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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Krishna and Balram – Krishna and Balaram on Cartoon Network – Complete Fun with Animated Series of Krishna & Balram TV Serial

Krishna and Balaram on Cartoon Network
Krishna and Balram is the most popular animated television series on Cartoon Network. Krishna and Balram on Cartoon Network is scheduled to air every Sunday at 11:30 AM. There is complete fun with the animated series of Krishna & Balram TV serial for kids.

Krishna and Balram Casts:


Krishna is seen as young Krishna in Krishna and Balram. He was born to Deviki and Vasudev in Mathura and raised by Yashoda and Nandlaal in Gokul and Vrindavan. He is seen as a very powerful kid in Krishna and Balram TV serial who kills many giants.


Balaram is the elder brother of Krishna in Krishna and Balram serial. His former name was Rama but because of his great strength he was called Balarama.


Radha is seen as the most beautiful Gopi of Vrindavan in Krishna and Balram on Cartoon Network. She is the closest girl friend of Krishna.

Udho, Madho, Amala, Kamla and Manya are also leading characters of Krishna & Balram. You will meet many new characters in each episode of Krishna & Balram on Cartoon Network.

Krishna & Balram Story:

Story of Krishna & Balram revolves around two brothers – Krishna and Balaram. There are new stories in each episode. Their brave acts are shown in the animated series of Krishna & Balram TV serial. There are many imaginary stories about Krishna and Balaram in the animated series for kids. These stories are based on their childhood’s drama.

Recent Episode of Krishna and Balram:

Recent episode of Krishna and Balram was featured with two giants. Krishna and Balram are called in Dev Lok by Indradev to spend some times in the heaven. They go at education place. Here Krishna throws a stone towards a tree. Two giants are found there. They had stored all the education of Dev Lok in their mind.

Now, both giants attacked on the Guru Dev. This was the time for Krishna and Balaram to show some power. Now, the giants thought to run away. But Krishna and Balaram ran behind them. They beat both giants and erased their memories.

In the next scene of Krishna & Balaram, we watched two other giants during the stealing of cows. They are also beaten by Krishna and Balaram. You will watch Krishna & Balaram vs. Angry Elephant in the next episode.

About Krishna and Balram:

Krishna and Balram are also the most popular cartoon series on CN. The animated series are based on the imaginary stories of Krishna and Balaram’s childhood.

Krishna and Balram is directed & produced by Rajiv Chilaka. It is introduced by Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd. It has gotten the biggest popularity among kids like Art Attack, Ishaan 2 and Generator Rex.

Characters, sound, effects and actions of Krishna & Balram are really very appreciating. I liked much background scenes of the animated series. Animated characters are also very effective for their levelness. Camera effect is also very appropriate with the story and situation. Kids really enjoy with the animated series of Krishna and Balram on Cartoon Network every Sunday at 11:30 AM in India.