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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wanted High Alert – Wanted High Alert on Colors TV – Wanted High Alert Crime TV Series Introduced by Sushant Singh

Wanted High Alert on Colors TV
Wanted High Alert is a new crime television Show on Colors TV starting from 26th February, 2011. Wanted High Alert on Colors TV airs every Saturday at 10 PM in India. Wanted High Alert crime TV series is introduced by Sushant Singh.

Wanted High Alert Host:

Wanted High Alert host is Sushant Singh. He was recently seen in Gulaal. Now, he is back in Wanted High Alert on Colors TV as a host.

First Episode of Wanted High Alert:

First episode of Wanted High Alert is introduced by Sushant Singh. He introduces some data of crimes. According to a source, there is a data of more than 21 lacs crimes till 2009.

Sushant Singh investigates a case of Bala Saheb Pawar. He is a 35 years old guy with 5 foot and 6 inches. The crime and criminal belongs to Sangamner.

Bala Saheb was a good friend of Sanjay Aanwren. One day, he tried to convert the friendship in a relationship. He talked about the marriage of Sanjay with his sister-in-law Kaveeta.

After the marriage, Sanjay Aanwren’s father – Shankar Baburao Awanren noticed some attachment between Kaveeta and Bala Saheb.

One day, Sanjay talked Bala Saheb very clearly about it. Now, Bala Saheb was restricted in the house of Sanjay. But in 2004 Bala Saheb again offered a hand of friendship.

It was the Diwali night. Sanjay goes with Bala Saheb to celebrate Diwali with wine. Finally, he killed Sanjay with a big stone.

Now, Bala Saheb is sent to Pune Jail – Yerwada for whole life. He was charged by 302, 201 and 120 sections. But again, Bala Saheb ran away from the Jail on 16th August, 2010. Still Police are searching the culprit.

Second case of Wanted High Alert Show in the first episode was located in Uttar Pradesh. It was related to Raj Narayan Singh Kushwaha at Shivram village. He was a principle in his own school established by his father.

After some time, Shukla family became the rival of Raj Narayan Singh Kushwaha. But Sakuntala Devi is killed by her own husband - Raj Narayan Singh Kushwaha in a clash. However, Raj Narayan Singh Kushwaha files a case against Shukla family. During the investigation, it is found that Raj Narayan Singh Kushwaha had an illegal relationship with a teacher – Shalini. The culprit is also searched by the Police. We watched some actual footage also of the case.

About Wanted High Alert:

COLORS TV is now back with a new crime Show on weekend - Wanted-High Alert. The Show is scheduled to air every Saturday at 10 PM from 26 February 2011. It is produced by BAG Films. The show is aimed to narrate real life cases of suspects and convicts on the run. It will urge the common man to bring them to book and take charge of his safety.

Wanted High Alert TV Show has tried to trace all the crime which comes suddenly knocking your door. It will trace convicts and suspects who are moving scot-free in the society despite strong attempts from the police to get them behind bars.

Each episode of Wanted - High Alert on Colors TV will showcase two unsolved cases related to murder, fraud, rape, domestic violence, duping and other dreadful crimes committed from all part of India. Wanted High Alert is an endeavor of COLORS to get the audiences up in action apart from educating them about the ever rising crime scenario.

Colors TV has tried to introduce an adventure and awareness for the audiences with Wanted High Alert Show like CID, Adaalat, Keshav Pandit, Powder, Khote Sikkey, Monk Season 8 and Castle. The step is taken after the great success of Sony TV’s crime series - Crime Petrol. However, Colors TV has already many social series like - Balika Vadhu, Phulwa, Na Aana Iss Desh Lado, Rishton Se Badi Pratha and Maati Ki Banno.

Wanted High Alert Show is very close to the case during the investigation. We watched interview of many people related to a case. Watch Wanted High Alert and be alert, be safe. If you have any information about the culprits shown on Wanted High Alert, you can call 09343100100. You can write a mail also at: wanted@colorstv.in. Colors TV Channel runs the Show very sincerely to make our society crime-less. It makes us sincere citizen and urges to fight against crimes and criminals.