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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shinchan – Shinchan on Hungama TV – Great Fun with a Naughty Guy in Shinchan Animated TV Series

Shinchan on Hungama TV
Shinchan is a Japanese manga and anime series on Hungama TV. Shinchan on Hungama TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM in India. There is a great fun with a naughty guy in Shinchan animated TV series.

Shinchan Story:

Story of Shinchan revolves around a 5-year-old boy. He has a natural affinity for trouble. He always turns a pleasant environment into a never-ending battle of wits. You will enjoy a hilarious series of events with mum, dad, sister and pet of Shinchan - Shiro.

Story of Shinchan is located in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It follows the adventurous and hilarious story of five-year-old Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his parents, neighbors and friends.

New Episode of Shinchan:

New episode of Shinchan on Hungama TV was based on the knowledge of Internet. Principle is seen with a computer. He talks about how to use internet. Shinchan had great knowledge about the Internet. Their discussions cover complete knowledge of internet for the kids.

A body guard of i10 is seen in the next scene of Shinchan on Hungama TV. Masumi madam is nervous seeing him. But one day, she bandages his hands when he gets injured. He also promises to help her all time.

We watched naughtiness of Shinchan in the next scene when his mother returned from the market. He sees a Chewing Gum. He makes her mother fed up to get that. Finally, her mother promises to give the Chewing Gum Shinchan on two conditions – brush before the sleeping and take care of her mother’s solder.

Shinchan’s father Hiro is seen in a woman costume in the next scene of Shinchan series on Hungama TV. It is seen by Shinchan, Mitzi and Hima. All are very upset. Finally, Hiro told all that he is making himself train for the presentation in his office.

About Shinchan:

Shinchan is one of the most popular anime series on television like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The first appearance of Crayon Shin-chan was seen in weekly magazine - Weekly Manga Action. The magazine was published by Futabasha.

Initial episodes of Shinchan were based on manga but further the episodes turned into anime-original. Hungama TV introduced Shinchan TV serial in India. It was introduced in 2006. But due to some controversies it was banned in 2008 by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (India). The Hindi version of Shinchan serial had already gotten the biggest popularity before the ban. Shinchan TV Show was restarted in 2009 after many requests from the fans.

Currently, Shinchan Show has gotten the biggest popularity in India. It is available in Tamil and Telgu languages also. Two movies - "Action Kamen vs Higure Rakhshas" and "The treasures of the Buri Buri kingdom" are also based on the Shinchan TV series.

Shinchan is seen as the characters of many games also. He has gotten the biggest popularity on gaming consoles also. Shinchan series in India is as popular as Perman, Ben 10, Chhota Bheem and Tom & Jerry. A new movie – “Bungle in the Jungle” is also released on 1st April, 2011 based on Shinchan.