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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maa Exchange – Maa Exchange on Sony TV – A New Reality TV Show Maa Exchange Based on the Exchange of Mothers

Maa Exchange on Sony TV
Maa Exchange is a new reality TV Show on Sony Entertainment Television starting on 12th January, 2011. Maa Exchange on Sony TV airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9PM in India. Maa Exchange new reality TV Show is based on the exchange of mothers.

Maa Exchange Host:

Maa Exchange host is Surekha Sikri. She is seen in the first episode. Currently, she has gotten the biggest popularity on Colors TV as Kalyani/Dadisa in Balika Vadhu. Now, she is back on Sony TV with Maa Exchange.

Maa Exchange Show Format:

Every woman realizes that she is the best homemaker. Mothers are considered as one of the strongest pillar of the family.

Sony Entertainment Television introduces a breath taking reality show that will make you sit on the edges and which has never been seen in the history of Indian television before - "MAA EXCHANGE". It is a fresh reality show where each week two very different families from across the country participate in a 10 day-long challenge.

Women from disparate backgrounds and cultural mindsets exchange homes in Maa Exchange TV Show. They try to discover how daily life is while living in another woman’s shoes!

Maa Exchange Show is based on the astonishing experiment that will change lives and make you question long held beliefs about running the household and how you take care of your family.

Participants of Maa Exchange on Sony TV will be from varied backgrounds – different cultures, different socio-economic backgrounds and a healthy mix of common people and celebrities.

Maa Exchange plans to go where no other show has gone yet “The great Indian family". You will experience a perfect blend of tears, pain, fight, love, hugs, chaos and real family drama in "MAA EXCHANGE".

First Episode Contestants of Maa Exchange:

Pooja Bedi: she is the most popular Bollywood actress and daughter of Kabir Bedi. Now, she is a contestant of Maa Exchange on Sony TV.

Anuradha Nigam: she is Rajeev Nigam’s wife. Rajeev Nigam is a stand-up comedian. Recently, he was seen in Laughter Ke Phatke. Now, he and his wife have participated on Sony TV as a contestant of Maa Exchange.

First Episode of Maa Exchange:

First episode of Maa Exchange Show was featured with Pooja Bedi and Anuradha Nigam. It starts with rules of both mothers for their house.

Anuradha enters into Pooja’s house and similarly Pooja enters into Anuradha’s house. Both read blue book to handle their new family as a mother.

Anuradha meets Aalya and Omar along with servants of this house. On the other hand, Pooja Bedi meets Rajeev Nigam and his son Yashraj Nigam.

Pooja Bedi sees a dirty kitchen and ignores to cook. In this situation, Rajeev Nigam order meals from outside.

On the other hand, Aalya calls her friend to dance. The situation was not compatible with Anuradha but she bears all things and tries to observe the situation.

Second day of Maa Exchange, Pooja makes a cup of tea for Rajeev but he didn’t take it. He goes for worship. In the mid, Pooja goes market. Now, fight starts between both because Pooja had not said anything before leaving for the market.

On the other hand, Anuradha wakes-up at 10AM. No one was satisfied in the house with the activity of Anuradha. Anita (a cook) makes Anuradha anger asking about the launch and dinner.

3rd day of Maa Exchange begins with positive attitude of Pooj Bedi. She changed many things in the house. Rajeev was very romantic but Yashraj gets anger to see this.

Mashki, Bharti and Manish Paul entered into Rajeev Nigam’s house on 4th day of Maa Exchange on Sony TV. They make the environment more humoring.

On the other hand, Karan Oberai came to his house to observe the changes. He asked children about the new situation of the house.

Both mothers make some new rules on the 5th day of Maa Exchange Show. Now, they will rule in their new house by their own rule books. Pooja Bedi introduces her rule book to Rajeev in the favour of Anuradha and Yashraj.

On the other hand, no one was satisfied with Anuradha’s rule book specially children. They disagree with Anuradha’s every words.

About Maa Exchange:

Maa Exchange is a new reality TV Show but theme is not very new. Yes, the Show is represented very differently. We already have watched Pati Patni Aur Woh and Big Switch 2 where parents are seen with other babies and guys.

Maa Exchange is a very unique reality TV Show on Sony Entertainment Television after Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 2010, Kaun Banega Crorepati 4, Indian Idol 5, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4, CID and Aahat.

Maa Exchange is based on the exchange of mothers. The Show tries to explain the importance of family specially mothers in a house. You will watch Nayi Family Naya Drama with Maa Exchange TV Show on Sony Entertainment Television every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9.


rajeev said...

It was good and understanding the reality of change that can come a family.

We also would like to participate. Please let us know the details for the same.

Our mail ID ridoshi@gmail.com


jyoti said...

this programe relized the familye imporance in members life every person want freedom in last relations and think new is better but alwayes new is not in better.
this programe compare the family and give the respect persons and family relations who is best .
iam interested to join this programes
jyoti hooda from delhi
thanks and best efforts tv chanel.

nishi said...

i have been watching this show and whether i like or not, it is good to see entertainment taken to a reality level. but at the same time it was a shock to see the episode to see the child stars of television jagiya(balika badhu) and ishitha(tapasya) fame are nottaking their education as serious as the acting ability they have. are their parents aware of this or they seem to be enjying the fame and recognition they get. another episode which left me sleepless was the ill treatment of young harshitha of the stand up artist who uses the monkey(rancho) i have watched this person on TV but he and his second wife sunitha treat the young girl of 8 years with no love and it was very sad to see a young girl og her age sitting on the floor to study, washing her own plate and glass, being beaten and kicked by her stepbrother, which clearly shows that the young boy is treating harshitha the same way his mother sunitha is. i hope the girls nana nani caome and take her home and dont leave the girl in the care of her father for whom she doesnt even exist.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the show Maa Exchange and really like the show.I am very proud of that Catholic girl Vasnavi who took good care of Hershita, the poor girl seems so happy with her 1st doll that she could call her own.And I have a message for Sunita (Devi) I have also adopted a handsome 10 years old child he is the love of my life, if he doesn't eat, I don't eat, if he don't sleep,I don't sleep.There is no difference between an adopted child or your own child or *step* child just treat them with love and respect we all are humans especially mothers are the first teacher of there child.I think Sunita's Mom was not a good teacher to Sunita. Lots of good luck to to lovely Hershita may God always be with you!

From Naina Arora NY,NY.
E-Mail: theresarora@yahoo.com

itsme said...

just saw the episode maa exchange between Rajbeer and Sapna..OOHHH still have a sour feeling, watching the arrogant and horrible behavior of 'the so called princess'SAPNA;What a contrast between the two ! How are such people tolerated in the household... god knows !