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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bal Kand Ramayan – Bal Kand Ramayan on Imagine TV – The Most Auspicious Moments of Ramayan Introduced in Baal Kaand Ramayan TV Serial

Baal Kaand Ramayan on Imagine TV
Bal Kand Ramayan is a new series on Imagine TV starting from 16th May, 2011. Bal Kand Ramayan on Imagine TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7 PM in India. You will watch the most auspicious moments of Ramayana in Baal Kaand Ramayan TV serial.

First Episode of Bal Kand Ramayan:

First episode of Bal Kand Ramayan begins with King Dasharatha. He returns his palace to win a war. Everyone is celebrating the happiness of triumph. Solders are meeting with their children. But King Dasharatha has no children. He is very sad thinking about it. He shares the matter to Suman.

King Dasharatha is seen very upset. His wives come and ask about the sadness. He shares his grief to them. In the mid, a Gurudev comes and asks him to arrange a Putrakameshti Yagna. He tells him about Rishishringa Muni. He was the expert in Yajurveda.

King Dasharatha went to the jungle as a common man to call Rishishringa Muni in Bal Kand Ramayan. He was in meditation. King Dasharatha sits there waits him. After 2 days, lord Vishnu appears to Rishishringa Muni and tells the matter.

Rishishringa Muni comes with King Dasharatha in Ayodhya. The Putrakameshti Yajna begins. Lord of Fire, Agnidev appeared and gave a bowl of sweet to King Dasharatha after the successful completion of the Yagna.

King Dasharatha divides the sweet among his three wives. Kausalya and Kakeyi offer their one part to Sumitra in Bal Kand Ramayan.

We watched four sons in the house of King Dasharatha from all three queens after some times. Now, it was the time of naming celebration. Kausalya’s son was named as Ram. Kakeyi’s son was named as Bharat. Sumitra’s sons were known as Laxman and Shatrughan.

Now, the most beautiful journey of Lord Rama along with his three brothers begins. King Dasharatha’s love and affection towards Ram appeared in this episode of Bal Kand Ramayan. The series covers the complete journey of Rama’s childhood.

About Bal Kand Ramayan:

Bal Kand Ramayan is based on the most popular epic – Ramayan. It captures the childhood journey of lord Rama and his brothers in the palace of King Dasharatha.

Baal Kaand Ramayan is the most auspicious moments of Ramayana. You will watch Bal Kand Ramayan on Imagine TV every Monday to Friday at 7 PM in India.

Bal Kand Ramayan serial is inspired by a religious book – Ramayana. But it is quite different from Ganesh Leela and Mata Ki Chowki. Bal Kand Ramayan TV serial discovers the most beautiful aspect of childhood journey of lord Ram.