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Monday, January 10, 2011

Love Luckup – Bindass Love Luckup – Give a Second Chance to Your Relationship with Love Luckup on UTV Bindass

Love Luckup on UTV Bindass
Love Luckup is a new reality TV Show on UTV Bindass starting on 10th January, 2011. Bindass Love Luckup airs every Monday to Thursday at 7 PM in India. Now, give a second chance to your relationship with Love Luckup on UTV Bindass.

Love Luckup Host:

Love Luckup host is Pravesh Rana. Currently, he is a host of Emotional Atyachar 2 also. He was an episode winner of National Bingo Night also. Pravesh Rana had entered in the Bigg Boss House in Big Boss 3. Recently, he had hosted Chak Dhoom Dhoom also. Now, he is back on UTV Bindass with Love Luckup as the host.

First Episode of Love Luckup:

First episode of Love Luckup begins with Ranjay Kumar and Lekha Mehta. Ranjay Kumar belongs to Jharkhand. Delhi is the residence of Lekha Mehta. She is a fat girl.

They participate in Love Luckup to take another chance for their relationship. Their relationship was started for last 3 years. Now, both are near to break-up.

Love Luckup gives them a second chance to understand their relationship re-again. The Channel will give a second chance to 11 couples. They will be lucked up for 6 days in a Love Luckup.

Love Luckup Show is based on 6 days, 4 walls, two lives and 1 relationship. Couples will face one to one and hear to heart each other. They will be surrounded by 24 hours high definition cameras, microphones and limited resources.

Parvesh Rana introduces the first episode with Ranjay and Lekha. He tells them about the rules of the Show. He gives a Micromax mobile to both for massaging. They had to spend their life in just Rs. 100 for one day food. They had to write their requirement on a blackboard. There was a letter alarm and a bell to wake-up. The Show has arranged a Couple Consultant also - Dr. Syeda Ruksheda.

In the result, their relationship will make it or break it after 6 days. Their family members are also called to watch their activity live sitting in a view room. They can enter into the couple room also if there is need for a clarification.

Ranjay had set some rules for Lekha. Now, Lekha had to loose her weight to re-union. Will she do? There are many problems between Ranjay and Lekha like cultural problem, weigh problem etc.

About Love Luckup:

Love Luckup is a new reality Show to understand a relationship in a second chance. The Channel is back with a new approach about relationship if your love is going wrong.

Don’t ignore problem, don’t escape, don’t break up and don’t give divorce because Bindass TV gives you a second chance with Love Luckup to understand each other.

You will be sent in a room with your partner. Troubled couples will be kept in an enclosed place where they will stay for 6 days. Couples will have no choice but to deal with each other and understand each other on Love Luckup TV Show. They will get a second chance for their relationship with Love Luckup on UTV Bindass.

Bindass Love Luckup is a very unique reality TV Show to understand a relationship in a second chance. The Show is very different from other existing love and dating Shows - Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, The Bachelor Season 11, Emotional Atyachar, Lovenet, Date Trap, Dare 2 Date 2, Date My Folks, Axe UR Ex, Truth Love Cash and Truth Love Cash 2.

Watch Love Luckup on Bindass TV every Monday to Thursday at 7 PM in India. The Show is appreciated for its genre, drama, approach and theme. It is Love Luckup: Love Ka Last Chance.