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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Generator Rex – Generator Rex on Cartoon Network – Machinery Action Introduced by a Kid in Generator Rex TV Serial

Generator Rex on Cartoon Network
Generator Rex is one of the most popular animated television series for Cartoon Network. Generator Rex on Cartoon Network is scheduled to air every Sunday at 11 AM in India. Kids will enjoy with the machinery action of a kid in Generator Rex TV serial.

Generator Rex Casts:


Rex is the protagonist of Generator Rex. He is a young amnesiac E.V.O. He has power to turn himself in various machines. He can turn into a gigantic fist to throw down the some big ugly EVOs. He can turn his arm into a projectile launcher also.

Rex can turn himself into fast motorcycle or flying jetpack also to go somewhere in a hurry. He gets these incredible abilities from Nanites in Generator Rex TV serial.

EVOs are the monster. People or animals are turned into EVOs by some tiny machines. Rex is not always a machine to smash stuffs. He uses his Nanites to communicate with and control other machines. He has ability to cure EVOs in Generator Rex serial. He can turns EVO monsters back to normal.

Rex in consider as the number one weapon by Providence. He has lost his complete memories. He does know nothing about himself. He has no idea who is he and where he has come from. But Rex is intended to know about it in Generator Rex on Cartoon Network.

Agent Six:

Agent Six is a senior Providence agent. He handles Rex. He is called Dada Ji by Rex in Generator Rex TV Show. He is well fit and fights very quickly. He is very intelligent and decisive. Swards are his favorite weapons. Six is master in several forms of martial arts also.


Bobo is a chimp in Generator Rex Show. He is very unique and different from other chimps. He has ability to talk and fight. He always walks with Rex. He is master in handling laser pistols.

Dr. Holiday:

Dr. Holiday is the lead scientist for Providence. She is very responsible and humble. She is seen in Doctor’s dress. She take cares Rex in Generator Rex.

Van Kleiss:

Van Kleiss is the main antagonist in Generator Rex. He can also control Nanites like Rex. He has power to control the nature. Van Kleiss has ability to gain power to create EVOs.

Captain Callan, White Knight and Noah are also leading characters of Generator Rex. There are many other characters also in the new episodes of Generator Rex.

Generator Rex Story:

Story of Generator Rex is based on Rex, a young boy. He came in light through Nanites. Five years prior, a massive explosion released Nanites into the atmosphere. It infected almost every living thing on Earth. It activated some subjects into monsters known as an E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism). The EVOs are mindless creatures that attack everything around them. Finally, Providence (an organization) was created to combat the EVOs threat.

Rex is also an EVO but he has capability to control his Nanites. He works with Providence under Agent SIX. Van Kleiss is seen as the villain in Generator Rex. Rex is used as weapon in this series. He is a 10 years old boy. Van Kleiss works against Providence and create new EVOs. So, the story of Generator Rex is based on the fight of Van Kleiss and Rex.

Recent Episode of Generator Rex:

Recently, I watched “The Day That Everything Changed” of Generator Rex. It begins with a fight between an EVO and Providence. REX interferes here to control the EVO. After a great fight, he got succeed. He converted the EVO into a normal man with his power.

In the next scene of Generator Rex on Cartoon Network, Agent Six is seen at Captain Callan. He was talking to control REX because he had participated in today’s fight without permission.

Now, Rex is seen in the hospital where Dr. Holiday checks him. He is sent out for the stress level checkup. He travels with Bobo on the motorcycle. During this, he thinks to go on a long drive.

Rex wanted to spend some times with some friends. He enjoyed much during the travel. Now, he decides to talk with a friend.

Agent Six appears to bring Rex back. But he is attacked by Van Kleiss. After a great fight, Van Kleiss get succeed to keep Rex with him. Rex comes with him to know about his past.

Rex and Bobo are seen in Abysus arena. Bobo and Rex’s friend are sent to eat something. On the other hand, Van Kleiss tries to observe Rex’s power. But at the right time, Bobo and Rex’s friend saved Rex.

Now, they are on the run. Van Kleiss tried to capture them again. This time, Agent Six appears to save them. After a great fight they returned safely. Now, Rex got a friend and a big house also to share emotions. There will be more adventure and fight in the next episode of Generator Rex on Cartoon Network.

About Generator Rex:

Generator Rex is the most appreciating action and adventure series on Cartoon Network. It is created by Man of Action. The Day That Everything Changed: Generator Rex is directed by Sam Montes. The cartoon animated series is very different for kids from Ishaan Season 2 and Art Attack.

Generator Rex is rated as PG. So, kids are suggested to watch the Show in their guardianship. Currently, Abysus Arena is the most popular online game of Generator Rex on Cartoon Network.