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Monday, May 9, 2011

Keymon Ache – Keymon Ache on Nick – Magical Cartoon for Kids in Keymon Ache TV Show

Keymon Ache on Nick
Keymon Ache is a new Show on NickIndia starting from 9th May, 2011. Keymon Ache on Nick is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7PM. You will watch a magical cartoon for kids in Keymon Ache TV Show.

Keymon Ache Casts:


Rohan is a naughty guy. His character is very similar to Nobita of Doraemon. He always tries to make his parents irritate. He is a dreamy guy in Keymon Ache Show. He doesn’t want to work hard.


Keymon is a cartoon. But he can speak like a human. The character is very similar to Doraemon. He is a gift of Rohan in Keymon Ache. Later he becomes the friend of Rohan. He helps Rohan in many ways. He likes music and he has magical powers.

Sid, Khel Singh, Rahul and Mini are also leading characters of Keymon Ache TV Show. Keymon Ache casts are superb in their role and acting.

First Episode of Keymon Ache:

Rohan tries to deceive her mom with the help of Keymon in the first episode of Keymon Ache. He doesn’t complete his homework. But Keymon helps him with the help of Khel Singh. Rohan tries to get succeed in his school test also with the help of Khel Singh. Keymon warns him but he doesn’t understand. Rohan is caught by school teacher in the class during the test. He makes a complaint to the principle.

Rohan’s mom is much anger hearing the fact. She has decided to make them separate. She orders Keymon to stay in another room. She takes Khel Singh with her. But after some times, she returns that to Keymon because she was not able to handle that. Keymon also comes to Rohan’s room after a request to Rohan’s mother. They are just like brothers.

We watched a football match also in the next scene of this episode of Keymon Ache on Nick. Rahul and Rohan challenge to Sid to play football. Sid had a big attitude of his power. He always beats guys. Mini joins in the game.

Keymon brings a magical ball for the game. The match is won by Rohan’s team. But Sid was still not satisfied. He challenges to play a new game. Rahul was already much feared. But Keymon makes him anger. He gets angered and kicks the ball very hard. The match is again won by Rohan’s team.

In the last scene of Keymon Ache, we watched the introduction of Keymon with Rohan. Keymon was gifted by Rohan’s father for him on his birth day. Rohan was not happy to get the gift. But soon Keymon came in his original character.

He shows his magical power to Rohan. He was very fast. He was able to sing songs. He was able to help Rohan in any way.

About Keymon Ache:

Keymon Ache on NickIndia is a new magical cartoon Show like Shin Chan, Perman and Chota Bheem. Keymon is a magical monkey who helps Rohan.

Cartoon characters of Keymon Ache Show are superb. Music of the Show has been scored amazingly. Background scenes, animated characters, voice and story themes of Keymon Ache on Nickelodeon are awesome.

I much appreciate the Show for its dialogues, language varieties and musical score. It is the perfect cartoon Show for kids. Keymon Ache is one of my favorite magical cartoon TV Shows.


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