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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ishaan 2 – Ishaan Season 2 on Disney Channel – Musical Dream of Youth Introduced in Ishaan Season 2 TV Serial

Ishaan Season 2 on Disney Channel
Ishaan 2 is the new season of the most popular youth Show - Ishaan. Ishaan Season 2 on Disney Channel is scheduled to air every Sunday at 10 AM in India. You will experience musical dream of youth in Ishaan Season 2 TV serial.

Ishaan 2 Casts:


Tapasvi Mehta has played the character of Ishaan in Ishaan 2 also. He is a 15 years old guy. He is the most popular guy among teachers and students. His charm and smartness always manages to get him out of trouble. He makes amazing everything if he puts his mind. Ishaan is the protagonist of Ishaan 2 TV serial.


Anisa Butt has played the character of Shyla in Ishaan 2 serial. She is a quick witted and sharp minded girl in this serial. She is the daughter of school sport’s coach.


Ayaz Ahmed has played the character of Pulkit in Ishaan 2 on Disney Channel. He is a rich guy. He is very choosy to make a friend. Kabir is his closest friend.


Nakul Sahdev has played the character of Kabir in Ishaan 2 TV Show. Kabir has great attitude in this serial. He is rich and spoilt. He always shows himself superior.

Twinkle, Baby Shasa, Nakul Shah, Divya and Arjun Chandra are also leading characters of Ishaan 2 Show. Casts and characters of the serial are very perfect in their role and situation.

Ishaan 2 Story:

Ishaan Season 2 backs with fun and music as "Ishaan" and "Yaari". It is based on the musical dreams of "Ishaan" and "Yaari". Now, everyone has decided to fulfill their dream jointly after rejecting the chance to be a solo superstar.

But the group soon faced "Baby Shasha". Now, they have learnt that success comes with a price and with strong competition. Baby Shasha is a kid superstar. Now, Ishaan has taken the biggest decision in his life to get succeeded.

New Episode of Ishaan 2:

New episode of Ishaan Season 2 begins with “Yaari”. They are seen with a radio jockey. Everyone is listening about the “Yaari” and Ishaan. They are preparing for the launch of a musical CD. Ishaan and his friends are very sure about the success of the music CD. They are preparing themselves for the Red Carpet. They have a big dream to become the successful stars.

In the next scene of Ishaan Season 2 on Disney Channel, group of Yaari are seen at Nakul Shah’s house. They have heard about the birthday party of Baby Shasha. But Nakul Shah’s promises them to launch of Yari’s music CD.

Finally, Ishaan and his friends reached there. They got amazed seeing the birthday party of Baby Shasha. Their entrance was also restricted. In the mid, Arjun Chandra is seen with them. He allowed them to come in. They got more surprised knowing the reality of Arjun. He was the brother of Baby Shasha.

Now, Baby Shasha demands something special to Arjun on her birthday. This time, Arjun asks Ishan and his friends to sing a song for his sister. They sing a rocking song and became the superstars.

About Ishaan 2:

Ishaan Season 2 is also the most popular youth Show like its previous season – Ishaan. It is based on the musical dream of youth that focuses on a boy called Ishaan. The Show talks about the Isaan choices between music and his friends.

Ishaan Season 2 TV serial is featured with the big dream of Ishaan and “Yaari”. But there is a rock star baby called “Shasha”.

Ishaan Season 2 on Disney Channel is written by Jaydeep Sarkar. It is directed by Anant Mahadevan. Red Chillies Idiot Box Entertainment is producer of Ishaan Season 2 serial. It has gotten the biggest popularity among youth and kids like Art Attack.


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