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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hamari Saas Leela – Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV – A Drama of an Indian Saas for a Perfect Bahu Introduced in Hamari Saas Leela TV Serial

Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV
Hamari Saas Leela is a new TV series on Colors TV starting from 30th May, 2011. Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7PM in India. You will watch a drama of an Indian Saas for scouting a perfect Bahu in Hamari Saas Leela TV serial.

Hamari Saas Leela Casts:

Leela Parekh:

Apra Mehta has played the character of Leela Parekh in Hamari Saas Leela. She is not a typical saas. She is a dreamy lady. She wants to live her life without tension. Apra Mehta has gotten the biggest popularity from Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo.

Madhusudhan Parekh:

Feroz Bhagat has played the character of Madhusudhan Parekh in Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV. He is an ideal husband. He loves his wife very sincerely. He has business of Masala.

Harsh, Sameer, Devang, Jigna and Auysh are also leading characters of Hamari Saas Leela TV serial. Characters of the serial are very perfect in their role and situation.

Hamari Saas Leela Story:

Story of Hamari Saas Leela is based on a modern saas – Leela. She wants the best bahu for her children. Leela Pareksh is the mirror of modern mother-in-law.

Hamari Saas Leela captures journey of Leela’s family from Gondal, Gujarat to Mumbai. Madhusudhan Parekh gives full credit to his success and acknowledges his wife.

Hamari Saas Leela is a show about a journey of Leela Parekh in scouting for the perfect brides, who will be a reflection of her own.

First Episode of Hamari Saas Leela:

First episode of Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV begins with Leela Parekh and Madhusudhan Parekh. Both are seen in a car. Leela’s eyes were covered by a cloth. She was traveling with her husband on her 50th birth day. Madhusudhan had prepared a great surprise for her. He had bought a Leela Palace for her. It was amazing and wonderful.

Madhusudhan reaches at Leela Palace. He opens the gate of the car. Leela Parekh comes out and sees a beautiful palace. It was dream palace for her. She gets amazed when she heard that it is a surprise gift for Leela.

Madhusudhan had planned to celebrate Leela’s 50th birth day in the palace. She sees each and every corner of the house with her husband. She sees a beautiful hall, dining table and water fall scene in the palace.

Servants of the palace were already there. She asked about them. Madhusudhan said that it was the surprise for Leela only.

Leela asks about her children. She enters into Harsh’s room. She sees a well decorated room. Harsh was very stylist. He loves with his suit. He hugs her mother keeping a distant. He doesn’t want to see any scratch on his shirt.

Leela Parekh moves to Sameer’s room. It was a simple room. He was a very simple guy. His room was also very simple. He wishes his mother’s birth day in a very simple style.

Devang is a guy of new generation in Hamari Saas Leela. He wishes his mother’s birth day like a guy of new generation.

Jigna is Leela’s daughter. She is in her Sasural. She is very sad today about her. Auysh is studying in a college of Chandigarh in MBA.

Leela Parekh thinks about her impression in today’s party. Suddenly, she slipped from the stairs. She gets injured. Doctor suggests her to not walk. How will she celebrate her 50th birth day party? Watch Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV to know more about it.

About Hamari Saas Leela:

Hamari Saas Leela is based on a very unique Saas. She is a modern Saas. She doesn’t want to be a Saas like TV serials. She doesn’t want to involve in their life. But something happens in her life. She gets ready to search a perfect Bahu.

Hamari Saas Leela TV serial replaces the timing of Rishton Se Badi Pratha. The serial is introduced just after Sasural Simar Ka. You will watch a great drama of a contemporary saas in Indian middle class society through Hamari Saas Leela.

Hamari Saas Leela serial is directed by Jayant Gilatar. It is introduced by Neela Telefilms Pvt. Ltd. You can watch Hamari Saas Leela on Colors TV every Monday to Friday at 7PM in India.


Anonymous said...

i can't wait for saturday and sunday to watch this amazing show please make this channel of 1hr than may be i can wait i'm very excited to know what will happen today

Anonymous said...

i am eager to know who will be harsh's wife.i am going to become a faan of this serial and i am. the characters in this serial are such a nice one and the dialogues given to all are fabulous especially apra mehta's dialogue.i like this serial so much and never wants to miss it's any epissode

cherry said...

what really happend after 23rd september.... what r the new timings for the serial.... is it stopped.... no updates for wht happened.... m really worried... want to knw the fact....

jack said...

hello i like this serial i m in london and when i show this serial after than i took my dinner so please wat wrong with u than u stop this serial show please start it .. please dear all many thanks....