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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ring Wrong Ring – Ring Wrong Riing on SAB TV – Magic and Comedy Introduced Together in Ring Wrong Ring TV Serial

Ring Wrong Riing on SAB TV
Ring Wrong Ring is a new TV serial on SAB TV starting on 13th December, 2010. Ring Wrong Riing on SAB TV airs every Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 PM in India. You will watch magic and comedy together in Ring Wrong Ring TV serial like Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo.

Ring Wrong Ring Casts:


Muskaan Mihani has played the character of Mansi in Ring Wrong Ring. She is very cute and responsible Bahu. She never says no for any work. She always ready to serve her duty for others. She is liked by her family members also. Mansi is loveable and dearest for all in Ring Wrong Ring SAB TV. Muskaan Mihani was earlier seen in Dill Mill Gayye and Jugni Chali Jalandhar.


Anita Kanwal has played the character of Mansi’s mother-in-law in Ring Wrong Ring TV serial. She is a loving but hard Sasu Ma. She always teaches a lesson her Bahu. Anita Kanwal was recently seen in Sasural Genda Phool.


Dinanath Chouhan has played the character of Mansi’s father-in-law in Ring Wrong Riing. He was a magician. He is no more now but he always come out from his photo frame. He helps Bahu giving a magical ring.


Asif Sheikh has played the character of Vijay in Ring Wrong Riing on SAB TV. He is husband of Mansi. He is very confusing guy. He is not able to take any decision in his life. Asif Sheikh was earlier seen in Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai.


Ujjwal Chopra has played the character of Ajay in Ring Wrong Riing TV serial. He has a dream of being a writer-director of Indian film. He always thinks about movies theme and creates situation. Ujjwal Chopra was recently seen in Sukh by Chance.

Bindoo and Bunty are also leading characters of Ring Wrong Ring serial. Ring Wrong Ring casts are perfect to create great humor.

Ring Wrong Ring Story:

Ring Wrong Ring story revolves around a normal middle-class home. The story is based on a housewife, a retro-era husband, her nephew who inspired to be a magician an endearing mother-in-law, a brother-in- law who wants to be a film maker and a dead father-in-law who comes alive in his photo-frame albeit carrying the Alzheimer effects of his life.

Ring Wrong Ring tries to introduce an unbeatable plot. Babuji’s childhood fondness for magic and his gift of a magic ring to Manasi, who uses it for laudable ideals but with unforeseen consequences, make us laugh.

Ring Wrong Ring stage is set for a comedy of forced and unforced errors which will have everyone rolling on the floor laughing their guts off.

First Episode of Ring Wrong Ring:

First episode of Ring Wrong Ring on SAB TV revolves around Mansi. She keeps herself busy solving others’ problems. She is always ready to serve people demand.

We watched Mansi talking Babuji. He is in a photo frame. He passed away before 3 years ago but everyone is ready to celebrate his birthday today.

In the next scene, Babuji gives a magical ring to Mansi. He said to make a wish by saying “Ring Wrong Riing”. She doesn’t want to take the ring because she doesn’t want to enjoy the comfort. She has a philosophy about her life. She is a working Bahu.

Babuji convinces her and tells a philosophy about magic in our life. Finally, she accepts the ring. But there was some error in the magical ring.

Now, a magical comedy starts in Ring Wrong Riing serial. She makes many mistakes while using the magical ring saying “Ring Wrong Riing”. Finally, her Sasuma becomes the birthday cake of Babuji.

Second Episode of Ring Wrong Ring:

Second episode of Ring Wrong Riing TV serial brings more magic and humor than its previous episode. We watched Mansi happy while using the ring to complete his work but now Sasuma has some doubt about magic in her house. Sasuma hates magic.

Finally, Sasuma sees Mansi very comfortable and an amazing use of magic. What will happen in the next episode? Will Sasuma believe in magic and accept it?

Watch some more episode of Ring Wrong Ring on SAB TV to know more about the drama and magic.

About Ring Wrong Ring:

Ring Wrong Ring is a new magical comedy Show on SAB TV. Ring Wrong Ring on SAB TV tries to add a new success story like Shree Adi Manav, Malegaon Ka Chintu, Gutur Gu and Lapataganj.

Anupak K. Kalidhar, Mahim Joshie and Chahek Kapur are producers of Ring Wrong Ring. The serial is directed by Rajan Waghdhare. The serial introduces complete family drama with magic.

You will learn philosophy of magic in our life through Ring Wrong Ring. It is based on a middle class family. So, it is very interactive. The serial starts on the launching date of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 4. Casts, scenes and drama of the serial are very natural. You will really enjoy the serial. Watch Ring Wrong Riing on SAB TV every Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 PM in India.