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Friday, May 6, 2011

Crime Petrol Dastak – Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV – Investigation of Crimes through Crime Petrol Dastak TV Show

Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV
Crime Petrol Dastak is the 4th season of Crime Petrol on Sony Entertainment Television starting from 29th April, 2011. Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV is scheduled to air every Friday and Saturday at 11 PM in India. It replaces Khotey Sikkey. You will watch investigation of crimes through Crime Petrol Dastak TV Show.

Crime Petrol Dastak Host:

Crime Petrol Dastak host is Anup Soni. He was seen in previous season also. He introduces the mode of crimes. Anup Soni gives a light also on the crimes. Anup Soni was earlier seen in Balika Vadhu, CID and Comedy Circus 3 Ka Tadka.

6th May, 2011 Episode of Crime Petrol Dastak:

The episode of Crime Petrol Dastak investigates a case of murder. It was the case of Arundhati and Somesh. They applied for divorce. Somesh accepts to give maintenance 20000 in a month. The couple was always bickering. It was all because of Somesh second marriage.

Somesh and Arundhati fall in love in 1992. They got married in 1999. There were twins in the house of Somesh and Arundhati in 2004 according to the investigation of Crime Petrol Dastak.

Somesh killed his wife on 17, October, 2010 when she demands some more money to manage the house. No one knew about it. He always tried to hide the matter. He said to the children that their mom has gone to Delhi. He lied to her neighbors also. He managed Arandhuti’s mayaka also for sometimes.

Somesh buys a freezer and a cutter. He cut the body of Arundhati and kept in freezer. Pieces of Arundhati body’s were thrown out in the packet of polythene at different locations by Somesh.

Arundhati’s brother Rajan came in Dehradun on 13th December, 2010. He met children in their school and knew the truth of escaping Arundhati. He went the police station and reported about it. The police came to Somesh house and knew everything. Somesh accepts his crime. Police has filed a charge sheet on 24th March, 2011 against Somesh. He is still in a jail as per the investigation of Crime Petrol Dastak TV Show.

The episode of Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV is introduced by Anoop Soni. Juhi Chawla joins him to promote her new movie – “I AM”.

About Crime Petrol Dastak:

Crime Petrol Dastak tries to bring stories of crime happening all around the country. Be careful, be watchful watching the Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV. It is the most popular crimes investigating television series on Indian television. It became the inspiration for Wanted High Alert.

Crime Petrol Dastak attempts to show off the signs, signals and inspiration behind a crime. Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV is known as Crime Petrol Season 4 also. The series adds some new aspects of crimes after Powder, Castle and Monk Season 8.

Crime Petrol Dastak Show investigates the crimes and makes us aware from crimes. So, watch Crime Petrol Dastak on Sony TV every Friday - Saturday at 11PM and be aware from crimes.


raj said...

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I dont know your contact no so I am writing my no 044-07593312587

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payal said...

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Om said...

Gr8 serial. I started watching this serial just last month and feel sad to have missed watching it since it was started in April 2011. I hardly watch the other TV programs, but I don't miss "the crime petrol" serial since then. I think it is one of the best serials and overtakes CID. Lately I am finding CID very boring...anyway... thanks to the team of Crime Petrol, especially the introduction and the closing analysis/talk by host Anup Soni are very practical and useful to understand & know. Also the direction is good. But one request is to shift the night timing from late 11 pm to maybe 10 pm.

Runik Jain said...

I have case which i want to discuss with you guys..

One of relative itself killed my brother's son (who is just 1.5yr old,monik). And that too very badly. He smashed monik's head on railway track.. Please give your contact detail on rrrrjain@gmail.com



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