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Friday, April 8, 2011

Love Net 2 – Channel V Backs with Lovenet Season 2 Online Dating Reality TV Show

Love Net 2 on Channel V
Love Net 2 is the new season of Lovenet. Love Net 2 on Channel V starts from 8th April, 2011. It is scheduled to air every Friday at 7 PM in India. Now, you will experience second season of Lovenet, an online dating reality TV Show.

Love Net Season 2 Hosts:

Love Net Season 2 hosts are VJ Manish and VJ Juhi. Both are seen in the first episode. Manish was seen in [V] Kidnap also.

Lovenet Season 2 Registration:

Do you want to know about your cyber love? You can register yourself at: http://www.channelv.in/shows/lovenet2/ to participate in the Show.

First Episode of Love Net 2:

First episode of Love Net 2 TV Show begins with an introduction of Internet love. The episode was based on Twinkle Sharma and her 3 boyfriends – Kanishk, Paras, Kunwar.

VJ Manish and VJ Juhi introduced the Show. Manish meets all three guys. Juhi meets Twinkle. Manish enters into Twinkle’s house with all three guys to know more about her. They meet her sisters. She asked some questions also about them.

On the other hand, Juhi and Twinkle meet Kanishk’s mother. They searched his room and collected some evidences.

In the next scene of Love Net 2 Show, Manish with all 3 guys are seen at a sweet shop. They meet another Manish there who was a friend of Twinkle. The guys participated there in a Gol Gappa competition. The competition is won by Paras.

We watched Juhi and Twinkle in Paras’s room in the next scene of Love Net 2 on Channel V. They collected some evidences from her e also.

Manish and all three guys completed their investigation going in a gym. They met a girl there who was trainer of Twinkle.

Juhi and Twinkle also closed their investigation meeting Kunwar’s brother in the first episode of Lovenet Season 2. They returned to VJ Manish. He was playing a video of Kunwar.

Now, Twinkle is asked to dump a guy among all three. She dumps Kunwar at first. Kunwar was much socked meeting her.

Twinkle is asked to dump one more guys. She watches their video massage and dumps Paras. However, they were sited together binding a black ribbon on their eyes. Paras was also amazed to see her. He thanked to god and escaped very quickly.

Finally, Twinkle celebrated her date with Kanishk in the first episode of [V] Love Net 2. But it was really socking moment for Kanishk also. Anyhow, he maintains his situation. In the final scene, he decides to move on. However, Twinkle had decided to hang on.

Twinkle was an obese, average and over-confident girl. She had explained about her as a pretty, smart and good looking girl to all 3 guys. She had established a chat relation with all 3 guys for last 7 months.

About Love Net 2:

Channel V is back now with the most popular online dating reality TV Show - Love Net 2. The Show tries to face off internet love. You will watch the reality of online love in this Show.

Channel V claims to reveal whole truth and nothing but the truth on the other side of your computer screen. The Show has gotten the biggest popularity like Date Trap, Date My Folks, Truth Love Cash, Truth Love Cash 2, Axe ur Ex, Dare To Date 2 and Emotional Atyachar.

Lovenet 2 Show is back with the strangest love story of Internet. You will watch new couple, new masala and a new VJ in this season. There is no limitation of number of people and age bar in Lovenet 2 TV Show.


sayani said...

Can someone please tell me kanishk's full name? :-O

namrata said...

even i wanna knw his full name..plz can any1 tell me...plzzz

Sneha said...

sorry for ur date with twinkle............... have fun and find a new one so that we can again watch u on v

Nikita said...

can u guys pleas tell me kanishk's full name or his facebook account...
I want to see him again on tv

sammy2 said...

His name is kanishk sharma

PIYU said...

Can i know u'r cell no.

geeta said...

:) he is really cute

khushi said...

Can someone please tell me kanishk's his facebook account...or cell no.

vishu said...


sahid said...

my name is nikhil chodhary nd my face book account is sanick708@gmail.com......come on girls join me..

Rinkul said...

hi sayani how are u..

Sandyh said...

Can anybody give Paras and Kanisk fb id's? :) Pleaseee <3

raj said...

SNEHA wud u like to go for a date with me..? my id is rajsabby@yahoo.com see ya on fb

Sameer said...
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Sammy2kumar said...
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Sammy2 said...

Sammy1453@gmail.com my email id

naresh said...

any girl wana cool date than mail at naresh.in.love@gmail.com

jatin kumar said said...

hey ! guyz i m jatin kumar as kanishk sharma.love u grlz
n u can see me again in dare 2 date ok n ma Id is on fb

jeetu said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friends my name is jitendra my fb id is mr.jitendra94140@rediff.com add me