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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Osomatsu Kun – Osomat Su Kun on Hungama TV – Osomatsu-kun TV Series Starts from March 28

Osomat Su Kun on Hungama TV
Osomatsu Kun is the most popular Japanese manga series like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Osomat Su Kun on Hungama TV is scheduled to air 6 PM in India. Osomatsu-kun TV series starts from 28th March, 2011.

Osomatsu Kun Casts:


Osomatsu is the oldest and leader of the sextuplets in Osomatsu Kun. He is the best fighter also in his group. Name of Osomatsu derives from Japanese language which means lame or ill-prepared. Osomatsu is seen as unmarried in future.


Karamatsu is the second oldest in Osomatsu Kun TV serial. Karamatsu is known as larch also in Japanese word. He gets married in future.


Choromatsu is the 3rd oldest in Osomatsu Kun serial. He is clever and selfish. He becomes a police officer in future.


Ichimatsu is known as Ichi also in Osomatsu Kun TV Show. He is the fourth son. He is very strong and honest. Ichi becomes a company president in future.


Jūshimatsu is the fifth son in Osomatsu Kun Show. He is very kind. He becomes a doctor in future. Name of Jūshimatsu derives from jūshimatsu Japanese word which is known as society finch.


Todomatsu is the 6th and youngest son in Osomatsu Kun TV series. He is a carefree guy. He doesn’t like taking bath.


Iyami is a mischievous man in Osomatsu Kun series. 3 large buckteeth, a thin moustache, a Beatles-style haircut are his most notable features.


Chibita is the rival of the sextuplets in Osomat Su Kun. He is always seen with Iyami in this series. He too stoles the spotlight from the sextuplets like Iyami.

Dekapan, Matsuzō and Matsuyo are also leading characters of Osomat Su Kun TV serial. Characters of the series are very perfect to make us entertain.

Osomat Su Kun Story:

Story of Osomat Su Kun serial is based on the sextuplets. They are 10 years old. They always are seen together. Iyami and Chibita are also main characters of Osomat Su-Kun story.

New Episode of Osomatsu-kun:

New episode of Osomatsu-kun was based on the dupe of Iyami and Chibita. They cheat people being doctors. They demand big amount for a small problem. Soon, people beat them and break their hospital knowing their reality.

In the next scene of Osomatsu-kun, Iyami makes another plan to beat Dekapan. He makes a medicine and change himself into Dekapan. Now, he began to make irritate everyone. He beats sextuplets also. Now, Osomatsu thinks to teach him a lesson.

Finally, everyone knew his reality when medicine affects ends. They teach a big lesson both - Iyami and Chibita.

About Osomatsu-kun:

Osomatsu-kun is a new manga series on Hungama TV in India. The series has been adopted into two different anime series of the same name. The most popular anime series is seen on Hungama TV in India in Hindi language.

Dialogues, mix Hindi language with Bengali tone and story theme are superb of Osomatsu-kun on Hungama TV. The series is getting popular like Doraemon and Shinchan.

Osomatsu-kun is the most popular kids Show like Ben 10, Chhota Bheem, Perman, Roll No 21, Generator Rex, Krishna & Balram and Tom & Jerry.

Osomatsu-kun story theme is really appreciating. It is a completely kids oriented Show. The series premiered on 28th March, 2011 on Hungama TV at 6 PM in India.