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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tom and Jerry – Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network – Experience Funny Sour-Sweet Relationship of a Cat and a Mouse in Animated Series of Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry is the most popular television Show on Cartoon Network. Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network is scheduled to air every Sunday at 12 PM in India. You can watch Tom and Jerry Tales also every Monday to Thursday at 1:30 PM in India. You can experience funny sour-sweet relationship of a cat and a mouse watching Tom & Jerry animated TV series.

Tom and Jerry Casts:


Tom is a cat. The cat is featured with blue and white shorthair. Tom is the protagonist of Tom and Jerry TV serial. Tom wants to live luxurious life. He actually tries to consume Jerry. Tom was originally known as “Jasper”.


Jerry is a brown mouse. Jerry is more intelligent than Tom. There is no match for Jerry’s brains and wits. Jerry is also the protagonist of Tom and Jerry serial.


Spike is an angry bulldog. He is referred as butch and killer also. Spike always beats Tom for bothering his son – Tyke.


Tyke is the son of Spike. He is pampered very much by her father. Tyke is a little dog. He is also the most appreciating character of Tom and Jerry TV Show.

You will watch many new characters in every episodes of Tom and Jerry TV Show. Characters of the serial are most appreciating and live.

Tom and Jerry Story:

Story of Tom and Jerry is based on the comic fight between Tom cat and Jerry mouse. Usually Tom tries to capture Jerry in the series and finally it ends with a great destruction. Jerry always takes a revenge on the mistake of Tom.

On the other hand, Jerry eats Tom’s master food and Tom attacks on Jerry. Their fight creates a great humor and fun. So, complete story of Tom and Jerry Show is based on the fighting of cat Tom and Jerry mouse.

Recent Episodes of Tom & Jerry:

Tom & Jerry Blast Off To Mars:

Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars

Last Sunday, I watched Tom and Jerry: Blast of to Mars episode on Cartoon Network. It was the fabulous episode of Tom & Jerry TV series. The episode begins with a usual battle between Tom and Jerry. They reach at International Space centre during their fighting.

They convert into green animal during their fight. It is seen by the scientist. They felt that they are aliens. But soon the colour downs and their original face came out. They are thrown out from the space centre.

It was not over now. Jerry returns and mixes the chemical of preparing food in all stuffs. The space center is filled with foods. Finally, they see a mouse. This was the time to call a cat. They capture Tom and give him a task to catch the mouse.

Once again, fight of Tom and Jerry create funny situation. Finally, they take off by the rocket. On the other hand, two scientists are to take off their space shuttle. Tom tries to catch Jerry by the rocket. In this process, both get slipped. They are seen at space shuttle.

Fighting of Tom and Jerry create the biggest problem in the space shuttle also. Jerry presses a button which increases the speed of space shuttle. Speed of the space shuttle was equivalent to the speed of light.

Finally, the space reaches to the Mars going in wrong direction. But the fight of Tom and Jerry was still continue. Scientists stay for some while on the Mars and again return to the earth but Cat Tom and Mouse Jerry were still on the Mars.

After some time, people of Mars appear. They capture Jerry and recognized him as a God. They took him to the king. There was a great celebration. In the mid, Tom enters and destroy all the building. Finally, they capture Tom and decide to punish him. At the right time, a scientist of Mars appears and tells that the both animals are the alien of earth. Now, king decides to punish both. But a girl saves them. They try to run away by a space shuttle.

In the next scene Tom and Jerry Blast off to Mars, people of Mars attack on the earth by their space shuttle. But again, Tom and Jerry appear with the girl of Mars and save all. Now, a gigantic Machine of Mars attacks on the earth. It sweeps everything. This was the time to show something extra.

Spike is seen with his favorite food – bone. The bone is stolen and kept on the head of the Machine of Mars. Now, Spike gets anger and attacks on the gigantic Machine. Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars episode was completely amazing for kids with a new theme and thought. Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars is written by Bill Kop and edited by Ken Solomen. Tom Minton is producer of the series. It is directed by Bill Kopp.

This Sunday you will watch Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry on Cartoon Network in India at 12:00 PM.

Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry

Tom and Jerry Tales:

Children can watch Tom and Jerry Tales every Monday to Thursday at 1:30 PM in India. Today, I watched a story of playing football. Tom was very happy playing football. Spike was also tied with a rope. Tom kicked Spike also as well as Jerry.

Now, Jerry plans to teach a lesson. He invites Tom to play football and finally Tom is seen as a football. It was Spike who kicked Tom.

I watch “Game Set Match” episode of Tom and Jerry Tales today on Cartoon Network. It was much appreciating episode. In this episode, Spike orders Tom to teach Tyke how to play Tennis. In the end, Tom is seen as a Tennis racket and Tennis ball due to Jerry.

Tom and Jerry Tales

About Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry is the most popular animated series of theatrical shorts and television shows based on the mouse and cat. It is liked by all aged people. Animated characters are really awesome of this series.

Tom and Jerry is the funniest cartoon series like Perman, Roll No 21 and Krishna & Balram. Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network is aired in Hindi. So, it has gotten the biggest popularity like Generator Rex and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Now, Tom and Jerry are recognized as the legendary characters on television. There are many online games also based on the Tom and Jerry. You can play online games on the official website of Cartoon Network India. Currently, you can participate in TJ cup and win many gifts replying the answer of some simple questions. You have to watch Tom and Jerry Tales every Monday to Thursday at 1:30 PM to participate in the TJ Cup contests.

Tom and Jerry Cup