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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Truth Love Cash 2 – Truth Love Cash Season 2 on Channel V – Money Vs Love Introduced Again in [V] Truth Love Cash 2 TV Show

Truth Love Cash 2
Truth Love Cash 2 is the second season of Truth Love Cash. Truth Love Cash Season 2 on Channel V starts on 5th December, 2010. Money Vs Love introduced again in [V] Truth Love Cash 2 reality TV Show.

Truth Love Cash 2 Host:

Truth Love Cash 2 Show host is Yudhishtir Urs. He was seen last year also on the Show as a host. Once again he is back in TLC 2 as a host.

Truth Love Cash 2 Contestants:

Vinit and Laxmi

Feroz and Aaliyah

Udit and Priyanka

Viraj and Priyanca

Veer and Soniya

Raj and Chicko

Ajay and Shifa

Total 7 couple contestants have participated in Truth Love Cash 2 TV Show. Feroz was seen in the first episode of Big Switch 2 also.

First Episode of Truth Love Cash 2:

First episode of Truth Love Cash 2 on Channel V begins with 7 couples. They are invited to a beautiful beach in Goa. All couples are asked to perform a task on the beach. Boys had to give a pose like a dog in this task. It was a money making task. Girls had to kiss customers, if they give money for eating love cookies. Boys had to eat the spicy cookies. Vinit and Shifa won the task in the first episode of [V] Truth Love Cash 2. Veer and Soniya are eliminated from the Show in the task.

Now, 6 couple contestants entered into [V] Truth Love Cash Season 2 house. As they relax, Soniya entered again as a temptation in the Show. She is introduced for all 4 insecure boys. They go in the Love Nest zone to interact with the temptation.

In the next scene, all couples had to perform a task of love test. The task is won by Viraj and Priyanca. In this situation, Veer is also introduced as a temptation for the insecure girls.

Finally, they reach to temptation ground. Here, Raj and Chicko choose Cash rather than Love. So, Chicko joins Veer and Raj joins Soniya. But Feroz and Aaliyah are dumped from the temptation ground of Truth Love Cash Season 2 TV Show.

About Truth Love Cash 2:

Truth Love Cash Season 2 starts on 5th December, 2010. It is one of the most popular reality TV Shows on Indian television. Theme of the Show is very similar to MTV Splitsvilla 3 and Splitsvilla 4.

Truth Love Cash 2 on Channel V adds a new success story like Dare 2 Date 2, Get Gorgeous 6, Roomies, U R Fired, Adam VS Madam and Love Net.

[V] Truth Love Cash 2 is bigger, bolder and more scandalous than its previous season. The season is also based on Love Vs Cash. Will love win or will cash overcome all?

Truth Love Cash Season 2 on Channel V is a game Show based on the testing of relationships to the ultimate level. Who choose love and who choose cash?

[V] Truth Love Cash Season 2 begins with a very unique tag line, “Jab Paisa Bolta Hain, Niyatein Badalti Hain.”

Winner of Truth Love Cash 2 will be awarded by Rs. 10 lakh. Truth Love Cash 2 grand finale will declare the winner of the Show. The Show is based on the ultimate test of love and power of money.


amruta said...

one thing i want to tell that this show is really very cheap.there is no rules and regulations.how is it possible that vineet the winner of season 1 is come back in this season also.and girls of this show is really thirdclass & i think they all are prostituets..specially saniya.i think so girls dont have parents and boys oh my god they all are shit.specialy vineet.and shifa is faltu.

prerana said...

@amruta....i totally agree with you!
the girls are soo cheap and disgusting.!! no manner of dressing or talking! most of them call themselves a model !!

vinit is another irritating guy who is not worth coming back cause he has no standard! just a blabber mouth he is...good for nothing fellow!!
ahh i just find it soo irritating..!

TLC seriously requires some standard as more than games other shit is happening which they soo call game plan but its nothing else rather than pure shit all gossiping
and bitching is their aim in life!!

radhaswami8413 said...

TLC is a very good show.its really commendable for those who go ahead by performing their tasks brilliantly rather than ditching their partners.the only thing i didn't like that some gals cross their limits.contestants should not be so illmannered that effects the trp and over all decency of the show.show can be amazing if contestants behave in limits,as the tasks are really good ones and challenging.veer has really proved in the show that rather than ploting , manipulating or leting others down , one can go ahead and friendship is not abused and can be maintainted by having a positive competition and focusing on the tasks.miraj and priyanka were well deserving guys.they have been doing jobs. i had expected VEER to win but their personal problem effected them they should not have any fight ,when they were so close to their GOAL,but perhaps it was not their luck.i feel very sad for you VEER,you were so deserving.well beter luck for your future!

Suvankar said...

tlc is a good game show. but it is very irretating to have vinit on the show !!he should be learned a lesson from meraj and priyanka, that IFyou choose love the you also can win the show.

rohit said...