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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sasural Simar Ka – Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV – Journey of a Young Girl from a Small Town Introduced in Sasural Simar Ka TV Serial

Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV
Sasural Simar Ka is a new TV serial on Colors TV starting from 25th April, 2011. Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India. You will watch journey of a young girl from a small town in Sasural Simar Ka TV serial.

Sasural Simar Ka Casts:


Deepika Samson has played the character of Simar in Sasural Simar Ka TV serial. She is beautiful, young and smart. Simar is the main character of this serial. She is happy-go-lucky girl like Geet of Love U Zindagi. She has own dream to enjoy freedom. She belongs to a small town. Deepika Samson was seen in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo also.

Jamna Lal Dwivedi:

Pankaj Dheer has played the character of Jamna Lal Dwivedi in Sasural Simar Ka serial. He is traditional and strict. He follows the traditional values. Jamna Lal wants to give his children the best life. He is an ideal husband and father in this serial. Pankaj Dheer was earlier seen in Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat and Rang Badalti Odhni. Jamna Lal has played the character of Simar’s father in Sasural Simar Ka.


Jaya Ojha has played the character of Meena in Sasural Simar Ka. She is an ideal mother for every Indian girl. She understands her daughters’ needs.

Rajjo Bua:

Himani Shivpuri has played the character of Rajjo Bua in Sasural Simar Ka TV Show. She resides in her brother’s house. She is favorite Bua in Simar’s house. Himani Shivpuri was earlier seen in Baat Hamari Pakki Hai and Beendh Banunga Ghodi Chadhunga.


Master Rakshit has played the character of Gautam in Sasural Simar Ka Show. He is brother of Simar in this serial. He is the youngest member in his family.


Avika Gaur has played the character of Roli in Sasural Simar Ka. She is the younger sister of Simar. Avika was earlier seen in Balika Vadhu.


Shoaib Ibrahim has played the character of Prem in Sasural Simar Ka serial. He is the ideal son in his family. Shoaib Ibrahim was earlier seen in Rehna Hai Teri Palkon ki Chaaon Mein.

Nirmala Bhardwaj:

Jayati Bhatia has played the character of Nirmala Bhardwaj in Sasural Simar Ka. She is very strict. Jayati Bhatia was earlier seen in Sasural Genda Phool and Sabki Laadli Bebo.

Rajendra Bhardwaj, Sujata Bhardwaj, Surendra Bhardwaj, Satendra Bhardwaj, Saliendra Bhardwaj, Uma and Parinata are also leading characters of Sasural Simar Ka TV serial. Casts of Sasural Simar Ka are very perfect in their roles and story.

Sasural Simar Ka Story:

Story of Sasural Simar Ka captures beautiful journey of an ordinary young small town girl, Simr like Manjari of Yeh Ishq Haaye. She has grown up in her middle class family. Her father is very strict and discipline in this serial.

Simar loves her father a lot. Her father’s teachings have enriched her with strong values and deep culture. Simar is passionate about dancing. She starts chasing her dream without letting her father.

This hide and seek of Simar creates many challenging and interesting situations in Sasural Simar Ka like Do Hanson Ka Joda. Simar’s journey symbolizes thousands of middle class girl's dreams living in small towns.

First Episode of Sasural Simar Ka:

First episode of Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV begins with a small street of Vrindavan. Rajjo Bua’s friends hear some sounds of television. They knock the door. Roli opens the door. They are welcomed by Rajjo Bua. She calls Meena – Roli’s mother.

Jamna Lal’s television was lucked. They asked about the mystery. Rajjo asks them to come at the balcony. In the mid, Roli hears an announcement of “Aja Nachle” song. It was Simar’s favorite song.

Meena arranges some Somosas for Bua’s friends. Simar comes out hearing the song. She began to dance. It was the atmosphere of fun. Everyone is seen in happy mood. Suddenly, TV gets off. Bua Ji gets angered and asked Roli to call him. It was Rohan who gets TV on. Rohan is Tiwari’s son. His father is deaf.

Roli also gets annoyed. But she doesn’t want to call him anymore. Gautam begins a fighting with Roli making her irritate. Finally, Simar comes ahead and asks Roli to call Rohan once. Now, Roli calls him. He had turned off his TV due to his father.

Now, a friend of Rajjo starts singing. She asks Simar to dance on her song. Suddenly, Jamna Lal enters into his house. He calls Simar’s mother. Roli warned everyone. They go in their study room.

Bua comes and asks to Jamna Lal about his work. Jamna Lal Ji was much frustrated with Sharma Ji. He had called him but he didn’t reach at time. Jamna Lal gives importance of time.

Meena comes with a glass of water. In the mid, Rajjo’s friends come and meet Jamna Lal. They talked about the “Rasgulla” song also. Now, Jaman Lal starts with his questions. What is Rasgulla? Why all women were here?

Now, Jamna Lal talks about study of his children. They had gone to Tiwari’s house also to make his TV turn off. He is worried about his children’s examination. He can’t bear any type of troubles in his children’s study. He goes in study room. Everyone is seen busy in their study in the first episode of Sasural Simar Ka. He asks about study. He makes Roli understand about the importance of study. Finally, he goes to Gautam. But Gautam has taken Roli’s book by mistake. In the last, the situation is handled by Simar.

Jamna Lal calls his children to enjoy an hour TV. They come down. Jamna Lal unlocks his TV. Roli sees Veer in Uttaran. She gets much happy. But her father changes the channel. He tells the importance of watching news channel to improve GK.

Roli gets frustrated and finally asks her father to watch a serial. Her father gives her permission in a condition if her sister passed from college and Roli takes admission in intermediate. Now, Bua tries to take permission but didn’t get succeed.

Jamna Lal asks about the dinner. Everyone is seen on the dinner table in the first episode of Sasural Simar Ka. Jamna Lal asks to Simar about “Baingan Ka Bharta” recipe. She gets ready to cook it tomorrow. It was Sunday tomorrow. Jamna Lal asks everyone to visit Gaushala together. But Bua and Roli had planned something else.

Jamna Lal Ji is just like Amma Ji of Na Aana Iss Des Laado for Roli. She thinks about Nakusha’s situation in Laagi Tujhse Lagan but never gets a chance to watch it. Simar makes Roli understands about the sitatuion. She asks her to not think like this.

About Sasural Simar Ka:

Sasural Simar Ka is a new series on Colors TV starting from 25th April, 2011. It replaces Bhagya Vidhata. It is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India.

Sasural Simar Ka is an inspiring story of a middle class girl named Simar. She lives under a protective father who is strict, traditional and autocratic. Simar is a chirpy and joyous girl.

Sasural Simar Ka set is located in Vrindavan and Delhi. She gets married in a joint family. She faces new tradition, culture and family after having got married. Will Simar’s Sasural will be like Sasural Genda Phool? Kaisa Hoga Sasural Simar Ka? Will Simar be able to fulfill her dancing dream in the traditional family? All these questions will come one-by-one in new episodes of Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV.

Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV captures new waves of our society where a young girl is suppressed in her Maika and faces dilemma of her new life at her Sasural.

Rajesh Dubey is writer of Sasural Simar Ka. It is directed by Pawan Kumar. Rashmi Sharma is producer of this serial. It is produced under Rashmi Sharma Telefilms.

Dialogue, characters, background scene and story of Sasural Simar Ka are superb. DOP has done a great job for this serial. You will enjoy the family drama serial with great fun. You can watch Sasural Simar Ka on Colors TV every Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM in India.


Anonymous said...

Simar you are so beautiful like your dance and i like roli's and rajjo buha's acting in this serial sachi mein unki jaise acting to koi bhi nahi kar sakta waise yeh serial sab to bahot acha lagta hai akhir simar ki jodi prem ke saath badi tip top jo hai

shubhangi said...

hi My self shubhangi patil...from nigeria.....
This serial is very good............ Here every Indian watch this serial....every one loves prame and simar....very much

honey said...

sasural simar ka a must watch serial.its really superb..prem and simar characters added much more flavour to this serial...

tweety said...

sasural simar ka is my fav serial ...in my busy schedule everyday...i still make it a point to watch it without miss...love prem n simar ki jodi....let this serial be successful

Anil said...

I like the character cherry prem's sis in s.s.k

Anonymous said...

hi, i am aisha, so sasural simar ka jaise ki aap dekh sakthe hei, hai he bahut accha. ein bhi hoon ji k punjabi,,,,,, aur bahut accha lagataa hai s serial ko dhekane mein. aaap donoo kaa jodi aisee hi rahe! all the best aaapke future ke liye! :)