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Monday, March 7, 2011

Dexter – Dexter on Star World – Dexter Season 1 - 5 Starts in India from March 7

Dexter on Star World
Dexter is the most popular television series based on a serial killer. Dexter on Star World is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 10PM in India. Dexter Season 1 - Season 5 starts in India from 7th March, 2011 on Star World.

Dexter Casts:

Dexter Morgan:

Michael C. Hall has played the character of Dexter Morgan in Dexter. He is the protagonist and narrator of the series. Dexter is seen as a forensics expert and blood spatter analyst. He is an employee in Miami Metro Police Department. Dexter has double character in this serial. He is a serial killer also with a code of honor. “Code of Harry” makes Dexter different from other killers. He kills only those criminals who’ve escaped the punishment they truly deserve.

Dexter is emotionally divorced from the rest of humanity. He has no interest in romance also. Dexter loves children. Animals do not like him specially dogs. He is a very clean and sharp minded serial killer in Dexter TV series.

Debra Morgan:

Jennifer Carpenter has played the character of Debra Morgan in Dexter TV serial. She is Dexter's foster sister. She is an undercover cop in Vice at the Miami Metro Police Department. She wants to be a Homicide Detective.

Rita Bennette:

Julie Benz has played the character of Rita Bennette in Dexter serial. She is seen as Dexter's girlfriend. She was physically abused by her ex-husband, Paul. She has two children. She doesn’t know about Dexter's dual life.

James Doakes:

Erik King has played the character of James Doakes in Dexter TV Show. He is the lead case investigator to Miami Metro PD's homicide department. He thinks that there’s something wrong with Dexter.

Lauren Velez as Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta, David Zayas as Angel Batista and James Remar as Harry Morgan are also leading casts of Dexter Show.

Dexter Story:

Story of Dexter TV series is based on Jeff Lindsay's novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter”. It is a story of a paradox personified - a serial killer. The person only kills the criminals that got away. Dexter is adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan and his wife Doris. Harry recognizes Dexter's homicidal tendencies. He suggests him to channel his fascination for blood in the right direction by creating a code called 'The Code of Harry'.

The code says Dexter must only kill those monstrous predators who have escaped their rightful punishment in the past. Dexter Morgan is an inspiring brother, a good boyfriend and an admired police officer. Dexter Morgan walks between his dual identities. He tries to maintain his social appearance as a responsible human being.

First Episode of Dexter Season 1:

Dexter Morgan narrates his own story in the first episode. He is a good forensic expert, a good boyfriend, a good brother and a good son. He loves his boat and bloods also. He is a serial killer who kills other killers.

He follows some codes such as:

Code No. 1= Never Get Caught

Code No. 2 =Never Make a Scene

Code No. 3 =Never Kill an Innocent

He kidnaps a killer in a car and kills him in this episode. He takes a sample of his blood also. He keeps the blood sample inside the AC. He is a very neat monster.

Dexter receives a call for a crime scene. Here, he sees a bloodless body. The person was killed very cleanly. He meets his sister – Debra also.

In the next scene, Dexter targets Jami Jowrski. He dates Rita Bennette as a good boy friend. Soon, he faces another bloodless dead body. Now, his research starts to catch the killer. The bloodless murder is nicknamed as “Ice Truck Killer”.

One night, Dexter follows the Ice truck but was not able to trace. First episode of Dexter Show revolves around an introduction of Dexter Morgan.

About Dexter:

Dexter is the most popular American television drama based on Dexter Morgan, a forensic bloodstain pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. He has dual characters – a social responsible human being and a serial killer.

Murder philosophy of Dexter revolves around “The Code of Harry”. Double life and need to kill create a great complication for Dexter Morgan. Is he savior or sinner? Let’s discuss.

You will watch Dexter Season 1 to Season 5 on Star World in India from 7th March, 2011. The Show is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday night at 10. The Show has gotten the biggest popularity like Castle, Monk Season 8 and The Bachelor Season 11.


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Well directed serial

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boxman version 2

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this is a great show and is very interesting.

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An excellently directed serial. Even the cinematography is worthy of praise. Simply brilliant. It keeps you glued to your seat.

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It is a great show .It just entertain severyone and the bect part is Michael C hall !!!!!
Waiting 4 next season to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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can't wait for the next season...

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what abt season 6
is showtime available on indian dish or dth p's rply

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