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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mrs. Tendulkar – Mrs Tendulkar on SAB TV – Comic Journey of a House Husband in Mrs. Tendulkar TV Serial

Mrs Tendulkar on SAB TV
Mrs. Tendulkar is a new comic TV series starting from 31st January, 2011. Mrs Tendulkar on SAB TV airs every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. You will watch a comic journey of a house husband in Mrs. Tendulkar TV serial.

Mrs. Tendulkar Casts:

Mr. Suhaas Tendulkar:

Deven Bhojani has played the character of Mr. Suhaas Tendulkar in Mrs. Tendulkar. He is a very innocent and loving husband. His smile wins people. He is very positive towards the life.

Mr. Suhaas Tendulkar is husband of Vibhavari. He is seen as the house husband in Mrs. Tendulkar TV serial. He does everything what a wife does as a house wife. Mr. Suhaas Tendulkar is the male protagonist of Mrs. Tendulkar serial. Deven Bhojani was earlier seen in Baa Bahoo Aur Baby as Gattu.

Mrs. Vibhavari Tendulkar:

Kishori Godbole has played the character of Mrs. V. S. Tendulkar in Mrs. Tendulkar on Sab TV. She is a branch manager in Gangaram Godbole Bank. Mrs. Vibhavari Tendulkar is the female protagonist of Mrs Tendulkar TV serial.

Kitti Tendulkar:

Afia Tayebali has played the character of Kitti Tendulkar in Mrs. Tendulkar Show. She is the elder sibling of Sunny and Chendu.

Sunny Tendulkar:

Rishabh Sharma has acted as Sunny Tendulkar in Mrs. Tendulkar TV Show. He is very naughty in this serial.

Chendu Tendulkar:

Shivansh Kotia has played the character of Chendu Tendulkar in Mrs. Tendulkar series. He is the youngest member of Tendulkar family.

Mr. Ganesh Upasani:

Deepak Pareek has acted as Mr. Ganesh Upasani in Mrs. Tendulkar TV series. She is the cashier in the bank. He always takes “Udhari” from others.

Mrs. Pratibha Upasani:

Manjushree Kulkarni has played the character of Mrs. Pratibha Upasani in Mrs. Tendulkar on Sab TV. She is very dull. She asks too many questions.

Mr. Virendra Patekar:

Amit Phatak has played the character of Mr. Virendra Patekar in Mrs. Tendulkar. He is the perfectionist in speaking Hindi language.

Mrs. Renuka Patekar:

Kirti Mehondali has played the character of Mrs. Renuka Patekar in Mrs. Tendulkar serial. She always supports her husband. She also speaks pure Hindi.

Prasad Pagare:

Veekas Patil has played the character of Prasad Pagare in Mrs. Tendulkar TV serial. He is son of Mr. Ramdas Pagare and Mrs. Kamal Pagare. He loves Mayuri Trivedi.

Mayuri Trivedi:

Richa Bhadra has acted as Mayuri Trivedi in Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV. She is daughter of Mr. Umesh Trivedi and Mrs. Urmila Trivedi. She also loves Prasad Pagare.

Mr. Umesh Trivedi:

Sameer Shah has played the character of Mr. Umesh Trivedi in Mrs Tendulkar. He is the Gujarati employee in the Gangram Godbole Bank.

Mrs. Urmila Trivedi:

Amita Choksi has played the character of Mrs. Urmila Trivedi in Mrs. Tendulkar. She is a quick eyed observant and intelligent woman.

Mr. Ramdas Pagare:

Bharat Ganeshpure has played the character of Mr. Ramdas Pagare in Mrs Tendulkar serial. He is the senior most members of the bank staff. He is the self-centered and self-proud man in this serial. He has decided to receive an honor of becoming the branch manager in Gangram Godbole Bank. He thinks to take the house of Mr. A. Y. Joshi also after his retirement.

Mrs. Kamal Pagare:

Smita Sarvade has played the character of Mrs. Kamal Pagare in Mrs Tendulkar on SAB TV. She is the boss of Pagare household. She is the dominating and self-imposing wife.

Ghanshyam (Peon), Bheemabai Chakor (BBC) and Yadav are also leading characters of Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV. Mrs. Tendulkar casts are very suitable in their different characters.

Mrs. Tendulkar Title Song:

Reet Sada Chali Aaayi…

Hum Kyun Badlenge Bhai…

Rasoi Chalaye Naari Ye Kari…

Narko Karenge Kamai…

Varson Ke Dahsat Ko…

Mardon Ke Aasan Ko Koi Sajish Ne Hilaya…

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya…

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya Re…

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya…


Na Suna, Na Dekha, Na Hua…

Ye Na Bhabhi, Na Mausi, Na Bua…

Bhaji Bhi Kate Re, Kapde Sukhaye Re, Bachcho Ki Ban Jaye Aaayaa…

Bibi Ke Sapnon Ke Khatir Pati Ne…

Ghar Mein Hai Chulha Jalya…


Mrs. Tendulkar Aya…

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya Re…

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya ….

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya Re….

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya …

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya Re…

Mrs. Tendulkar Aaya …

Lyric of Mrs. Tendulkar title song is very suitable with Mr. Tendulkar. Music of the soundtrack is really very appreciating.

Mrs. Tendulkar Story:

Mrs. Tendulkar story is based on Mr. Suhaas Tendulkar. He is in reversal role with his wife - Mrs. Vibhavari Tendulkar. Mrs. Tendulkar story revolves around a bank colony – Gangaram Godbole Bank where people work and live together.

Mrs. Tendulkar introduces a mix flavor of humor, emotion and togetherness in Gangaram Godbole Bank colony. They share a love – hate relationship with each other. Every employee in itself has a unique characteristic with specific role.

Mrs. Tendulkar story is based on colony culture like Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. The serial tries to introduce a thrilling entertainment with colony culture in the Maharashtrian backdrop.

First Episode of Mrs. Tendulkar:

First episode of Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV begins from the house of Mr. Joshi who was the current bank manager and now has retired. Now, it is obvious that Mr. Pagare will take over as the manager in the bank. But the situation gets chaotic for him in the bank as well as in the colony when it is found that a new manager has been appointed who actually is a lady.

Mr. Pagare’s ego is hurt as a lady would be ruling him as his boss because he thinks that world should run by the men only. On the other hand, women face Mrs. V. S. Tendulkar’s husband who manages the house as he a house husband.

We watched a great farewell party of Mr. Joshi from the colony in the first episode of Mrs. Tendulkar. We knew about almost all characters and their natures also. It was the fantastic episode with great comic and humor.

About Mrs. Tendulkar:

Mrs. Tendulkar is a new comedy Show on SAB TV which begins with fresh characters from 31st January, 2011. It replaces the timing of Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale. The serial has fantastic theme to entertain audiences with good environment.

You will surly enjoy the clean and entertaining comedy show with your entire family. The serial is based on a perfect combination of traditional thoughts and modern ideas.

Mrs. Tendulkar is a unique story of the bank colony members who, work and live together as one big family. It revolves around the life of the Tendulkars’ where unlike most other families, wife is the bread-earner and husband is a homemaker.

After a new reality Show on Star Plus – Wife Bina Life, SAB TV is back on the some approach with the biggest comical drama - Mrs. Tendulkar. SAB TV has already the most popular Shows like - Gili Gili Gappa, Ring Wrong Ring, Jaankhilavan Jasoos, Malegaon Ka Chintu, Papad Pol, Gutur Gu, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo and Lapataganj.

However, we already have enjoyed with Shree Adi Manav, Sonu Sweety, Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, FIR, Maniben.com and Jugni Chali Jalandhar.

Mrs. Tendulkar is produced by Hats Off Productions Pvt. Ltd. and directed by Sameer Kulkarni. Jamandas Majethia (JD) is producer of the serial.


Khasti said...

I do watch this serial and have seen all the episodes. Its not only touching but depicst sensibility. The responsibility that husband has undertaken for her wife's promotion and job by supporting her is an example of a healthy and mutual relationship.

Its not only comedy but hear touching. I liked that clip where Deven tells Kishori that she had helped him to accomplish his dream. He used to see his mom who was BA L.L.B but could not practise because of responsibilities and her eyes had that uncompleted wish. Deven then oaths that atleast once in life he will help one female to accomplish her dreams.

I liked it, infact I weeped as its very difficult to find such a partner in real life.

Mrs Tendulkar rocks !!!!

Pratik said...

Mera uss smy board xm chal rha tha.
So i ws fully pkd wit books & copies.
I ws getting tired & ws no more stamina to get till midnight but when this program Mrs Tendulkar came i fully regained my stamina bk & ws fully refreshed by seeing this serial.
I like suhas the most.
Vibhavari as my gf.
Pagare as a good gamer.
Komal tai as a leader.


navika said...

i love this serial a lot .
i love the tendulkar family most, but chendu is the sweetest

ARYAN said...

It a very good program i like all the characters who performing in this serial. Mr and Mrs. Pagare both doing very well and his son also. Vibhavari also too good and also Mr and Mrs.Upasni way to take 'UDHAR' too good.
Best top luck all the character and Mrs.tendulkar crew members and Team plz carry on....

sonu said...

HELLO Dont be Angry but one thing I want to say with my rights this is not a good home entertainment and it is not intresting also

Dhara Raval said...

The serial has completely new story and I'm sure this will make some if not more chagnes in our societies where women are not getting weightage. I love this and suggest all to see this.

Sanju Pandit said...

very good serial......i love this serial

but this week running very irritating activity bay all cast

hozefa said...

I've become a great fan of vibha tendulkar i love the way she acts she looks damn sweet and cheerful!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Tendulkar show is becoming very boring for viewers after the entry of the character Guddi..The Guddi episode should end soon as the serial may loose a lot of viewers because of the same Guddi saga which is being repeated daily..
Kimberly Martin

jamod mahesh said...

I want this serial back on television