Roll No 21 – Roll No 21 on Cartoon Network – New Avatar of Lord Krishna in Roll No. 21 Animated TV Series

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roll No 21 on Cartoon Network
Roll No 21 is an animated series on Cartoon Network. Roll No 21 on Cartoon Network is scheduled to air every Sunday at 5PM in India. There is a new avatar of Lord Krishna in Roll No. 21 animated series.

Roll No 21 Casts:


Lord Krishna is seen as Krish in Roll No 21. He is very intelligent and smart. He has great will power and strength. He is the kid of 21st century.


Kansa is seen as Kanishk in Roll No 21 TV serial. He is the principle in a kid school. He always makes a plan to kill the kids.

Golu, Sudama, Madhu and Radha are also leading characters of Roll No 21 serial. There are many new casts and characters in each episode of Roll No 21 on Cartoon Network.

Roll No 21 Story:

Roll No 21 is the animated series based on the Lord Krishna and Kansa. It revolves around the new age of avatars of Lord Krishna and his evil uncle Kansa. The animated series is re-set against a 21st century backdrop.

Kansa returns as Kanishk in Roll No 21. He is the evil king of Mathura in a new form. He is the principle of a school for orphans - Mathura Anath Ashram.

On the other hand, Lord Krishna is seen as Kris in Roll No 21 on CN. In the series, Krish has to live by certain rules and he can’t reveal his true identity.

Roll No 21 is introduced with original content of Lord Krishna’s childhood adventures in the 21st century. The animated characters make the series most impressive in the remix version of Krishna Leela.

Recent Episode of Roll No 21:

Recent episode of Roll No 21 begins with a new cruel intention of Kanishka. The episode name was Banke Ka Bhoj. He invites Banke (snake) to cook kids’ food. Kansa wanted to hypnotize the kids. All kids eat the food prepared by Banke. But Krish didn’t take.

In the mid night, all kids are seen walking in napping. They are captured by Banke. Krish sees Radha going towards the kitchen room. He follows her.

This time, Banke attacks on Krish. Now, a great fight begins between them. Finally, Krish killed him. Again, Kanishka gets failed in his cruel intention.

We watched another story also in this episode of Roll No 21 on Cartoon Network – Yamuna Snan. Principle called Ghariyal Sur to kill the kids. He invites kids for Yamuna Snan competition. There was a special award also for the winner.

All kids participate in it. Again, there was a great fight between crocodile (Ghariyal Sur) and Krish under the Yamuna water. Finally, Krish won it. He saved other kids also. But Guloo challenged for swimming competition.

Krish wins the competition but he gets a task to wash the dishes of the school instead of an award. He washed all the dishes by his magical power and throws the washing soap at Kansa foot. He gets slipped.

Principle has chosen two new Badmash – Vrishti and Billi in the next episode of Roll No 21. Get ready for new fun and drama of Krish. The episode of Roll No 21 was directed by Ah Loong.

About Roll No 21:

Roll No 21 is the most popular animated series based on Krishna. He is seen as Krish in the 21st century. The series is very different from Krishna and Balram.

Narad Ji is also seen as a modern guy. He reports all the information by the public booth. There is great adventure, fun and humor for kids. It is much appreciated cartoon series like Generator Rex.


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