Kismat – Kismat on Sony TV – Destiny of Aditya Merchant and Kabir Khan by a Historic Saga Introduced in Kismat TV Serial

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kismat on Sony TV
Kismat is a new serial on Sony Entertainment Television starting from 14th February, 2011. Kismat on Sony TV airs every Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM in India. It replaces the timing of Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi. You will watch destiny of Aditya Merchant and Kabir Khan by a historic saga in Kismat TV serial.

Kismat Casts:

Aditya Merchant:

Viraf Phiroz Patel has played the character of Aditya Merchant in Kismat. Aditya Raj is also a cutthroat industrialist like his father. He is a very sharp minded guy. His true character comes into play when destiny throws Kabir into his life. Viraf Phiroz Patel was earlier seen in Mahi way and

Kabir Khan:

Rahul Bagga has acted as Kabir Khan in Kismat on Sony TV. He is born by a Muslim woman but adopted by a Hindu mother. He is the son of Kabir Khan and Rukhsana. Rahul Bagga was earlier seen in Powder.

Shiv Subramaniam as Vishwanathan is also seen in Kismat TV serial. His acting in Mukti Bandhan is also really very appreciating.

Sapna Khatau, Mubarak Khan, Mrinalini Merchant, Madhav Merchant, Lubna, Jayant, Gayatri Merchant, Devika Merchant, Aarif and Purushotam are also leading characters of Kismat serial. Kismat casts are very suitable with the flow of story.

Kismat Story:

Kismat is a historical saga spread over sixty years. It revolves around the lives of two men – Aditya Merchant and Kabir Khan. They share a strange karmic bond imposed by destiny from the different situation and background.

They had born on the same historic day – midnight August 14, 1947. Their life takes them through diverse experiences. The experiences ultimately define the course of their lives and their character as men in Kismat TV serial.

Aditya Merchant is the son of an affluent and successful industrialist - Madhav Merchant and his wife Devika. Grandmother – Gayatri Devi is a big autocratic. He learns winning is all that matters, and at any cost by his grandmother.

On the other hand, Kabir Khan is born to Muslim parents but adopted by a Hindu mother. He is nurtured and loved by his Hindu mother Gunwanthi and older sister Saraswathi. But destiny had something different for him.

Immutable play of destiny brings Aditya and Kabir face-to-face in a conflict. Kismat has tried to show a twist of fate, an unfortunate turn of events and coincidence. Destiny rules that Aditya Merchant and Kabir Khan’s paths must cross and keep crossing for Revenge, Power and Prestige for their existence.

New Episode of Kismat:

First episode of Kismat begins with the born of Aditya and Kabir on the same day - midnight 14th August, 1947. Kabir’s mother dies in this process but he is adopted by a Hindu mother – Gunwanthi. Kabir name is also given by her to recognize him neither Hindu nor Muslim.

On the other hand, Aditya born in a very rich industrialist’s house. He lives in the privileged house and society. He knows only win at any coast.

In the time process, Purushotam announced that Kabir is the son of a Muslim parent. This time, Gunwanthi had no ways to send him in a new town. Now, Kabir had to do everything by own.

In the new episode of Kismat on Sony TV, we watched that Kabir is injured by a bullet by the kidnaper. On the other hand, Mubarak Khan has returned in the town in the search of his wife and child.

Now, Aditya has to look after all the Merchant industry in his tender age after the death of his father. According to Aditya’s father will, a board of director is organized to run the Madhav Merchant.

About Kismat:

Kismat is a new historical saga which covers wider range of destiny. It begins from 15th August, 1947. It crosses from many generations. Finally, we see a fight between Aditya and Kabir in the modern day.

Kismat covers a long time period of 60 years. We watched the different stages of human life and their destiny. We experienced the pain of 1947 India – Pakistan separation also.

Kismat is introduced by YRF Television after the recently launched Show - Khote Sikkey. Director of Photography – Subbaiah Kuttappa has done a great job. Story and Screenplay is introduced by Vikram Kapadia. It is produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Naresh Malhotra.

Kismat will give you a view of modern Mahabharta. You will watch the story from black & white to color. You will experience it from the developing India to developed India and traditional India to modern India. Watch Kismat on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM in India.


KUSHAL R said...

it is based on Jeffrey Archer's novel Kane and Abel

ashu said...

wonderful story. love the characters aditya and kabir. a story i can relate to. must watch show. a relief from the saas bahu sagas n the love stories. very good adaptation to jeff archer kane and abel.

Neelam said...

sapna, Aditya, Lubna, Kabir are excellent characters. Acted very well in this serial.

viren said...

what is the name of actor who plays the part of Aarif, Aditya's friend who now likes mirnalini, Aditya's sister

Vaishali said...


PARTH said...

Acting&persnality of nawab &adityaraj is good i like it....

gammer said...

i love this serial very very much once i get upset when i see that on 10.30 timing an other show is coming i get hurt but when notice that this show is coming on 11.00 clock i get again haapy .but now iwillnot see this serial becouse aditiya raj merchant is dead it hurts me to see the serial without him.i want the comeback of aditiya raj merchaant

Sachin said...

Areeee yarrr ! Aditya Merchant Died last night episode ! thats bad end !

Please dont end this serious

Rajiv said...

Yes, thats too bad. This serial is the best amonst all. Adita and Kabir have acted too good.

live life king size said...

very sad that Aditaya raj merchant died..cant digest this..& end of him was shown so touching that u really get emotional of his death...Never felf emotonaly so sad by watching any other Serials like i felt on Aditya rajs death.

Guru said...

Yesterday was the last episode of Kismat. There is nothing left after Merchant died.

manoj said...

Manoj: this is really awersome serial .. i ever seen this kind of stroy.. i love the ending too much..

all the best to all the kismat characters

Mahima said...

all acted excellent in this serial especially aditya and his grandmom and i just loved this serial!!!!!!!!!! it roxs!!!!!!!

shabana said...

It was a wonderful serial...loosely based on Kane and Abel...I didn't miss a single episode...the best thing was it was not a typical serial...IT was different.....I hope YRF comes up with similar ventures...Their Mahi Way was very good too.....

vipula said...

awesome serial ended on thursday....wil miss this serial badly.....especilally vicky son of aditya raj merchant.....

Seema said...

Very nice story. Will definitely miss it....very different fron saas bahu saga & silly love stories...Sony should come up with more serials like this. All the best to all characters.

sabeen said...

i like this serial alot...especially aditya raj merchant...interesting serial..good line up of character.all the best the rest cast & crew...but it end should be a bit different ..coz its tragic to see merchant death.
but all n all i can say a good story..n a good serial.

Shrey Mathuria said...

Dis a oscar winning serial i must say..!!

i suggest yash raj production to plz plz plz plz produce such kind of short n effective stories serials(except on social theme...v all r waiting for it...

avadhesh said...

Is a dvd avialable for this tv series? I found the sony tv adaptation to be better than Kane and Abel, which we saw way back in 1985.

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