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Friday, May 13, 2011

Marude Dameo – Marude Dameo on Hungama TV – A Cheerful Cartoon Series for Kids in Marude Dameo TV Show

Marude Dameo on Hungama TV
Marude Dameo is a new series on Hungama TV in India. Marude Dameo on Hungama TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 10 AM. You will watch a cheerful cartoon series for kids through Marude Dameo TV Show.

Marude Dameo Casts:


Dameo is the leading character of the series. His full name is Marude Dameo. He is a very naughty kid. He always creates some troubles. He likes fun. Borot is his best friend. He is very similar to Nobita of Doraemon.


Borot is a robot in Marude Dameo TV series. He is very similar to Doraemon character. But he has no power like him. Borot is the best friend of Marude Dameo. Borot helps Dameo in his work. He is the best housekeeper in this series.

Dameo’s mother and father are also leading characters of Marude Dameo series. Dameo’s father is a scientist who invents some amazing stuffs in this series.

New Episode of Marude Dameo - Tour of Time Machine:

New episode of Marude Dameo TV Show was based on a Time Machine. Borot cooks noodle soup for Dameo. He thinks to celebrate New Year with his dad. But his dad has planned to celebrate the New Year with his friends.

Suddenly two ladies enter into Dameo’s house and told him about Dynasore. Marude Dameo and Borot ran towards the museum to see the Dynasore. They watched their image there. They returned home.

Marude Dameo’s father had invented a Time Machine. He thinks to gift it to Marude Dameo. But he gets angered. He picks the Time Machine and throws on his father.

Suddenly the Time Machine gets starts. Marude Dameo and Borot enter into the Time Machine to stop it but they are seen in the universe. They reach in the age of Dynasore. They faced many trouble there.

Finally, they decide to catch a Dynasore’s kid. They get succeed but their Time Machine was stolen. They run to save their life from the earth quack in the next scene of Marude Dameo Show. They saved Dynasore’s kid from the disaster. The good work became a boon for them. They get their Time Machine and returned to the earth.

About Marude Dameo:

Marude Dameo is an anime series designed by Studio Pierrot. Originally, it was broadcasted on Fuji Television. The series is based on an elementary school boy named Dameo Marude. A robot as Borot is the best friend of Marude Dameo in this series.

Borot is not featured with any special power unlike other robots. But he is good at his housework such as cleaning, laundry and cooking. The robot was an invention of Marude Dameo’s father.

Marude Dameo and Borot are always cheerful in their life. It is the most popular kids’ Show like Shin Chan, Ben 10, Generator Rex and Roll No 21.

Cartoon characters, dialogues, background scenes, music and situational humor of the series are superb. The series has a fresh story and a new theme for kids.

Marude Dameo on Hungama TV premiered for Indian kids. Hungama TV brings the series in Hindi language. It is one of the most popular series on Hungama TV.