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Friday, January 7, 2011

Date My Folks – Date My Folks on Channel V – An Ultimate Dating Battle Ground Starts with [V] Date My Folks

Date My Folks on Channel V
Date My Folks is a new dating reality TV show on Channel V starting from 7th January, 2011. Date My Folks on Channel V airs every Friday and Saturday at 7 PM in India. An ultimate dating battle ground starts with [V] Date My Folks from 7th January, 2011.

Date My Folks Host:

Date My Folks host is Andy. He is the most popular VJ on Channel V. Andy was seen on Get Gorgeous 6 also as a host. Now, he is back in Date My Folks.

First Episode of Date My Folks:

First episode of Date My Folks Show begins with Pulkit Khandelwal and his mother – Radha Khandelwal. Pulkit has a business of share and insurance. He goes in a toy store also. He is a fat guy. Radha Khandelwal is fond of cooking and make-up. She has everything in her life. She is looking for a good, slim and beautiful girl for Pulkit.

Host of Date My Folks – Andy introduces two girls for Pulkit. He invites Ambika. She is a student of B.A. first. She wants to live her life with great enjoyment and freedom. She believes in fitness. She goes Jym also to live fit.

Andy introduces Sakshi Saxena also in Date My Folks on Channel V as a contender of Ambika. Sakshi is a 23 year old girl. She is doing freelancing jobs. She likes party and shopping. She needs more money to spend.

Now, these two girls had to go on a date with Radha Khandelwal to impress her. At first, Sakshi goes on date with Radha Khandelwal. She invites aunty on a table to talk and eat. She impresses her in SPA center. Watch next episode of [V] Date My Folks for the great drama of Ambika.

About Date My Folks:

Date My Folks on Channel V is new dating reality series like Dare 2 Date 2. You will watch an ultimate dating battle of parents and their children with [V] Date My Folks.

Date My Folks is a very different dating Show from Date Trap, Lovenet, Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega and The Bachelor Season 11.

Date My Folks TV Show is featured with a couple where parents enter and make some rules for the couple. This time, to date someone, you have to date their folks first. You will watch Pyaar, Vyaar aur Parivaar with Date My Folks Show.

This time, participants have to impress their Date’s parents first to go on a date with their Date. You will watch more drama in the dating Show with participation of parents. The Show explores views and approaches on the date of two different generations also. Drama of the Show is very similar to Big Switch 2.