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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Guy Season 4 – Family Guy Season 4 on Star World – The Most Popular American Comic Series Family Guy Season 4 Starts in India from April 6

Family Guy Season 4 on Star World
Family Guy Season 4 is an American animated television series based on humor genre. Family Guy Season 4 on Star World is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 11:30 PM in India. Now, you will watch the most popular American comic series - Family Guy Season 4 TV Show in India from 6th April, 2011.

Family Guy Season 4 Casts:

Peter Griffin:

Peter Griffin is an average American father in Family Guy Season 4. He is irresponsible, loud, obese and heavy drinker in this serial.

Lois Griffin:

Lois Griffin is a housewife and mother in Family Guy Season 4 TV series. She is a very responsible mother in this Show.

Meg Griffin:

Meg Griffin is a self-conscious and unattractive teenage girl in Family Guy Season 4 series. She is treated as an object of abuse by other family members.

Chris Griffin:

Chris Griffin is an emotionally effusive guy in Family Guy Season 4 TV Show. He is fat and dim-witted. He is the second child in his family.

Stewie Griffin:

Stewie Griffin speaks in an upper-class British accent in Family Guy Season 4 Show. He has big dream of talking over the world at the young age.

Brian Griffin:

Brian Griffin is the family’s anthropomorphic talking dog in Family Guy Season 4 TV serial. Brian is portrayed as highly intelligent in this series.

Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown and Joe Swanson are also leading characters of Family Guy Season 4 serial.

Family Guy Season 4 Story:

Story of Family Guy Season 4 is based on Griffin’s family. You will experience a great humor through the series. It is the animated TV series with the most popular theme – comedy.

First Episode of Family Guy Season 4:

First episode of Family Guy Season 4 revolves around Peter’s greed for money. An insurance adviser enters into his house and makes him convince about the Volcano insurance. Peter is seen in the dream of money also. He sings for Jewish. Finally, Max helps him getting some money.

Lois talks about Meg but Peter ignores it. Stewie is seen at the stage. He did comedy. A talking dog, Brian is also seen in very effective role in the Family Guy Season 4. In the end, Lois saves Peter and Chris from the Las Vegas.

About Family Guy Season 4:

Star World brings Family Guy Season 4 in India after the huge success of Castle, Monk Season 8, The Bachelor Season 11, Dexter, Desperate Housewives Season 7 and Koffee With Karan Season 3.

Family Guy is an animated television humor Show. It uses the filmmaking method of cutaways. The series has been described as “nasty but extremely funny” cartoon by “National Review Online”. Family Guy has been included in the most popular American animated television series for humor genre.

Family Guy has received many negative reviews also for its profanity and violence. You can watch Family Guy Season 4 on Star World every Monday to Friday at 11:30 PM in India.