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Monday, February 28, 2011

Shadi 3 Crore Ki – Shadi 3 Crore Ki on Imagine TV – The Most Expensive Wedding of Rs. 3 Crore in A New Marriage Reality TV Show Shaadi 3 Crore Ki

Shadi 3 Crore Ki on Imagine TV

Shadi 3 Crore Ki is a new reality marriage reality TV Show on Imagine TV starting from 28th February, 2011. Shadi 3 Crore Ki on Imagine TV is scheduled to air every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM in India. You will watch the most expensive wedding of Rs. 3 crore in a new marriage reality TV Show - Shaadi 3 Crore Ki.

Shadi 3 Crore Ki Hosts:

Shadi 3 Crore Ki hosts are Ali Asgar and Mona Singh. Ali Asgar is a well known actor and comedian of Hindi Cinema and Television. He has gotten the biggest popularity from FIR. Mona Singh is also a well known model and television actress. Recently, she was seen in Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 2010 and Meethi Choori No. 1. Currently, she is the host of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 also. Now, Ali Asgar and Mona Singh are seen in Shadi 3 Crore Ki on Imagine TV as the hosts of the Show.

First Episode of Shadi 3 Crore Ki:

First episode of Shadi 3 Crore Ki is introduced by Mona Singh and Ali Asgar. They are seen in the house of Sehgal at Patel Nagar, Delhi. It was the family of groom. The family is busy in the preparation of Inderpal Singh Sehgal aka Ishu’s marriage. The family has around 5 lac budget for the marriage.

Mona Singh and Ali Asgar tell the surprise of Shadi 3 Crore Ki to Sehgal family. It was really amazing day for the family.

Now, Mona Singh and Ali Asgar enter into Gaba family. It was the family of bride. The bride family has estimated to expend around Rs. 10 lac for the marriage. Jasmit Singh Gaba aka Shinu is the bride. Both hosts of the Show reveal the secret of Shadi 3 Crore Ki to the Gaba family. They felt amazing hearing the news.

Now, both families are replaced in a new house located at Chhatarpur, Delhi. The house was like a palace. Both families got socked seeing the house. They are placed in the house till marriage. There was beautiful living room, big kitchen, hall, balcony and bedroom like heaven.

In the next scene of Shadi 3 Crore Ki TV Show, both families are seen in hotel. Mona Singh and Ali Asgar come here to talk about the Rs. 3 crore. They distributed Rs. 3 crore in both families. The amounts are distributed for various expenditures such as:

Rs. 10 lac for invitation cards

Rs. 30 lac for cloths and suits

Rs. 50 lac for jewelry

Rs. 35 lac for gifts

Rs. 45 lac for drink and food

Rs. 80 lac for functions and decorations

Rs. 30 lac for dancing and singing

Rs. 20 lac for other expenditures

Expenditure Lists of Shadi 3 Crore Ki

All the amounts are distributed in above mentioned expenditure. The amount is divided into two parts. Now, both families had to decide about the arrangement in the given amount.

Both families are seen unsatisfied in the end of the first episode of Shadi 3 Crore Ki Show. They ask some more money for the better arrangement of the Shadi 3 Crore Ki.

About Shadi 3 Crore Ki:

Shadi 3 Crore Ki is a very unique reality TV Show on Indian Television. The Show fills the gap of Zor Ka Jhatka. Shadi 3 Crore Ki is not first wedding reality TV Show because we already have watched many marriage shows like Perfect Bride, Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega and The Bachelor Season 11. Despite it, Shadi 3 Crore Ki is a very new marriage reality TV Show on Indian television where you will watch a wedding of Rs. 3 crore.

What would be extra in the wedding? Watch Shadi 3 Crore Ki on Imagine TV to know more about it. The Show is introduced by SOL Productions. Shaadi 3 Crore Ki is presented by Lotus Herbals. It has fresh theme and concept to entertain Indian audiences.


ashi said...

i have ragister for 3 crore shadi i have ragister for my sister hum ragistersion kise karva sakte hai

shabnam said...

but how come only these two families have been given such a high amount?was it a competition or something else????

rajiv said...

i am rajiv kumar from ambala kya aisa bhi ho sakta hai ya fir ye sab filmi duniya ke natak hai

Moonmoon said...

Hii i m Moonmoon ... I really hate this show.. why u spend 3 crore in just sum1 wedding just to make them feel good...instead of this if this money spend on those poor people, or those orphan child who r looking for Help... well it is not possible because to help is not masaladar...

t said...

The dulhan is manly and the dulha is coy.

Vikas said...

This is a SAMAJ GHATAK drama! This will take our society to the wrong side. Instead of helping people with using scares money carefully - they are encouraging wasteful expenses!

Are the organizers telling people to waste more money on weddings? India is already having this PROBLEM. I am sure this program is ADDING to the PROBLEM and gives NO SOLUTION.

Then what about "Samuhik Vivah" program? They save so much money!

How can we stop this program? I am not against this wedding. Let them marry in style. BUT STOP the telecast of this program.

nevin said...


I am really shocked by this show specially when it is happening in India where 50% of people can hardly get 2 times food and farmers are committing suicide and much more...... They could have spent this amount in helping more needy people to get married and help them start a decent life. I guess the actual reality of this show is to show how people can be selfish and self-obssessed...Well good luck and happy married life to Ishu and Shinu.

Ashok said...

I am so upset with this show. I have the following qustions:
1. was this show designed to make mockery of millions of poor people of India.
2. They got 3 crores. Is this money not taxable gain.
3. Families (Both) lack dinity and most of them are not presentable on Tv.

neema said...

i am neeru from delhi. i realy hate this show . why u spand 3 cror just someone weding just to make them feel good stil wish you happy marri life both of you

karthik said...

Request you kindly spend this kind of money on poor lives and on those kids who work whole day for one time food. God will bless you not on wedding like this, its a big damage.

Think Big, Act Big

laila said...

hi i m ashu the dulhan is bhains and d dulha is sixer(chakka)

shanaya said...

i juzz lov dis show...
a beautifull way to make somw1z wedding more bful...
i never miss dis 1...