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Monday, January 24, 2011

Kaala Sayaa – Kala Saaya on Sahara One – Evil Power Introduced with a New Horror Show Kala Saya

Kala Saaya on Sahara One
Kaala Sayaa is a new horror TV Show on Sahara One starting from 24th January, 2011 on the same date of Hi Padosi and Niyati. Kala Saaya on Sahara One airs every Monday to Friday at 11PM in India. You will watch evil power in Kala Saya horror Show.

First Episode of Kaala Sayaa:

First episode of Kala Saaya TV Show begins from Splash Fantasy Land – DIU. It was the month of February. A guard is seen here. He is alone. He has sited near the fire to warm his body.

Suddenly, everything comes in movement – lights, water and Jhula. The guard is socked to see these. In the mid, a kid appears. He had returned for the revenge. He doesn’t bear his insult. Before a day, he was insulted by the guard. Now, the kid turns into a ghost (evil). He throws fire on the guard and kills him in Kaala Sayaa TV serial.

In the next scene, the kid is seen in a school. He has no interest in playing with other kids. He thinks something different. Now, he decides to go in the Church to confess last night accident.

In the Church, Sr. Father Kristo promises him not to tell the secret. He confesses the last night accident. It was very socking. Now, Father is going to reveal the truth everyone.

This was also very socking situation for the kid because he doesn’t like who breaks the promises. Again, he kills the Father throwing fire on him in Kaala Sayaa serial. It is seen by Father Dikona.

In the next scene of Kala Saaya Show, Aalya comes to the death spot. She calls Ranveer. Both start their investigation. In the investigation, they knew about the kid – Rahul Malhotra.

You will watch further investigation of the case in the next episode of Kaala Sayaa by Ranveer and Aalya.

About Kala Saaya:

People believe that evil is all around us in the most innocuous of places. Kala Saya story is based on evil that wants to engulf us in its clutches. The story takes us on a journey into the unknown dark world that exists around us.

Kala Saya on Sahara One begins with two investigators Ranvir and Aaliya. They try to solve several mysterious deaths.

Further investigation leads them to an awakened demon with the ability to pass from body to body, destroying everything that comes in its path in Kala Saya TV serial.

The demon has great power in Kala Saya serial to possess anyone, be it a child, a priest, a mother or even a psychotic mad man.

Ranvir and Aaliya take the help of a psychic and a journalist in tracking down the demon in order to kill it in Kala Saya TV Show.

But still there is a question - can mere mortals destroy an ancient evil power? How will they achieve this? Will they succeed in Kala Saya Show?

Now, there are two questions will the Kala Saaya of the evil demon engulf our world into darkness or will Ranvir and Aaliya be able to overpower it?

We already have watched many Shows and serials based on the evil power such as Aahat, Shree, Kahaniya Vikram Aur Betaal Ki and Phir Koi Hai Season 3. We already have experienced the power of ghosts in The Chair and Girls Night Out.

Kala Saaya had introduced in a new aspect and sense in Mano Ya Na Mano 2 also. We have watched the power of unbelievable magic in India's Magic Star.

Kala Saaya serial reveals a new aspect of evil and its power. The journey of Kala Saaya TV serial is really very horrible. It is also based on the research of a world which is beyond us.

Kaala Sayaa on Sahara One is directed and produced by Sunil Agnihotry. Mamik, Natasha Sinha, Shiva, Vinod Kapoor, Aaliya Shah and Anwar Fatehan are the leading casts of Kaala Sayaa Show.

Background music and background scenes of the serial are really very appreciating but characters, dialogues and action are not very appreciating. The horror Show is not able to create much horror inside us. Watch Kala Saaya on Sahara One every Monday to Friday at 11PM in India.