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Friday, April 8, 2011

True Life – True Life on MTV – Watch Real Life Experiences in MTV True Life TV Show

MTV True Life
True Life is a new reality TV Show on MTV India starting from 8th April, 2011. True Life on MTV is scheduled to air every Friday at 7 PM in India. You will watch real life experiences in MTV True Life TV Show.

First Episode of True Life – Zak the Stripper:

First episode of MTV True Life talks about Zak the Stripper. Zak is a choreographer by day and stripper by night. He is a student by day and high paid escort by night. He is a dancer who specializes in lap dances.

MTV True Life TV Show doesn’t reveal the face of Zak the Stripper. He shared his own story, real story. He comes in Mumbai with a big dream of becoming a superstar hero. But he doesn’t get succeed. He survives being a stage dancer. Finally, he decides to enter into corporate world.

One day, he gets a chance to perform on a corporate stage. Here, he got a contact to perform for two ladies. It was a private True Life Show of Zak.

He falls in love also with a cute girl. But she left him when he asked for marriage. He lives dual life. His dual character is really horrible for him. But he enjoys the life. He respects his profession.

He is not a Gigolo. He is an artist. He has been involved in this business for last 10 years. One day, a gay named Rocky meets him. Rocky is a Gigolo and he wants to enter into Zak’s business. Zak trains him for a Show. Zak always gets scared from HIV. He makes HIV taste in every 6 months.

Zak doesn’t want to tell his profession to his mom. He has dual characters. He is passionate about name, fame, money and women. He got all. He is completely satisfied with his life.

True Life TV Show reveals Zak’s frustration about his dual life. One the one hand, he thinks that he is satisfied. On the other hand, he is very confused. You will watch a very different story in the second episode of MTV True Life.

About True Life:

True Life is one of the most popular documentary series on MTV. It was started in 1998. Each episodes of True Life follows a particular topic.

MTV True Life has covered more than 140 topics till now. True Life Season 10 is already being aired on MTV. Now, the Show is introduced in India with the same name – True Life on MTV. You can watch it in Indian format.

True Life is being considered as one of the most successful Shows on MTV India after Girls Night Out, Roadies 7, MTV Roadies 8, Splitsvilla 3, MTV Splitsvilla 4, Making The Cut 2 and Stuntmania Reloaded.

MTV True Life showcases the dual sides of some very interesting people. You will watch some very interesting real story in this Show. MTV True Life Show introduces different topics in each episode. You will experience some people amidst us who wear many masks. Watch True Life – Real People, Real Stories on MTV every Friday at 7 PM in India.


nab73 said...

fabulous show. watched the first episode about a male stripper in mumbai. its very well shot and edited. it's like a guy ritchie film. and the show is fantastic!!

maddy said...

the show was great and the first episode was good want to meet or in contact with me zak