 7PM in India. You can watch an adventurous voyage of 8 couples in [V] Perfect Couple TV Show. The term – Perfect Couple is very similar to Perfect Bride on Star Plus.

Perfect Couple Host:

Perfect Couple host is Karan Singh Grover. He is an Indian television actor and model. He was seen in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Dill Mill Gaye and Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 3 also. Now, he is back on Channel V as the host of the Show.

Perfect Couple Contestants:

Malvika – Nimesh

Rinni – Hemant

Samiksha – Tejshwar

Manpreet – Vikash

Taru – Sanjay

Purnima – Arun

Priyanca – Meraj

Homai –Yash

Total 8 couple contestants have participated in Perfect Couple TV Show. The contestants have to do some tasks to achieve the final destination.

First Episode of Perfect Couple:

First episode of Perfect Couple on Channel V begins with an introduction about the Show. The Show is introduced by Karan Singh Grover. He told us that 8 couples will be the participants of the Show. He introduced all 8 contestants of the Show. He talked about their relationship.

Journey of the 8 couples begin from Khajuraho Temple, Madhya Pradesh. They had to do a task of solving Jigsaw Puzzle in the first episode of Perfect Couple Show. They get all the element of creating a picture in closed bag. But there was one missing element in each bag. Contestants had to search out their puzzle’s element from others' bag.

Winner of the task gets an advantage of “Parking Ticket”. Winning couple can park a couple for half an hour by the using of “Parking Ticket”.

First four couples get an AC bus to reach their next destination for Speed Breaker task. 4 remaining couples had to reach at their next destination either taking lift or by their own feet. They get only Rs. 200 to complete the task. The couple who reach at last position is eliminated from the Show. The contestants had to reach Ram Bhavan near Satna.

Jigsaw Puzzle task is won by Homai –Yash in the first episode of [V] Perfect Couple. They use their power to park Taru – Sanjay. Now, the contestants had to perform one more task here. They get two options in the Speed Breaker task – Yoga or Laying on the belt of Neil. Laying down on the belt of neil was a short-cut option. They had to laid down on the belt of neil for only 60 seconds. Everyone choose shortcut in this task.

Rinni and Hemant reach at 8th position. Finally, they get eliminated from [V] Perfect Couple TV Show. Their journey ends in the first episode.

About Perfect Couple:

Perfect Couple is new reality Show with the same name of American comedy television series – Perfect Couples. The Show is based on the adventurous voyage of 8 couples from Khajuraho to Kathmandu.

[V] Perfect Couple Show tests compatibility of couples. The couples have joined in the Show to prove their relationship.

Couples of Perfect Couple Show have to face tasks at each stage of their journey. They will get clue to perform their tasks. The Show discovers real cities of India. You will watch romance, drama, love, attitude, obsession and passion during the reaching at final destination. It is the Mahayatra of the 8 couples.

Perfect Couple winner will get the coveted title of the Show along with an exotic world trip. It is an ultimate show to test compatibility of couples during the long journey from Khajuraho to Kathmandu.

Perfect Couple will reveal the truth behind every couple. Channel V is again back with a new theme for the youth after the great success of Dil Dosti Dance, Beauty and the Geek, Love Net, Love Net 2, Truth Love Cash, Truth Love Cash 2, Date My Folks and Axe Ur Ex. Now, you can watch Perfect Couple on Channel V every Sunday at 7 PM in India.