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Monday, April 4, 2011

Surya The Super Cop – Surya The Super Cop on Sony TV – Surya The Super Cop New Crime Show Starts from April 4

Surya The Super Cop on Sony TV
Surya The Super Cop is a new crime series on Sony Entertainment Television starting from 4th April, 2011. Surya The Super Cop on Sony TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM in India. A new crime Show - Surya The Super Cop starts from 4th April, 2011.

Surya The Super Cop Casts:


Harsh Chhaya has played the character of Surya in Surya The Super Cop on Sony TV. He is a blind police officer. He has been suspended after an accident. But still he helps officers. He doesn’t take any credit for his help. He has very sharp mind. He can’t see but he can experience everything. Harsh Chhaya was seen in Ladies Special also.

Raj Hans, Amit, Veer, Saloni, Kaya and Chirag are also leading characters of Surya TV serial. Casts of Surya The Super Cop are really very perfect in their characters.

Surya The Super Cop Story:

Story of Surya The Super Cop is based on the binding link between the three Crime Branch Units. There is an independent story also of a middle aged Blind Man, Surya. He is their friend, philosopher and guide.

Surya is genius with an IQ of 200 and a vast experience in investigating crimes. He was a senior police officer who is currently under suspension pending the report of a Departmental Enquiry. Surya is restricted to his home space due to his condition.

The CB units go to him for advice on cases during the course of investigation when they feel they have reached a dead-end in this series. Surya has a sharp mind to picture the crime scene with just information from the team and give them brilliant insights.

Surya helps out the teams ‘unofficially’ and the teams don’t really report to him but hold him as their idol and guiding light in Surya The Super Cop.

First Episode of Surya The Super Cop – Girte Panchiyon Ka Raaz:

First episode of Surya was based on a very new case - Girte Panchiyon Ka Raaz. There was a case of mercury poisoning. 632 birds die at single place around a hotel. Satis and Rakesh also die in the hotel. Now, investigation starts from the hotel.

No officer was able to know the fact. They make some assumption also but they didn’t find any logical clue. They were amazed to see 632 dead birds at single place.

Finally, Amit, Veer and Saloni met Surya. They told the whole story. Surya asked them to investigate the surface of the hotel. They did same.

Raj Hans and Kaya found another same case 10 km away from the hotel. Reena dies at the same condition. Now, Surya makes them aware about the mercury poison.

Kaya searches the biggest research centre related to mercury research. It was Tulip Research Centre where Raj Hans and Kaya got some clue. They knew about Dr. Ashok and Dr. Sheya.

All reach Dr. Ashok’s house. They see Dr. Sheya there. Dr. Ashok was trying to kill her. But officers saved her. Now, Dr. Sheya takes mercury and through in the fire. Everyone wear mask but Sheya dies telling the truth about Dr. Ashok.

Dr. Sheya was the killer. She killed everyone to take revenge. She had developed the formula of mercury poison but Ashok took all the credit for it.

About Surya The Super Cop:

Surya The Super Cop is a fresh crime series on Sony Entertainment Television after the great success of CID, Powder, Adalat and Khotey Sikkey.

Concept and series director of Surya on Sony TV is B. P. Singh. The series is produced by Pradeep Uppor and B. P. Singh.


sakshi said...

Absolute trash...As a viewer i was expecting high quality series esp for Harsh being a part of it.He is such an amazing talent actor which simply felt like goes in a bin. I failed to understand female cops wearing heels and doing investigation and action. It looked like models playing cops and didnt give logical reasoning about case. Actors acted worst than extras. They looked fool in their dialogue delivery and expressions by just repeating each other's dialogue. Highly dissappointed with the start. Sorry Harsh, but we are huge fan of urs and didnt get much to see you.

reena said...

this is one of third class show. all of overacter in this show.khotey sikkey is better than this show.plzzzz don't show this serial again.

Anonymous said...

respected sir or mam i wana say that i am the student from himachal pardesh . Am 21 years old . Sir i wana a small role in your
serial . Sir i watch serial cid still 7-8 years . I like this type of serial . So sir please give me a role in your serial . I shall me very thankfull to you .
Sir i have no contact of your so pls contact me nangal05@gmail.com . Or 09041694077 .

manoj said...

faltu show. dont waste ur time in watching show. this is one of flop show on sony. CID is best.

srividhya said...

absolute good .......... i like it as vheer , saloni and 3person is(all 3 persons) are marvelous .

TIYASA said...

i love to watch surya i like kaya and saloni and all the guys