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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fish Hooks – Fish Hooks on Disney Channel – The Funniest School of Fish in Fish Hooks Animated Series

Fish Hooks on Disney Channel
Fish Hooks is an animated series based on the fishes. Fish Hooks on Disney Channel is aired every Saturday at 11 AM in India. You will watch the funniest school of fish in Fish Hooks animated series.

Fish Hooks Casts:


Bea Goldfishberg is a very dramatic and wants to be a movie star in Fish Hooks. She likes adventures in her life.


Oscar Fishtooth is a video game lover in Fish Hooks TV series. He has good relationship with Bea and Milo. Oscar is seen stressed throughout the Fish Hooks series.


Milo Fishtooth is a fun loving guy in Fish Hooks TV Show. He also loves to go on adventures. He is very loud in this series.

New Episode of Fish Hooks:

New episode of Fish Hooks was based on the dream of Bea. She just wants to live her with full freedom. But she was protected by her every moment. She thought to be a matured girl to live life freely. She turned her face in a matured girl by make-up.

She is seen in an office also. She attends meeting in the office. She got huge works to do. She sees some unnatural habits of her co-worker. Finally, she decides to back in her normal life. She returns home. It was the very difficult to live her life as a matured guy.

We watched a dog in the next scene of Fish Hooks Show. The dog was brought by Milo. It was Morphy. He makes Oscar life discomfort. Oscar doesn’t like him. Morphy breaks his video game, chair and house.

Milo and Bea give Oscar a task to take care Morphy. But he says some unexpected words for Morphy. Finally, Morphy left Oscar.

Milo and Bea ask about Morphy after having returned. They didn’t find him anywhere. Finally, Oscar tells everything. Now, they decide to search Morphy.

They took the water bag and went on the search of Morphy. They reached in a desert. They faced some scorpions there. Oscar was to be killed. But at the right time, Morphy came and saved Oscar’s life. Now, Oscar realized his mistake. He became the best friend of Morphy in Fish Hooks.

About Fish Hooks:

Fish Hooks is an American animated cartoon television series. It was premiered in 2010. After a year, it is premiered on Disney Channel in India.

Fish Hooks series revolves around Milo, Oscar and Bea. The series captures daily lives fun and troubles of these fishes. The fishes deal with typical teenage problems also.

Fish Hooks is one of the most appreciated animated series based on the life of fishes. The series has gotten the biggest popularity like Keymon Ache, Marude Dameo, Osomatsu Kun, Perman and Chhota Bheem.

Fish Hooks is a hilarious series featured with teenage fishes. Characters, dialogues and background scenes are superb. Story of the series is also very fresh. It is the best humor series of kids.