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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chhoti Si Zindagi – Chhoti Si Zindagi on ZEE TV – A Touching Tale of Innocence and Sweetness Introduced in Chhoti Si Zindagi TV Serial

Chhoti Si Zindagi on ZEE TV
Chhoti Si Zindagi is a new TV serial on ZEE TV starting from 4th April, 2011. Chhoti Si Zindagi on ZEE TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 7PM in India. You will experience a touching tale of innocence and sweetness in Chhoti Si Zindagi TV serial.

Chhoti Si Zindagi Casts:


Pavan Malhotra has played the character of Shyam in Chhoti Si Zindagi on ZEE TV. He was seen in Laagi Tujhse Lagan and Love U Zindagi also.


Richa Mukherjee has played the character of Isha in Chhoti Si Zindagi TV serial. She was seen in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo also.


Shruti Bhist has played the character of Ira in Chhoti Si Zindagi serial. She is a 6-year old innocent girl. She is very cute.


Sushmita Mukherjee has played the character of Devki in Chhoti Si Zindagi.


Sachal Tyagi has acted as Bhola in Choti Si Zindagi. Earlier, he was seen in Mata Ki Chowki.

Chhoti Si Zindagi Story:

Chhoti Si Zindagi is a touching tale about Isha and Ira. The story talks about their innocence, sweetness, sense of mischief and zest for life. This is the story of an amazing adventure of hope, faith and caring.

Chhoti Si Zindagi shares an emotional chord with you, whether you're a mother, father or just someone who loves children. The story is told from the perspective of Isha and Ira. They are learning the ropes of survival in the big, bad world.

ZEE TV endeavors to bring a smile to the faces of under-privileged and orphan children supported by Smile Foundation, an NGO that works relentlessly towards giving them a quality life through Chhoti si Zindagi.

The channel has announced its support towards financing the educational needs of 100 children for a year while the launch of Chhoti si Zindagi serial.

Chhoti Si Zindagi is the sensitive story of two young children. They must find their own in a world where they have no one they can call their own.

First Episode of Chhoti Si Zindagi:

First episode of Chhoti Si Zindagi on ZEE TV begins with Dharam Pur. Shayam’s wife is pregnant. He is very upset due to financial crisis. He searches Raju to help his pregnant wife. Raju helps him taking his wife in a hospital. Shayam’s wife dies during the pregnancy but baby is saved by the doctors.

Now, story of Chhoti Si Zindagi takes a jump. Ira is seen at her 6th birthday. Isha is her elder sister. She cares her like a mother. Love relationship between Isha and Ira is amazing.

Isha handles her house like a home maker. She continues her study also. But her father is not normal still. He is very upset due to financial problem. Now, a struggle begins for Isha and Ira.

About Chhoti Si Zindagi:

Chhoti Si Zindagi is a new touching tale on ZEE TV starting from 4th April, 2011. ZEE TV has tried to introduce a new social series after the great success of Aapki Antara.

Chhoti Si Zindagi on ZEE TV is very different from Geeta, Bhagonwali, Choti Bahu 2, Pavitra Rishta, Ram Milaayi Jodi, Sanjog Se Bani Sangini, Sanskaar Laxmi and Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli.

Background score of Chhoti Si Zindagi is very natural. Camera effect, story theme and dialogues of the story are superb. It touches our souls with an emotional tale of Ira and Isha’s struggle.


Rachel Brooks said...

this show is truly amazing it makes you wanna realize that their are people like that in the world,facing trouble.it makes me cry and realize that if your the 1 who is the oldest child like me you have alot of resonsbilty to take!!!!!!make your way threw.!!!!!!!:)I LUV MY LITTLE SISTER!!!!!!:)

Sameena said...

this show is really wonderfull.the children in it r very cute like isha,ira,chutki,vrunda,tinu..........all.it makes us feel that there is a world of people who r happy in there complicated lives also...so v should forget our worries and enjoy full on..........;}u people really rock.

blah123 said...

This show is very touching. Though, sometimes I do feel that Isha gets blamed for things she has never done. I also think Samarth is sometimes stupid because he first marry's Isha and then doesn't want to follow it. He loves her a lot and will forever but just because of Isha's one mistake, for life she can't get close to Sam. They both are meant for each other but I guess it will take some months until they love each like before. When it comes to Ira, she is spoiled, greedy. If I was Isha I would never have sacrified my love for Ira

mani said...

Now that they're older, this story has taken a huge leap! A lot of drama has been going on with Isha's life; she has to juggle Samarth's love and Ira's hatred. She wants to love both of the two most important people in her life, but if you loves one, the other is displeased. How will she balance the, into her life? I can't wait to see what happens!