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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sanskaar Laxmi – Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV – Experience Indian Values and Tradition in Relationships with Sanskaar Laxmi TV Serial

Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV
Sanskaar Laxmi is a new TV serial on ZEE TV starting on 17th January, 2011. Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV airs every Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM in India. You will experience values and tradition in relationships of rural culture with Sanskaar Laxmi TV serial.

Sanskaar Laxmi Casts:


Vibha Anand has played the character of Laxmi in Sanskaar Laxmi TV serial. She is a very simple girl. She belongs to a lower middle class family residing in Dharigam, Amreli district of Gujarat. She is the daughter of a flower seller. She is a straight forward and soft spoken girl. Laxmi is deeply integrated with Indian values and traditions in Sanskaar Laxmi serial. “Sanskar” is not only for worship and respect of elders but also it is the bond of all relationship. Laxmi is a mature and wise girl in Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV. Vibha Anand was earlier seen in Balika Vadhu, Meethi Chhoorii No. 1 and Shree. Vibha Anand had gotten the biggest popularity on small TV screen from the turning point of Balika Vadhu as Sugna. Laxmi is the protagonist of Sanskaar Laxmi TV series.


Rohit Purohit has played the character of Suraj in Sanskaar Laxmi series. He is the youngest son of Harsukh and Kaveri. He is modern and ambitious. He loves Ragini. He is not ready to get engaged Laxmi. Rohit Purohit was earlier seen in Aise Karo Naa Vidaa.


Anisha Kapur has played the character of Ragini in Sanskaar Laxmi TV Show. She has migrated from North India to Mumbai with a big hope of becoming a successful actress in the television industry. She is fond of living in the high society.


Vivan Bhatena has acted as Parag in Sanskaar Laxmi Show. He is the second son of Harsukh and Kaveri. He is sweet, simple and studious. Vivan Bhatena was earlier seen in Pyaar Ka Bandhan, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Bindass D3 Commando Force.


Anang Desai has played the character of Jagmohan in Sanskar Laxmi. He is the perfectionist for tradition and wears starched Dhoti, Kurta and Bandi. He is the active member of various Gujarati social groups also. He is a stickler for routine also in Sanskar Laxmi TV serial. He is very impressed with Laxmi’s abilities.


Aamir Dalvi has played the character of Mahendra in Sanskar Laxmi serial. He is the eldest son of Harsukh and Kaveri. He is honest, simple and lovable. Mahendra is an autistic guy like Antara of Aapki Antara. Aamir Dalvi was earlier seen in Jyoti.

Sanskaar Laxmi casts are very proper in their role and situations. Harsukh, Kaveri Vijay, Sobhna, Minakshi and Gauri are also leading characters of Sanskaar Laxmi.

Sanskaar Laxmi Story:

Sanskaar Laxmi story is based on the journey of an uneducated but worldly wise, mature, hardworking and extremely talented girl – Laxmi. She belongs to rural Gujarat.

Laxmi is embedded with Indian traditions and has an inborn knack of winning peoples heart by her pleasant demeanor and sweet smile even in adverse situations.

“Sanskar” is not only following rituals blindly but also it is caring for everyone and valuing relationships.

A Purohit family based in Mumbai accepts Laxmi as their daughter-in-law. Now, she plays the central role in holding the family from falling apart.

You will experience how the Purohit family, a traditional believer in rituals and culture of Hindu religion deals with the rural, modern and ultramodern lifestyle after bringing in their daughters-in-law.

You will watch how significant a role Laxmi plays after coming in the family and how she overcomes her own as well as her family's trials and tribulations in the process of her life.

First Episode of Sanskaar Laxmi:

First episode of Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV was an introductory episode. We watched a Gujarati joint family and their sweet-bitter relations.

The serial introduces almost all members except Suraj and Parag in the first episode. Jagmohan was worried about the family. The serial give a short introduction of all characters and their role also.

Laxmi is also seen in a small village. You will watch more story of Sanskaar Laxmi in some more episodes on ZEE TV.

About Sanskaar Laxmi:

Sanskaar Laxmi is a new serial on ZEE TV after Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharmyudh and Bhagonwali. The serial tries to teach a lesson of Indian cultures in the time of modern era where Indians forget very easily their culture and influenced by the West.

Sanskar Laxmi is inspired by rich Gujarati culture like Bandini. It is the story of Laxmi who is a bubbly and innocent village girl, rooted in traditions and brought up in Dharigaon in Gujarat.

Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV tries to talk about Laxmi's zest for life. Sanskaar Laxmi story is a true realization of human nature.

ZEE TV has tried to introduce a new traditional family drama in the ultramodern society after the great success of Chhoti Bahu, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Dil Se Diya Vachan, Pavitra Rishta, Ram Milaayi Jodi, Sanjog Se Bani Sangini, Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli and Jhansi Ki Rani. It replaces the timing of Mera Naam Karegi Roshan.

Emotions, family drama and cultural values are very expressive in this serial. Watch Sanskaar Laxmi on ZEE TV every Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM in India.


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