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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anhoniyon Ka Andhera – Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on Colors TV – Anhoniyon Ka Andhera Horror Show Introduces a Mystical World

Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on Colors TV
Anhoniyon Ka Andhera is a new horror television Show on Colors TV starting from 26th February, 2011. Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on Colors TV airs every Saturday at 11 PM in India. Anhoniyon Ka Andhera horror Show introduces a mystical world to us. The serial is launched on the same day of Wanted High Alert.

Anhoniyon Ka Andhera Casts:

Anahita Mallik:

Anita Hassanandani has played the character of Anahita Mallik in Anhoniyon Ka Andhera. Earlier she was seen in Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo.

Rohan Mallik:

Ajay Chaudhary has played the character of Rohan Mallik in Anhoniyon Ka Andhera TV serial. Recently, he was seen in Behenein.

Nayan Bhatt is also a leading cast of Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on Colors TV. Casts of the serial are very proper in their role and situation.

Anhoniyon Ka Andhera Story:

Anhoniyon Ka Andhera story revolves around supernatural powers in a mystical world. The Show investigates supernatural powers surrounded by us.

First Episode of Anhoniyon Ka Andhera:

First episode of Anhoniyon Ka Andhera begins with a nightmare dream of Anahita. She sees a ghost in her dream. Now, this was the time to call a Pandit Ji in the house. But Rohan was against it.

The story goes in the flashback. It begins with 3 days before. It was the story of a night before Diwali. Anahita is seen in a taxi on the Road of Mumbai. Suddenly, a beggar comes at taxi window and asks for some help. But Anahita doesn’t help. The beggar says some bad word for her. The road was completely Jam. On the other hand, Rohan is seen in his office.

Rohan’s mother feels some bad elements in her house. Rohan returns his house. He calls Anahita to ask about her. Now, she leaves the taxi and decides to go by foot. On the road, she crosses some Vada. The bad elements enter in her house with her own foot.

Suddenly, light offs. Rohan goes to repair it but he gets injured. Late night, Anahita experiences a ghost in her house. Her TV was on. She turns off it but again it turns on.

Next night, a bird is killed in the house of Rohan. It was also an indication of bad element. Finally, Pandit Ji is called. But he is also killed in the bathroom. Now, it was the time of Police. This time, Rohan gets tempered. He is against any types of superstition. But the night, Anahita again experiences a ghost.

Finally, Anahita with her mother-in-law goes in the house of Mr Disilva. He identifies the bad element and suggests bringing a bone of dead man from Kabrishtan. Rohan is seen in a Kabrishtan in the final scene of Anhoniyon Ka Andhera. He is surrounded by ghosts. How will he survive? Watch next episode of Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on Colors TV.

About Anhoniyon Ka Andhera:

First time, Colors TV launches a new horror series - Anhoniyon Ka Andhera. The Show follows the same concept of other horror series such as Aahat, Kaala Sayaa, Shree and Phir Koi Hai Season 3. The Show is not very different like The Chair and Girls Night Out. You will watch a miracle and magical power also in this serial like Mano Ya Na Mano 2 and India's Magic Star.

You can experience a new mystical world through Anhoniyon Ka Andhera on Colors TV. Do supernatural powers really exist? Have you experienced a ghost in your real life? The Show tries to give you the answers. Anahita promises to help us through Anhoniyon Ka Andhera serial, if we are suffered from any bad elements. The Show talks about supernatural powers and their existence in our world. It is located in Mumbai. The serial tries to find its existence among modern societies. We watched a well-educated family who resides in a multi-story flat in the first episode. Do you believe in the ghosts and supernatural powers in the age of science and technology?


gouthami said...

hi am gouthami,studying mbbs in andrapradesh.i usually see no hindi serials,but oneday i say this serial accidentally and liked it very much..i,family and frnds now waiting for whole weak for this
serial..but this saturday
i am depressed as serial was not given,instead given golmaal movie..plz play this serial evry week

rajshree said...

this serial is not coming these dyas ....please show this serial every weak.