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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Perman – Perman on Nick – Experience Super Journey of Kids to Save the World in Perman Animated TV Series

Perman on Nick
Perman is an animated series based on an apprentice of Superman. Perman on Nick is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 5PM and 8:30PM in India. You will experience super journey of kids to save the world watching Perman animated TV series.

Perman Casts:

Mitsuo Suwa:

Mitsuo is the protagonist of Perman TV serial. He is Perman No. 1. Mitsuo likes Michiko. He is an eleven year old boy.


Booby is Perman No. 2. He is not a man but a chimpanzee. He is very intelligent. He was renamed as Super Ape.

Sumire Hoshino:

Sumire is a girl and No. 3 Perman. She is called as Pako by other Perman. She falls in love with Mitsuo in Perman serial.

Hōzen Ōyama:

Hōzen is a little Buddhist monk. He lives in Osaka. He is No. 4 Perman. He is very pragmatic in this animated TV series. He is known as Payan also.

Kōichi Yamada:

Kōichi Yamada is nicknamed as “Kō-chan”. He is No. 5 Perman. He is the youngest member of the team.

Michiko, Sabu, Haruzō Mie, Kabao and Ganko Suwa are also leading characters of Perman anime series.

Perman Story:

Superman, who later recognized as Birdman, gave a clumsy human boy - Mitsuo Suwa. He has 4 capabilities.

1. He can increase his physical strength 6600 times wearing a mask
2. He has a cape for flying in the sky at 119 km/h
3. He as a badge which makes him able to communicate with other Perman and to breath underwater as an oxygen tank.
4. He has an X-ray vision to see distance object in dark

There are four other copy-robots to help Mitsuo Suwa with secret identity during Perman missions. He always faces trouble by his dual life – a brilliant superhero and an unrewarded ordinary boy.

New Episode of Perman:

The episode begins with the patrolling of Mitsuo Suwa Perman during the rain. All friends are very sad to see Michiko. She sees Perman standing in the rain and feels sorrow. So, friends decide to give a rain protection technology for Perman.

They called Perman for Perman Ring Protection Group meeting. All friends delivered their presentation. Finally, the meeting closed with the technology of Adison.

Technology of Adison was just like a bicycle. Mitsuo Suwa Perman took off with the new technology. He went through Michiko to show his emotion. But as he knew that Michiko sees bees every day, he felt great grief.

In the next scene of Perman, we watched a winter season. Michiko is sick. Mitsuo Suwa Perman always does mistakes. He tries to fly like leaves of the trees. It is seen by other Perman.

Suddenly, Perman are called in the research center. They are called for a task to control a volcano pouring Nitrogen Gas. All Perman took a box of Nitrogen Gas. But no one could reach there with the Nitrogen Gas except Mitsuo Suwa Perman. He again proved himself the best.

About Perman:

Perman is a Japanese manga and anime TV series. The name “Perman” derives from “Superman” without “Su”. Later it was changed as “Birdman” due to copyright concerns.

The anime series is released in India as Perman on Nick (Nickelodeon India). It is broadcasted in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu in India.

Perman is one of the most popular animated series for children like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Generator Rex and Roll No 21.