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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beauty and the Geek – Beauty And The Geek on Channel V – Akal Meets Sakal in [V] Beauty And The Geek TV Show

Beauty And The Geek on Channel V
Beauty and the Geek is a new reality TV Show on Channel V starting from 19th March, 2011. Beauty And The Geek on Channel V is scheduled to air every Saturday at 7 PM in India. Akal Meets Sakal in [V] Beauty And The Geek TV Show.

Beauty and the Geek Host:

Beauty and the Geek host is Andy. He is the most popular host on Channel V. Andy was seen in Date My Folks, Gorgeous 6 and Dare 2 Date 2 also. Now, he is seen in [V] Beauty And The Geek as Prof. Andy.

Beauty and the Geek Contestants:


Krishna Pandey

Aditya Choubey

Harshit Jain

Kumar Gaurav

Sayyed Aamir

Faisal Ali

Abhishek Ghosh

Gaurav Gupta

Manish Kumar

Abhimanyu Kohli

Dhruv Bijlani


Kehtrasha Shaiekh

Aditi Oberoi

Muskan Sodhi

Esha Goshwami

Kaizeen Daruwala

Annie Krishulinzki

Sunaina Singh

Nirmala Kumari

Shweta Kaushik

Arra Nigam

First Episode of Beauty And The Geek:

First episode of Beauty And The Geek begins with an introduction of contestants. Andy introduces the Show. Now, beauties and geeks had to pair with each other.

So, they are paired as:

Krishna Pandey - Kehtrasha Shaiekh

Aditya Choubey - Aditi Oberoi

Harshit Jain - Muskan Sodhi

Kumar Gaurav - Esha Goshwami

Sayyed Aamir - Kaizeen Daruwala

Faisal Ali - Annie Krishulinzki

Abhishek Ghosh - Sunaina Singh

Gaurav Gupta - Nirmala Kumari

Manish Kumar - Shweta Kaushik

Abhimanyu Kohli - Arra Nigam

Geeks had to indentify beauties with their dress to choose them. On the other hand, beauties had to choose a stuff belonging to geeks to choose them. Dhruv Bijlani was 11th geek. He is not chosen by any beauty. So, he had to convince a pair who may allow him to live together.

The paired are called in a library in the next scene. It was the library of project materials and study materials.

In the next morning, the paired had to complete a task. There were 2 stages in the task – for the beauties and for the geeks.

Beauties had to unlock geeks finding a clue from 3 books which are told by the geeks. Beauties had to search the books in a library.

Geeks had to complete 3 tasks – to get hug, to take a contact number and to recite a dialogue. The task is won by Abhishek and Sunania. Now, they had a power to nominate two couples for the elimination round.

Gaurav Gupta - Nirmala Kumari and Manish Kumar - Shweta Kaushik are seen in the elimination zone in the first episode of Beauty And The Geek on Channel V. But no girls are eliminated from the episode. Finally, Manish is eliminated from Beauty And The Geek Show after a questionnaire session.

About Beauty And The Geek:

Beauty And The Geek is the most popular reality television series on The CW. Now, it is back in India on Channel V with the same name. The reality Show has been recognized as "The Ultimate Social Experiment".

[V] Beauty And The Geek TV Show is based on 10 beauties and 10 geeks. They are asked to share their knowledge to each other. Both have to change their attitude in the Show. It is based on a real social experiment.

[V] Beauty And The Geek Show is introduced in India after the great success in 22 countries. Winner of Beauty And The Geek will be announced in the grand finale. The couple who change their attitude and learn most will be announced winner of the Show. Beauty And The Geek winner will be awarded by Rs. 10 lakh.

The Beauties have to share their social skills to the Geeks. On the other hand, the geeks have to share their book knowledge to the beauties in Beauty And The Geek TV Show.

Beauty and the Geek is not a dating Show like Date Trap, Axe Ur Ex, Truth Love Cash and Lovenet. It is a reality Show based on the social experiment where Akal Meets Sakal. The perfect combination of beauty and brains will be seen as the winner of Beauty and the Geek. It is one of the most entertaining reality TV Shows on Channel V with great fun and experiment.