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Monday, January 24, 2011

Niyati TV Serial – Niyati on Sahara One – Experience Dilemma of Niyati Sharma about Relationship with Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati

Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati on Sahara One
Niyati is a new TV serial on Sahara One starting from 24th January, 2011. Niyati on Sahara One airs every Monday to Friday at 9 PM in India. Now, you will experience dilemma of Niyati Sharma about relationship with Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati.

Niyati Casts:

Niyati Sharma:

Jayshree Soni has played the character of Niyati Sharma in Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati serial. She is very responsible daughter in her house. She faces every challenge to score a little happiness for her family. Niyati is as energetic as simple. She gets a work in PWD office. Jayshree Soni was earlier seen in Agnipareeksha Jeevan Ki Ganga.

Arvind Sharma:

Virendra Singh has played the character of Arvind Sharma in Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Uljhi Niyati TV serial. He is a very responsible father of Niyati in this serial. Virendra Singh was earlier seen in Tere Liye.

Sushil Parashar of Maryada and Aruna Singhal of Bidaai and Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam will also be seen as the casts of Niyati serial.

Niyati Title Song:

Rishton Ke Bhanwar Main Ulji Niyati

Niyati… Laaj Ka Aanchal

Pita Ke Ghar Se, Pati Ke Ghar Tak

Niyati… Ek Udta Pal

Rashmon Ke Diwaro Dar Tak

Jate Jate Itne Yugo Ko, Jee Leti Hai

Niyati, Beti Ho Ke Parayi, Chod Ke Babul Ki Angna Aayi

Bandh Jati Hai Kai Rishton Mein, Jine Lagti Hai Kiston Mein

Maayke Se Sasural Mein Jana, Dono Kul Ka Laaj Nibhana


Lyric of the Niyati title song has been composed very beautifully on the theme of the story.

Niyati Story:

Niyati is the story of Niyati Sharma. She belongs to a middle-class family from Nagpur. She is a practical girl. Niyati has seen her father’s hard work to get his daughters educated and her mother’s sacrifices to supplement their meager family income.

Now, the time come when Niyati gets a job. This was the time to prove herself a responsible girl bringing home her salary and give her parents some much needed relief from their incessant struggle to make ends meet.

In the mid, a marriage proposal comes for Niyati from the Shastri family. It is a large joint family. All the sons including the married ones hand over their earnings to their mother in the family.

The house is ruled by with an authoritarian hand by Niyati’s mother-in-law. Niyati gets married. Now, she has to prove herself a dutiful daughter-in-law also. She continues her job. She also follows the family practice and hands over her earnings to her mother-in-law.

At the right time, destiny takes a turn in Niyati on Sahara One. Niyati’s father meets with an accident and is unable to continue with his job. This is the time when Niyati should support her father financially. But the situation creates confrontation with her domineering mother-in-law.

Niyati TV serial is based on the basic topic of our society where a girl face dilemma of relationship after marriage and before marriage. This time, Niyati faces the dilemma of relationship choosing between her responsibility to her husband and his family and her duty as a daughter to her father.

First Episode of Niyati:

First Episode of Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati on Sahara One begins with a small family residing in Nagpur. It is the story of Arvind Sharma’s family.

Arvind lives a life of lower-middle class family with his wife Bharti and two daughters. Niyati is his elder daughter. She understands her responsibility towards the family.

Mr. Arvind is waiting for TV signal. His younger daughter is trying to make the signal proper. In the mid, a boy comes with a letter. It was an interview letter from PWD for Niyati.

It was the happiest day in the house of Mr. Arvind’s family. Now, Niyati has to go for interview. Now, each member of the family tries to get ready Niyati for the interview. Her mothers cook the best food for her. Niyati’s sister helps her in arranging files. Her father polished her Sandle.

In the next scene of Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati TV serial, we watched Niyati in a Ganesha temple before proceeding for her interview. She prays here.

Now, she is looking for an auto-rickshaw. In the mid, a guy hit her from his bike. She gets anger. But the guy helps her dropping to the interview center on very time.

She faces interview and finally gets selected. Niyati informs her parents about it. Now, her father makes some beautiful dreams for his family. He plans to arrange a party also. But still there is some twist. Watch the twist in the next episode of Niyati on Sahara One.

About Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Uljhi Niyati:

Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji…Niyati is a new serial on Sahara One based on a girl - Niyati Sharma. The serial starts from 24th January, 2011 with the concept of “Nayi Saheliyaan, Nayi Kahaniyaan, Naya Sahara One”. Niyati serial replaces the timing of Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki.

Niyati TV Show raises a question to all viewers - should a girl after marriage get detached completely with her Maayka? She should forget her parents?

Today, Sahara One launches a comedy Show also - Hi Padosi which is featured with Kadar Khan. The Channel has decided to introduce some more new TV drama based on the social aspect like Bitto, Ek Chutki Aasman, Ganga Ki Dheej, Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des, Shorr and Retake With Pratibha Advani. However, its new Show - Hamari Beti Raaj Karegi has not gotten good popularity.

Niyati is directed by Vijay Ke Saini. Dheeraj Kumar's Creative Eye introduces Niyati on Sahara One after Ganesh Leela. Watch Rishton Ke Bhawar Main Ulji Niyati on Sahara One every Monday to Friday at 9 PM in India.